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  1. I was actually thinking Emily is wearing too tight shapewear and that is what causes the back ass cleavage.
  2. THIS!!! I have current and previous coworkers who like to post on Facebook about how they are inconvenienced at having to wear a mask or being pressured to get vaccinated, but on other posts, seem to be living their best life without taking any precaution. It takes everything in me to not go on some rant when I see one of their posts but I know it will not convince them they are wrong. And the worst part of it all is that these are the same people flooding the hospitals with COVID.
  3. They do seem to be rushing her grieving and it is a bit odd to me that she was way more emotional after her break ups wtih him than his actual death (before he married Natasha and when he left her at the alter). They could at least show some sadness other than her restless "walking"
  4. I want to know what voodoo or sorcery that Austen has done on women because I can't find one good quality he has. They have mentioned his sense of humor or that he is funny, but I haven't seen that either!
  5. If I remember correctly, she said in her talking head that the doctor told her not to put any weight on her foot for a whole week. She did have crutches, but I'm sure the wheelchair was way quicker.
  6. The show wasn't trashy when she joined. Sure it was when Brandi was on but she has been long gone. I also don't think she would have ever joined had she known anything about Tom. The things he has been accused of doing and has done takes it to a whole other level and no one could have predicted it.
  7. Oh I agree with this too and she must have loaded up on xanax too. We all saw how she reacted last week to Garcelle bringing up that Tom still calls her, and that wasn't even that big of a deal. And this week they ask all sorts of intrusive questions and she is all cool as a cucumber? That just doesn't add up to how she normally acts.
  8. Yeah I agree those foil pans looked like packaging from either a catering company or restaurant. I don't know why she felt the need to say she cooked everything, we all know she cooks and it was a lot of food to make, I don't think any of the other ladies (or us) would judge her if she admitted to buying the food to serve. Heck, if I could afford it, I would too!
  9. It really was! I got a chuckle out of the editors going back and forth between the footage of Sonja's poop plunging talk and the ladies eating dinner and wondering what else Sonja was up to. Not sure if that was supposed to be funny, but it made me laugh.
  10. I agree with you that her fashion sense is way better than Dorit, Her body type might not always work with the clothes, but she still looks well put together and not flashy/tacky like Dorit,
  11. Agreed the matchmaker sucks. She clearly doesn't know Sonja's type. I mean he has a bad back and she is still very "active" if you know what I mean 😉 so that alone should have made him a bad match!
  12. I'm the same way in my group of friends and at home and I do believe you're right that we really balance things out since extroverts love to talk,. They can do all or most of the talking and we can be our quiet selves and listen lol.
  13. Yeah it does help sometimes to have them bring up quietness so I can somewhat explain myself, but my coworkers seem to have amnesia from one day to the next and will bring it up again...and that's when it annoys me and I become even more quiet like you mentioned. The strange thing is, us quiet people just want to blend in with everyone else but we do tend to be singled out which makes us more self conscious about it. I'm glad to hear there are more people like me out there, I don't seem to know any personally 🖤
  14. Yes!! I don't get it either. I've tried explaining it by saying it's just the way i'm wired but then I still get a confused look, as if they can't imagine someone might not be talkative or outgoing. And yes, I agree if we want to contribute we will! I can go on and on about a subject that I'm passionate about but will be more quiet otherwise.
  15. I do this too and am totally comfortable just sitting back and taking it all in, but then someone always has to point out that I haven't contributed or I'm being "quiet." I guess that's another pet peeve I have is being called quiet. I feel like it's more acceptable for people to point that out but i rarely hear someone being called "loud."
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