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  1. the captain

    Murdoch Mysteries

    I really must complain about how the women in MM are written - which is badly! They either seem to be shrews (like Mrs Brackenreid and Julia when she berated and slapped the doctor for helping her to stay a surgeon, and virtually all of George's girlfriends (apart from the prostitute). And of course, John's girlfriend and the coroner who are just plain wicked. Can nobody connected to the show write about normal good-hearted moral women - they do exist, you know!!!!! Feisty does not mean rude and aggressive, interesting does not mean presumptuous and interfering, and courageous does not mean arrogant and shrewish.
  2. the captain

    S01.E12: There's a Mummy on Main Street

    This episode totally bored me. Everyone was more concerned with arguing over relationships than fighting evil (except for Kaleb who was too busy making weak people stand up for themselves). Dorian passively hands over the urn to the Mummy without fighting or even running (just gaping), Hope supposedly being the most powerful supernatural being of all barely manages to use any magic to stop the evil, only one witch Josie being any good against the Mummy, Alaric passively hands over the urn they tried so hard to get to Clarke without a fight (despite him having hostages, there was no distraction so said hostages (also passively accepting being captured despite one being a powerful witch) could get away. I want action, not tears and sarcasm and people with powers doing nothing. the only real bit of action was Dorian punching Alaric but the scene was not built up enough or explained well to be justified. Really weak episode! Was the usual writer off sick because this one didn't seem to know the characters very well at all. Disappointing!!!! "Hero 101, Ric: you don't give the bad guys what they want, especially if we don't know what it does. I mean, this thing could spawn Armageddon.” — Dorian to Alaric in Mombie Dearest
  3. the captain

    Murdoch Mysteries

    I think that is the ugliest house I have ever seen - it looks so uncomfortable, even if it does have some quirky gadgets like the microwave (why did we never see into that room?) and the roll-out bed. It doesn't look like a real home where you could relax and get anything dirty or chaotic. Everything about Murdoch is usually so conservative and controlled that I think he might prefer to come home to a bit of casual disorder now and then. I thought that Detective Watts would buy it off them as he loved it and it would suit him better (being quirkier) than Murdoch. I wonder does the show have a new writer(s) because the whole thing felt contrived, stilted and awkward to me, like the characters were saying and doing things they wouldn't say or do or just going through the motions, like the melodramatic scene with Higgins and Brackenreid. The murderer's reveal seemed too dull and anti-climatic. I like Miss Hart as a foil to the many other goody-good characters in the show.