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  1. I’m thinking the only time Sonja gets to eat is during filming. Wonder if she takes Tupperware to the filming locations?
  2. You can have Tom’s Lucifer. And I’ll keep Jensen’s Dean.
  3. I guess I’m a sucky old softie but I would’ve had to hug Sutton and not sit there hard faced coldly nodding ok while she frantically rolled her face with that thing. Erika is gonna rip her to shreds ... hope she keeps her mouth shut there.
  4. I have to agree with this. I tune in to point and laugh at the silly rich people and their over the top clothes and homes and drunken outbursts. It’s supposed to be entertainment not instruction on all that’s wrong with today’s society. And Leah is driving me up the wall. Is she trying for an Emmy or something? Good grief! Give us a break!
  5. Who is this housewife and what have they done with Sonja ?
  6. Good to know. I checked quickly but could see only a few posts per episode and really not much said about anything in particular. Hopefully things will be livelier when SoldierBoy arrives...... and us.
  7. Its going to be odd not being able to post here anymore. The comments at The Boys site are so dry and standard.
  8. I’ve always noticed they have Jensen looking into the sun in many scenes.
  9. I was a bit taken aback to see them filmed in the morning minus makeup or glam squads, kind of a la RHONY. And EATING breakfast... except I did notice Rinna’s plate was clean and empty. The food always looks SO delicious and so much is left untouched. Hopefully the camera crew get to enjoy the leftovers. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m hoping the race thing isn’t going to be the main drama theme for the HW franchises this summer.
  10. I had to smile that 2 seconds after Leah stomped off in a huff they just turned the argument to something completely different (education), and then Leah stomps back to continue her sex talk argument... thinking they’re still on that topic.
  11. Every time Mike shrugs I want to punch him in the mouth... and I’m a pacifist
  12. Well he died because that’s what the script said. But visually he appeared practically fine. Compare with the Metatron stabbing. Now that looked fatal. Maybe it’s just me? But I wasn’t happy with it. It was a sterile and cheap death and not the exit from the world worthy of Dean....IMO of course.
  13. No blood in mouth, he could move arms and legs. The spike hadn’t impacted lungs, heart or spine. It was survivable. Any other episode duct tape would’ve sufficed till they got back to bunker. Why would Dean give up? Why? Why now? He’s a warrior. Was it made clear? That’s my issue. Have to admit I wasn’t paying much attention at this point. (Unlike our Dean I had given up.) Despite show runner jealousy, at least he didn’t live on to marry a fuzzy faced woman or wear a dollar store wig.
  14. Watch the food or drink on the table and you’ll get a good idea of how much editing is going on. It’s particularly noticeable on 90DF where liquid in glasses goes up and down like a yo-yo.
  15. At least we see the RHONY gals warts and all. No makeup, crusty eyed, waking up, messy stringy hair and actually EATING! We’d never see that on any other franchise (at least the ones I watch.. BH and OC). How they wake up after a night of boozing and go off on another booze soaked day trip is beyond me. Must have great constitutions, I’d need a week for my liver to recover. I agree with most here that Leah is sucking out the fun. She’s just mean. She enjoys being mean and interrogating ditzy Ramona. Maybe that’s why she was hired. It’s her MO. Now that Tinsley is gone and Dorinda
  16. I cannot STAND Leah’s creaky voice. I’ve noticed many younger women are affecting this way of talking. They’re all going to have throat issues and acid reflux.
  17. It just killed me... the cheap pathetic way they had Dean F. Winchester die.
  18. This is how I see it too whenever there’s a new girl on the block. Leah went overboard with the stupidity and drama of course, but Eboni seems like she knows she’s got to bring it and it’s making her on edge. I’m envious of Ramona’s toned upper arms. How’s does she do it? She’s over 60. Arms sag at 50 no matter how many weights you lift.
  19. The others are self absorbed air-headed narcissists, but Leah just seems not a nice person. And her voice is grating. I think it’s called vocal fry.
  20. It’s an all round weird poster. Fluffy white wings, beards, leather jackets...I don’t think the designer actually saw the show. But I do like Jensen right out there in front.
  21. You gotta admit that’s an impressive beard, but it must drive Jensen crazy.
  22. Only Misha seems to be dressed in character. But not complaining, I’m ok with plaid free TV Guide covers. 😍
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