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  1. tdanaher

    S06.E07: Big Girls Don't Cry

    It's not an indication of being "focused" if she's only doing something for a minute or two.
  2. Um, Whit? You keep betraying that you’re using photoshop when you don’t notice that altering the parts you want to change also affects the parts you don’t. Example: your nose ring which normally goes into your nostril opening, suddenly doesn’t in this latest pic.
  3. Always, always, always, she will go for the thing that takes the least amount of time with the most amount of visual oomph. Always, always, always. 100%.
  4. The whole video is 42 seconds long, she dances for only 40 of those seconds, and if you think about it, her alterations are right in line with the only kind of choreography she can tolerate at her size, which is walk, walk, arms, arms, butt wiggle, butt wiggle. She has no stamina to do the whole thing, certainly, and she absolutely cannot do the parts involving the actual fast skipping forward, the foot lifts off the ground to the back of the knee, and the hops where BOTH feet leave the ground for a distance of several inches. Oh, and the fast squat with the legs out to the side, sliding foot, and then quickly being upright. LOL at the part where Todd correctly throws his left leg out and up to the side, while Whit just moves her left foot on the ground to the side a little.
  5. As much as her poodles want to scream “It’s just positioning,” no amount of positioning in the world explains why Whit’s head is blurrier than the guys in front of and behind her, why her legs from the knees down end up detached from her body above, why her right leg is blurred into oblivion while her left leg is in focus, and how she developed a thinner torso where her breasts stick out noticeably further than her abs a few days after her airplane trip showed the reverse.
  6. Those sprints she says she does are all of about 44 steps round trip, 22 from one side of the room to the other. Boy, that's a small gym. That's as many steps as I take from my tiny NYC apartment front door through the entryway and to the living room windows. Can you truly be said to "sprint" when you're just walking across a living room? Edited to add: I slowed the video way down and counted.
  7. tdanaher

    Whitney Thore: So She Thinks She Can Dance

    I'm thinking that everyone else, Buddy, Babs, etc., got put into coach but Whit got the first-class seat treatment so she could fly in comfort at her size for such a long trip. I suspect this because she didn't take one of her usual selfies in her plane seat which she often does when she's in coach. It would be embarrassing even for her to show off her first class seat while not being able to include the rest of her entourage in the shot.
  8. Pachengala has it right. Although, actually, you can see that this filming season, whenever there’s activity (such as it is) involved, she has been wearing an activity-tracker watch, so she’s counting steps for sure.
  9. A question for the athletically-experienced among us...are these things on the backs of her shoes some kind of pedometer accessories or such? They look like they’re objects and not mere shoe decorations, and that they have small readout screens. I know there are such things available though they’re usually much smaller.
  10. tdanaher

    Whitney Thore: So She Thinks She Can Dance

    Right! After all, if the Jiya dance-off was worth a rematch, why not another trip to exciting Hawaii? (Answer: Because TLC wasn't going to pony up the funds knowing how much it would fail yet again and with no possibility of spinning the results in Whit's favor in any way.)
  11. If I deserve to buy a few gallons of gasoline to pour on my drawers, so be it, but my first thought is that that second ladder on the floor, over on the left side, was used to help Whitney climb up to the height she's shown at on the rock pillar, because I can't see the woman who can't put on her own shoes because her stomach and thighs are in the way, being able to bend her legs in a far enough range of motion to defy gravity and push at least 350 pounds away from the earth using nothing but her hands and feet.
  12. OMG, sometimes the universe doesn’t hand you lemons, it hands you lemonade. (Edited to add: And Boom! That's what a real vandal would have done, not written in art-designed pink, but blacked out the "Girl Dance Cl" part!)
  13. On Instagram, if you click on her face in the circle, you get her video stories. Otherwise, you just get the regular posts in that area below her profile text.
  14. I note that on her Instagram video, you could see two TLC camera operators and a still camera operator photographing her making the announcement of this "vandalism." Also, it was so quick you could barely see him, but Buddy was there! What are the odds that all these TLC personnel, AND Tal, AND Buddy, all just HAPPENED to be in front of Whit's house when she discovered this artful graffiti overlaid on her mobile advertisement? Speaking of which, from Greensboro's Code of Ordinances... Sec. 16-162. It shall be unlawful to park a vehicle on a street for the primary purpose of: (2) Advertising, except religious and charitable advertising approved in writing by the governing body of the city.