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  1. They did a great job in the first series on Cooper's old-age makeup in the Black Lodge! And Dana Ashbrook still does it for me.
  2. I did like that they used Occidental for the college, which was also used as California University in the original 90210. So Tori's daughter was going to her mom's alma mater! But yeah. As someone who owns the original on DVD, I'm one and done with this.
  3. I want to watch the full play! Richard Grant and Essie Davis on stage together??? Yes, please. They need to make this an extra on the DVD or something!
  4. I want to watch the full play! Richard Grant and Essie Davis on stage together??? Yes, please. They need to make this an extra on the DVD or something!
  5. I'm both happy and sad that they started filming at Oxy shortly after I graduated. Happy, because I didn't have to put up with the disruption, and sad because Blousey there is doing his poetry reading in front of my old mailbox and I had a decent shot at punching him in the junk. I DID get to fuck up a Melrose Place filming on my way to get a haircut, though, so I'll take some solace in that.
  6. Dallas' mom (season 11) who started doing heroin with her daughter so that they could be "best friends" and who had made Dallas deal with her suicide attempts (for attention) and who didn't see anything wrong with letting Dallas' little sister (who was like 10 or 11) go hang out with her junkie/prostitute sister in downtown Portland and stay overnight out there. That broad was a profound mess.
  7. The shot of Keith crying was the one that slayed me. So glad that she's doing better, but she has a long road ahead of her. I do wonder about comorbidity with some psych issues like bipolar or schizophrenia, but I'm guessing that she'll need to be clean for awhile before they can clearly figure those out. Veronica: I'm glad that she's surrounded by people in recovery who seem to get it. We've all seen too many episodes where that wasn't the case. And DAMN, Sars. Why would your mother tell you that story and why would you pass it on? I had to take a damned klonopin to keep the panic attack that that mental image triggered down to a dull roar.
  8. The Bloody Armitage scene is a direct call-back to the movie when Hannibal tells Will "Have you ever seen blood in the moonlight? It looks quite . . . black."
  9. Good lord. In the picture up top Elgin looks just like Fred Armisen in a wig. I seriously spent 5 minutes looking at it to be sure it wasn't.
  10. I think that I remember that Coco's! Was it by Ward Parkway? Ugh. I can't even imagine the horror of their food spoiled. You have my eternal sympathy and an offer of decent food on restaurant row if you're back in KC.
  11. Bless my father for letting me use his HBO Go login! Can't wait!
  12. You had me at James Nesbitt.
  13. Well, that certainly sped things up. The last scene made my diaphram try to burrow behind my lungs. After last week, though, I'm disappointed that there were no "Hannibal getting dressed/undressed" scenes.
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