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  1. Mike looks exactly like Butthead from Beavis & Butthead
  2. Mmmkay, this is a one season show after the placenta in the china hutch
  3. im in love with the judges dress
  4. Mike is on the wrong show. He should have auditioned for "I Love A Mama's Boy"
  5. Tania Like Like Like youre like a witch like
  6. Kate looks like a stoned out hippie Ann Bancroft in all her island boho chic maxi-dresses
  7. I've got it out for Jenny this season. The treatment and her feigned sympathy towards Vanina really got on my nerves.
  8. His treatment of her regardless of whether it was "serious joking" or not is what led to her meltdown. If you applaud that, then well....
  9. Jenny is becoming longer in the tooth to me than Zoila. I'm sick of her being in every scene, at every waking moment making her faces and her fakey psychoanalysis. I know that was her schtick in the beginning as Jeffs "foil" but its getting old and the screen be gettin crowded.
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