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  1. I have been keeping up with the kids since show ended esp. Mariah and Bailey, the were my favs from the previous season. I thought they were dating but come to find out Mariah is gay, she came out wiht her girlfriend yesterday. I was shock but good for her. Yeah I thought she was with Bailey because they were spending alot of time together on tour and hugging and stuff and Ezra even said they were on his live, so Im confused, LOL.
  2. I think alot of the contestants who were fan favs on their season, just did gel well when it came to allstar season because a good part of the reason why they were so good and popular, was their amazing partnership with their pro. Not only Gilles but Apollo and Drew didnt click well with their new partnerships either.
  3. In the hollaback part of Hannah's freestyle, is when she froze up. She doesnt do well with uptempo dancing. She was stiff and emotionless in her face. Her energy wasnt matching the other ladies. This is where Ally had her beat. Yes All had some hiccups in her freestyle but she was fully in character and performance. She was feeling the music and allowed the performance to take her over. Hannah look like she was praying she didnt mess up.
  4. I dont think the issue was it wasnt Lens cup of tea but he felt it was too similar to this jazz routine which had a good bit of hiphop incorporated in it as well. I would have preferred if he chosen more of traditional ballroom dance for his repeat so it could have been a better transition to his freestyle, so I can def. see where Len was going with that but at the end of the day, a freestyle is whatever u want to do and u should just judge the freestyle and not focus on other dances before that so Len should have just judged the freestyle and forgot about what Kel danced first that night.
  5. Ally was called even worse than Hannah. I do feel like the women this season as a whole except kate were attacked brutally over sm. It was disgusting.
  6. Damn that freestyle of whitney and kel was off the chain good but we cant give whitney full credit of the choreography. It was Kel's good friend who was in the apart of the dance crew who actually helped choreograph a good bit of that esp. the Chicago footwork. Dwts will never get another hiphop routine like that again. That was next level hiphop that the show want see again. It literally shutup every hiphop routine that has ever graced dwts floor.
  7. OMG, I hate her fans so much. They r ridiculous, I mean if u go reddit, they r so annoying esp. about the shipping of Alan and Hannah, who I felt had zero chemsitry, just blah.
  8. I dont think Hannah was the strongest dancer because where she may have been more technical, the others had her beat by performing and showmanship. To be a the best dancer, u need to have the whole package and she didnt. However, her win shouldnt be shocking to noone. U can be disappointed and mad but to be shock is ridiculous because u have to look at all the factors in her favor. She was the only finalist going into the finale that never saw the bottom 2 and her fanbase is huge, biggest in the competition and Allen and her had the most viewed videos on all sm platforms. I mean to be shocked of her win, means u have no idea how the voting system works. What I find shocking is that people actually thought Ally had chance in hell of winning with her being in bottom 3 times before the finale with perfect scores. I loved Ally and would have been so happy if Sasha could have finally won but I knew it wasnt going to happen and im sure they both knew it wasnt going to happen as they didnt seems hurt or shocked at their 3rd place position.
  9. they did even show the judges either.
  10. I get what Len was sayin about kel but whocares after seeing that freestyle. Whitney girl, they go to keep her because I dont think any of the other female pros r good at hiphop like that.
  11. Witney is young, she pro. had no idea how to incorporate what was needed to convey the message of gun violence for his dance.
  12. I really wish they would do contemporay on dwts because neither of the judges know how to judge it, however although kel's contemporary wasnt technically better than Hannahs's, he still brought the emotion more than Hannah did. I do felt like she should have gotten atleast one or two 10s just for technical content alone but she didnt. She still needs to work on her connection more to the music, audience and alan. Its still a bit of disconnect.
  13. That freestyle Mark put together with Lindsay Sterling was insane and honestly thought it was going to win her the competition over Jordan because I didnt care for what Lindsay gave him, it looked too much like Allison gave riker for his freestyle. I feel like mark ballas and Lindsay sterling was a very underrrated couple, he cameup with some creative routines for them and I dont think they ever got the praise or recognition they deserved.
  14. Yes, she is another one. It was a four person finale last season: Milo, Alexis, Evanna and Bobby.
  15. Val is hit and miss with freestyles so im good. Cheryl had awesome freestyles in the beginning of her earlier seasons but she can be hit and miss now too. Derek is the only one that is freestyle genius. Im pretty sure Sasha and Whitney will give good choreography to their partners, not sure about Alan or Gleb.
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