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  1. Finally episode where I like Olivia Benson again and didn't see the end coming and the only character I felt bad for was non-bio father of Haley and couldn't stand Haley mom I knew she was up to something I do hope Will Sasso lose weight I have always like him
  2. Good episode Now here come the kicker please don't flame me after watching Gypsy Rose Blanchard documentary her mother I despised the hell she put Gypsy through and I have no sympathy for Gypsy mother
  3. The episode last week was snooze fest the only episode I like complicated and I quit liking Olivia and hope someone beside Shelia kidnapped Noah so Shelia can field custody of Noah and win let Olivia have taste of karma
  4. Sorry serving snack size bags of potato chips at wedding reception is tacky and as for Jennifer crying she know she be helping Jana raised the remaining younger Duggar children and she also know she be getting married and not going to college and live on her own
  5. No way is that going to happen Dim Bulb needs Jana to raised her younger siblings and do the house work and home schooling her siblings
  6. IMDB lie to us they said they would close on Feb 20th but close on Feb 19th at 7:30 pm
  7. I went by LaraCroftLegacy on IMDB
  8. Okay I been reading the thread here and people are asking about Michelle not looking good. could it be since the Joshgate scandal broke out that Dim Bulb aka Jim Bob blames Michelle for everyone finding out about their dirty little secret. and also I seen fans asking why Jessa Blessa belittle Ben it could be she learn it from her father in my opinion.
  9. Sorry to bump an year old thread I read the whole thread and see people asking why Michelle talk in such soft voice like a child Well that because that how Bill Gothard want the wives in the Quiverfull movement to talk
  10. Derick is either on drugs or he is seriously and yes I know he has had jaw surgery but the surgery wouldn't make him sunken eyes and unhealthy skin color.
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