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  1. MarcusBrody

    S03.E09: Golden Globes Party

    They have GOT to dial down how poorly Amy is being written. Who would put chicken on the grill for THREE HOURS AND NEVER CHECK IT????? An adult woman hosting a tv-watching party doesn't check that her tv works? She has raised a child but tries to cook pounds of meat in a MICROWAVE??? This is out of hand and making a cute show unwatchable.
  2. MarcusBrody


    I watched the 4 episodes available on Sling per Tara's recommendation from EHG, and I loved it. Plus, I was thrilled to see Amber Ruffin appear in the Birthday episode. She is always a delight on Drunk History and Late Night. Go Detroiters!
  3. In addition to being super charming, Chelsea either makes amazing choices or has the BEST stylist. She always looks fabulous.
  4. Bummer. I thought Selfie was cute, John Cho had surprising chemistry with EVERYONE (rowr!) and the whole thing was getting better each week. I want to find out what happens to Samm Levine's character!?!?
  5. MarcusBrody

    S01.E06: Chapter Six

    I cannot get enough of @rogeliodelavega. Thank you for pointing me towards his Twitter! "My hands look amazing today!". HAH!
  6. MarcusBrody

    EHG Mini: Reinventing The Medical Procedural

    I'm not seeing the last two minis in Downcast, either. But I would also like to take this opportunity to ask for repeat visits from Allison, as I love her writing on your site, and she has fantastic opinions on the podcast. So funny!
  7. MarcusBrody

    S02.E04: The Brothers Grimoire

    Another notch in the "magic rules cannot be broken....until they are" column: Victor is immortal. What's in the explosion that will kill him?
  8. MarcusBrody

    S02.E03: The Old Man And The Key

    A scene I would have liked to see was Freya telling Killian the TRUTH: Of course I called off my wedding for you! I hunted you down in Santo Domingo, didn't I? What kind of "soulmate" marries someone else ONE WEEK after running away? Hey Ava, YES there is history. The dude you just impromptu married was calling me his soulmate as of last week. Let's air this out and watch that develop!