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  1. Yes there was one, I forgot about that. Even more reason not to have a centerpiece!
  2. Tiffany is growing on me more and more each episode. It seemed like she was trying to have a good time at the party but drunk Kary took it too far. Kam needs to just accept that Tiffany did not have centerpieces. It was at a restaurant and I would not have expected a centerpiece there at the table. I agree Kary looked great in the photoshoot. I hope to have that body when I'm 50 (too bad I'm 40 and have never looked that good lol!)
  3. I am with you on this. I like my sandwiches or burgers dry (and if I add any condiments, I want to be able to add them myself!).
  4. Yes, this!!!! They send so many emails and I am pretty sure I tried to limit how many I receive from them and yet I still get a 2 or more a day! Another pet peeve which is work related. A coworker who sends an email to me and immediately is at my desk even before I get the email. Like chill,I have other work to do, maybe don't come at me seconds later. Yesterday I had someone do that and we literally had to wait until the email came in, which was the longest minute ever. I just don't understand things like that, especially since they could have just forwarded this email and said they sent it to me b/c I was already working on the issue.
  5. I agree with everyone here that Tiffany is a bit of a show off and it is not making her very likable, but I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the house porn. Her house was amazing, and I loved the wine cellar and her closet. It was a bit much to have the fingerprint lock, however I would totally do the same if I had that closet (to keep my 5 yr old as well as my nosy MIL out of there). 😀
  6. I used to think he was attractive but now he just looks like Al Gore to me and I can no longer get that out of my mind lol. I never noticed the resemblance up until this season.
  7. I was wondering this too? I have a 5 year old and sure she can read some words but in no way would I know if she was dyslexic yet. Their conversation seemed a bit staged to me but then again I guess the whole show is to some extent!
  8. Gina and Emily are my favorites too and I did not think they would be when they first came on the show. They are actually women I would be friends with and want to talk to because they don't make it all about themselves (unlike Shannon and BW). Shannon has never been my favorite but this season she is just so INSUFFERABLE (ok more than before b/c of Covid). And while I'm talking about Shannon, she kept repeating how she was going to be away from John for the first time in a year? Did I hear that correctly? Wow, a grown ass woman can't even be by herself a couple of days/weeks (mind you she was going home to be with her daughters). I just kept rolling my eyes any time I saw her this episode.
  9. Her butt just looks........strange...it almost looks lumpy like she has butt implants but very bad ones.
  10. I guess since she has a nanny (or nannies), its easy to just have another kid and not really have a second thought. I'm sure I would have had more than one child if I had a nanny too!
  11. Pet peeve of today (and yesterday too) is a grown ass adult who gives the "silent" treatment. In my case it's a coworker who is mad at me for a stupid reason and won't respond to me when I send a message or email. I guess it's too much to expect coworkers to say, be professional or mature in a work setting????? I think not!
  12. Oh then I guess I didn't hear that it was about John, that's what I get for doing my nails and watching TV at the same time 🤪. Well no one can deny she married Richard for his money, that is pretty obvious!
  13. Oh she most definitely married him for money. I have been watching this franchise from the beginning and in the episode where Dorinda and Carol go to London, they throw a little party and both have their friends there. One of Dorinda's friends whispers something in her ear that she had said he was a "rich fat armenian" don't quote me on it because I don't remember her exact words, but it was supposedly what she said after the first date she had with him.
  14. I was on the fence about Sutton this whole season but she has grown on me and I hope she does come back next season.
  15. I guess the root of my pet peeve is that I find it annoying to have to point out to a grown ass adult to keep their mask on even if they are talking, especially if they are less than 6ft away.
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