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  1. Well at least you can say that Jared/Sam is the most discussed character/person on this forum.
  2. Yes Jared has a started a health business and yes other cast members have their own side businesses. Not sure about Misha (or anyone else) but Jensen and Danneel have a production contract with Warner Brothers. Does that help?
  3. This is so weird! I was actually trying to look for this the other day but I couldn't remember Kirby's name. Thanks for posting.
  4. Do we know what Supernatural is nominated for? Okay edit...Jensen and Jared are both nominated for best actor in a horror series. Sorry Jared I love you but wouldn't it be cool if Jensen accepted the award tonight live-ish!!!
  5. As per Antony Starr...it's a suit and it's tight.😖
  6. I had hoped the shipping wars would have ended with the show....how naïve.
  7. The bts pic of the guys on the bridge. I'm guessing because Misha wasn't in the picture.
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