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  1. Sharing the Savannah Rae love. I find her very talented and even nuanced for someone so young. Loved Victor's story, I know 4th & 5th graders who talk like that and would write a similar essay. The whole Graham family was made of win this episode. Liked having minimal Crosby and family. Less is more with them. Usually, I don't get a more than sib vibe from Lauren and Peter, but when they were posing for their selfie, I did. I still love Mae, but I think I'm over Amber as a character. I have a hard time with melodrama in real life. I didn't find the hospital scene with Ryan romantic or sweet, and I'm honestly tired of Ryan. It's sad, because just like her mother's character, Amber has a lot of potential. The way they write relationships for these two is problematic. Just a reminder, Haddie could identify as bi. Caught the changing of the guards with the dinner outdoors, too. I complain a lot, but I know I'll be watching again if it airs another season!
  2. The gladiator was a BAMF and easily my favorite task master since the geography professor with his "incorrect"s and mugging for the camera. Jessica seemed to be really enjoying herself at that task, as were Leo and Jamal. Fun to see!
  3. Monica Potter just knocked it out of the park. I've been in that chair more than once... her acting was phenomenal. That was really moving. Now, as for the Kristina story lines? They're just always ridiculous. I liked seeing Adam in a more supportive/advisory role again this episode. I think that's where his character shines. I momentarily forgot that it's not officially called the Snowflake Academy. teehee! Julia & Mr. Knight just looked really pasty and lacking in melanin together. It took me out of the scene. (Weird?) I liked her scene with Sarah. I do appreciate that Hank understands Max, but I don't like the way Amber was speaking about Max as if her weren't present :( Mae Whitman is also amazingly talented! As someone who's recently figured out that I'm on the spectrum, I appreciated the somewhat awkward car ride. It was good to see Joel smile, and as someone said above, I think that's where Crosby shines - bringing out the good in other people. I liked seeing Aida more interactive! Natalie doesn't do much for me, but I'm glad Drew's happy. ;)
  4. Shan's daughter and NPH for the win. Shan's whole family was great. I hope he goes far. I liked Shan's lace tights and the jacket details. I liked the idea of Asha's kimono, loved the purple of Oscar's dress... Sam's clothes looked like something out of the surf-brand shops from the late 80's, maybe it's just that neon. Oscar's win was well-deserved. His collection didn't really move me, but his craftsmanship is undeniable. Good for him! Nick grates on me, but all of the mentors do. My Tim view is a bit tarnished, but... he's human.
  5. The mentors are all painful to watch - I'm trying to think if I have favorite designers from PR seasons past that I would have enjoyed seeing in this process. Not many pop up... but I feel, as others have stated, that the judges should actually judge. I don't like that Mondo's narrative story arc became Sam's narrative story arc... it felt really disingenuous. I don't like that the judges let both of his designers pass through. I didn't understand the appeal of most, of any, of the designs this week. Feeling pretty blah going into the runway show. Shan's family is adorable, though. I still want him to win, but will be happy as long as he's in the top 2 with Oscar.
  6. I've liked Shan since the beginning... as a person and a designer. I'll be surprised and sad if he and Oscar aren't the top 2. He was dealt a blow, and he just carried on. It wasn't a terribly impressive dress, but it wasn't the worst thing up there! At least the right two designers were on the bottom this time. Blake's dress with all of the interest on the skirt was weird, but Sam's was.... sad. I wasn't fond of Asha's fabric when I saw her working with it, but I did like that it sparkled a bit. I liked the green dress on Oscar's client, and didn't particularly think it aged her. I was one of the few who didn't mind Anya in her first season... I don't care for her now. I don't like any of the mentors.
  7. I've had a hard time this season. Maybe because Joel and Julia were the one couple I was still invested in... *sigh* I found myself tuning this episode out, mostly. I did like the Max surfing bits - it was great for the actor to not have to scowl. Drew annoyed me with the kids. I'm not the most extroverted person, either, but these guys weren't exactly strangers. I did like the chance for them to remind us that Amber has people smarts. I was uninterested in Zeek and Crosby's story, but at least it meant there was less Jasmine screen time (not a fan). I like Jason Ritter, but Mr. Cyr? eh. It was nice to see him on screen, though. The Hank/Sarah thing isn't keeping my interest, either.
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