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  1. Oh then I guess I didn't hear that it was about John, that's what I get for doing my nails and watching TV at the same time 🤪. Well no one can deny she married Richard for his money, that is pretty obvious!
  2. Oh she most definitely married him for money. I have been watching this franchise from the beginning and in the episode where Dorinda and Carol go to London, they throw a little party and both have their friends there. One of Dorinda's friends whispers something in her ear that she had said he was a "rich fat armenian" don't quote me on it because I don't remember her exact words, but it was supposedly what she said after the first date she had with him.
  3. I was on the fence about Sutton this whole season but she has grown on me and I hope she does come back next season.
  4. I guess the root of my pet peeve is that I find it annoying to have to point out to a grown ass adult to keep their mask on even if they are talking, especially if they are less than 6ft away.
  5. People at my office are much the same way and think being direct is rude or mean. For me, I much prefer the direct approach!
  6. Well I can usually be that way with strangers or maybe even coworkers I don't like but she is my only "work friend" here @ my office and she is very sensitive in general so I will have to use the nice approach and just tell her to put it back on. The worst part is she knows how I feel about being interrupted at my desk! I swear this pandemic is making people needy and wanting more human interaction (which I despise since I'm an Introvert.)
  7. Pet peeve of this week is coworkers coming to my desk and then pulling down their masks to talk...What is the point of wearing the mask if you are just gonna get close to me and pull it down? It doesn't happen a lot but this week it has happened 3 times and I've done my best to get them to leave by pretending I was busy.
  8. I was drinking my soda and almost spit it out while reading the bolded part. That is a very good description of how she looked! 😆😂
  9. This made me think of RHONY and Luann telling Alex "Well. Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes” in regards to the Herman Munster shoes. I have to agree with Luann on this. These women seem to think just because it is a famous label or designer that it MUST be good but that isn't always the case.
  10. It really could be so much better if she could just get it cleaned and fixed up. It never seemed like she wanted to put much money into making it better (I've been rewatching earlier seasons) and she has always seemed to be so cheap when she was having repairs made or even decorating it. It has always looked grungy and dark even back then, and well it doesn't seem to look much better now.
  11. That does make sense. And perhaps they think unattractive men are less likely to cheat too.
  12. Now that you mention it, I do think she has said that before! I had forgotten she said that.
  13. That was really tacky of them to talk that way, especially since Leah is a friend of Tinsley's. I am sure that Leah would have jumped at the chance to date someone like Scott. That bartender she picked up at the Berkshires wasn't the best looking either so I don't know why she is throwing shade @ Scott.
  14. I don't ever remember Ramona mentioning she even had a sister. The way I remember her speaking of her childhood, it sounded like she was an only child!
  15. That's one of my favorite things about cats. They don't always do what you would expect them to do!
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