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  1. Those earbuds Owen was wearing weren't real AirPods right? They looked way too big to be real ones. That kept distracting me through the whole episode haha. And yeah, he started acting super dumb as the ep wore on. You guys spelled it out perfectly. This show walks the fine line between being great, and stupid at the same time.
  2. I still really don't care for the "future" story telling scenes. They're all forced and take away from the show in my opinion. I really do like all the story's he's actually telling. It's become one of my favorite new shows because of it. I assume this will get a second season (depending how many stories he has), I hope they re-work the "future" part into something better.
  3. What happened to the Vet crew? Now 2 weeks without them. Enjoying this season so far though, and not missing them haha.
  4. Should have known David didn't win the way the edit was going for him. Wanted that for him. Would have been fine with X-Mas too (based on who she wanted to put up). Glad their alliance is starting to fall apart. I so hope Kevin finally gets sent out this week. What was that? He hasn't been good at all this season on TV. All he does is whine. Yeah he's been on the block how many weeks now, which explains part of that. I'm ready to get him off my screen. The only person I'm rooting now to win is David.
  5. Now this is Big Brother! Yeah Day, you're looking stupid (but still gorgeous as ever). David only has himself to blame. Just playing a stupid game all around after he won his power. Should know better then to trust Memphis with anything. I liked Nicole during her season, but she sucks this one. I don't like what Dani is doing either, but at least it's a plan and working to perfection. She's so smug about it. I don't care about anyone who wins at this point. Nobody deserves it, they should give it all to charity.
  6. I emphasize what Kevin's going through with his identity and all, but I'm glad he's on the block. Hopefully he's the one out, cause all he does on this show is whine which doesn't make good TV. I think David should wait to play the Veto before he uses his power in the off chance he wins it, I know I'm just kidding myself there.
  7. Was Kevin always this annoying? I honestly don't remember. I'm hoping he get kicked out this week. I never got the Nicole Janelle/Kaysar "beef". Can someone remind me what started it? I must of not paid attention haha. These house guests are so stupid and I don't care who wins right now. They haven't figured out who's working with who yet. How nobody's going after the Alpha's in the house is beyond me. Does Enzo think he's included in that group (haha with his first W)? All the rest should be working with each other. Just really stupid.
  8. Wait, so what happened to the Captain's kid again? Think I totally missed it haha.
  9. Thought this ep was great as well. The young actors were all awesome, especially the one playing Mick. His expressions and sayings were perfect portraying him as his younger self. Didn't get why Ray was gonna kill the guard also, just knock him out. Probably just had it and wanted to take everything out on him. Funny Terry was terrible driving the last ep, then he was driving Smitty back perfectly fine. Just needed the practice?
  10. Discuss Building off the Grid here! Surprised there wasn't a thread for Building off the Grid yet. Really liked the show watching on DIY, but recently switched to YouTube TV and they don't have it there. But did see Discovery has it also. It's the same show right? Tried looking online and didn't find much to see if there was any difference between DIY's and Discovery. Any of you guys know?
  11. Super bummed (pun intended) that's the direction they took with Smallville's Superman. But at least I was preparing for it, so I'm not disappointed. With that, we're never gonna see his Superman on screen. The dream is dead.
  12. Finale's over! They totally made it look like Nicole won part 2 on her edit vs Holly's. Holly ended up kicking her butt in it. Thought Nicole would have had a chance in that comp vs Jackson if she won part 2. Jackson did a great job arguing his case I thought with his reasoning behind it. He deserved to win that game. I think Jackson was in shock over the whole "controversy". Totally didn't see that coming at all. His mood didn't change after he won. Jack calling Will Doc was so annoying, as was his bit. We definitely needed more then 20 minutes for all the controversy's this season. So disapp
  13. Usually that episode I fast-forward through 90% of it. This time I only FF'd through the diary room out-takes. Win for Big Brother! Liked the way they did it with the final 3 stating their cases at the beginning. Way better then the reminiscing they've done before. Wanted so bad for Nicole to win part 1, but at this point it's Jackson's game. He's flat out dominated all the comps, and while we might not like it has played a great social game. Loved Nicole not buying his woe is me with the Jury votes.
  14. Yeah, didn't care for the Cliff dancing segment either. Just FF'd straight through that. The house must be that boring with some of these segments they find funny, that aren't.
  15. Smart game play of Jackson and Holly making a final 4 deal with Cliff and Nicole. Sucked Nicole couldn't hold on, wanted her to win. That would have set Tommy and Christie going up with each other. Better game play by not letting Tommy win HOH. Stupid game play by targeting Jess. Thought it was hilarious when Jess kept on being like "are you serious?" and laughing at him. Should have put up Cliff as a pawn if he did have the votes to stay next to Christie.
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