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  1. OMG yeah that the same small cast of characters keep double dipping and mixing on relationships if this were a breeding pool the genetic diversity would be shrinking on a nearly monthly basis haha. If they keep this up they could breed themselves out of existence hehe. That could be a good thing depending on your point of view.
  2. OK thanks guys. Now Wyatt is getting some older woman action then if there's a 12 year gap. Lucky bastard...... Katie is hot It's a wonder they don't have Liam boning Quinn but that would make it far too icky.
  3. I don't know where to ask this so here will do. What are the ages of everyone supposed to be on this show? Isn't Wyatt Quinn's son, so how old is Quinn supposed to be and for that matter how old is Katie and all the others supposed to be because he's having a jolly good time boning Katie and I thought she was a lot older. I still like Katie and think she's kind of hot but geez she's looking kind of wonky going for someone like Wyatt. Eeewww
  4. I think my post got deleted but I haven't watched for a while and thought I had slipped into some bizarre universe when I caught the show. Wyatt and Katie in bed? Like how does that happen? And how long till Brooke hops on the merry go round again and hooks up with Bill?
  5. Steffy probaby has fucked a cactus or two. That would explain her prickly personality. She probably enjoyed it a lot too.
  6. In any other TV show she would be in court. BTW Caroline looks bloody gorgeous with darker hair..... Yummy
  7. OK guys so who was the girl that got arrested. Just caught the end of an episode a day or two ago here and she was being handcuffed by the towns resident cop. I did love all the long meaningful stares of everyone in that room till the credits rolled. Classic Bold.
  8. So who was that that got handcuffed and arrested by the only cop in town? Love all the meaningful stares into the camera as she was cuffed. Then roll credits.
  9. OMG guys what a fun thread? No need to watch the show this thread is more entertaining.
  10. I'm glad we are on the same page. I never saw the episode where he did the deed so to speak but looking back on it and having read various forums yeah it was pretty much rape night for Thomas.
  11. Sheila is pretty damn awesome..... Some of us like the crazy ladies. haha. In B & B crazy can be switched from character to character it would seem. Quinn the lovely Quinn, used to be the cray cray but now it's Katie.... I wonder who it will hit next?
  12. Who or what is TIIC? Why dig him out of the hole, if what I think happened happened that's just plain rapey.
  13. I missed the whole story with Caroline becoming pregnant via Thomas... Did he really do that while she was out cold?
  14. Thomas? Wasn't he that one that not raped Caroline and made her preggers?
  15. OMG the hilarity ......... Sounded like some weird protest from the other room "We are Spectra, We are Spectra" with the chanting.. Sally jr. did look nice in that red skirt though.
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