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  1. Late to the party but im here, lol. I personally loved TFAWS better than Wandavision but it could have desperately use a 2nd season and that is pro. why it feels choppy and rushed in alot places because this series needed more episodes and im surprise it didnt get more but nevertheless the finale was nice and sweet, nothin to big or amazing but overall it was a great way to end the series. Episodes 3&4 will forever remain my fav of the entire series. Highlights from the season: -Bucky wakanda scene of his deprogramming will go down as one of my top 5 MCU scenes of alltime. Great
  2. Kaitlyn didnt have much of hip action either.
  3. Zendaya won an emmy tonight. Now that is how u give a big fat f bomb to a mirrorball. Its always the ones fall short of winning that end up doing way better than the ones that win. It goes to show that the viewing audience truly dont vote on real talent because Zendaya should have won her season and I dont care who disagree with me.
  4. Jenna is so focused on missing Val, Im surprise she is even able to choreograph suitable dances for Nev. Val is def. not missing her, he hardly post anything about her but she keeps posting him.
  5. If u dont want to contribute to the ratings, u can watch at https://ustvgo.tv/tv-guide/ This how im watching because I dont have cable. I would recommend u downloading a vpn first before using the site for ur own protection and privacy, they offer one on their site but if u have one of ur own then use it.
  6. I just wish she be herself. Its like she has no personality of her own and that is weird to me. Everything felt scripted last night with her and I get she may be nervous and preferred this method but I do feel she became more comfortable in second hour of the show but yeah she just needs to warm up more.
  7. Carrieanne is awful, she is. She is very bitter and jealous woman and she wears it well. I think she needs be replaced. Derek and Bruno can stay and add a new woman judge.
  8. I agree and after Carrieanne made subtle dig at Britt sayin she was Lost, Im glad Johnny got her ass in check for that comment. She is such a hater. Why did Tom have to go when they could have got rid of Carrieanne.
  9. I never watched the show either but its a popular show amongst many. I know alot people that watch the show on Netflix but I never have.
  10. I see Monica's costar on Cheer has been arrested for child exploitation. Monica isnt a fav of mind this season but I would hate for someone to lose votes based on what their costar chose to do but I can see this scandal effecting her to an agree and to think people were wanting Jerry Harris to the show this season, it def. was not meant to be.
  11. Gleb has already requested this song. Of course he would do somethin like this.
  12. I dont think alot of people know about Nelly's allegations atleast not the gp or main fandom of dwts and I wouldnt worry about Carol's views, most of those views are watching to make fun of her. She is not going to get votes, noone likes her.
  13. They put her on because she was controversial and dwts loves to have people talking.
  14. I dont think people truly knew how racist the fandom was until this season. I always knew but I know some clearly didnt or were in denial but they know now.
  15. She is beautiful and I already love her choreography. I love Johnny and her together.
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