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  1. JenTen1585

    S03.E11: Uncharted

    I confess that I fast forwarded through Claire's jungle trek, but I also confess that I skimmed through a part of this section of the book when first reading Voyager. I got anxious and wanted to get to the Claire and Jamie reunion. I actually found the show version of the reunion more satisfying than the book version, if I remember the book version right (I'm going to go back and look again). I loved the reunion, wedding, and turtle soup scenes just like everyone else. The turtle soup scene was one of my favorites from the book. It was fun to see Jamie and Claire together and light hearted again. I also liked their conversation on the beach, which was necessary due to the uncertainty they set up on the show versus the book with regard to Claire's certainty in wanting to be with Jamie as he was, 20 years later. And I liked how loving and cuddly they were with each other at the wedding.
  2. JenTen1585

    S03.E07: Crème De Menthe

    Very interesting episode! It was kind of jarring in a lot of ways, but I get it. Coming from the perspective of already reading the book, I know we are bracing for the big fight. I know that Claire leaves in the book, and has to be dragged back by Ian and only comes because she is told Jamie is dying. I always thought she would have eventually come back herself, at least I hoped so. I was actually shocked at that point in the book that she would actually leave. I think she just irrationally freaked out. I allowed it because the beauty of the characters are that they are not perfect, just wonderful. But I never liked this part coming up. I thought it showed the worst of both Jamie and Claire. Anyways, that's for next episode (I'm a little worried about that cliff scene - Claire never in a rational mind in the book expressed that she didn't think they fit together any longer. Once she was of a rational mind, she seemed to be able to compare to Frank and understand why Jamie married Laoghaire and what their relationship was missing. But she seems to be speaking rationally on the cliff to Jamie who is standing, but was already shot. Who knows though - it's just a preview out of context - I'll wait and see what happens.) But at this time in the book, there is no hint from any character (except Fergus maybe, I think? But not enough to tip of the reader ....) that Jamie is married. While all the craziness happens in these first few days where they are together in Edinburgh, the craziness seems completely unrelated to their reunion, and they seem like a team through it. I remember the scene in the book on the second night of their reunion where Jamie says he feels bad that Ian is worried about young Ian while he is laying with Claire, happier than he has ever been, and she agrees. I liked in the book that Jamie really didn't know exactly where Ian was, he just had more faith that he was fine and was less worried about him than his father was. There doesn't seem to be any lingering doubts between Jamie and Claire after the first afternoon in the book up until the Laoghaire bombshell hits - which actually seems to come out of nowhere in the book. I guess this is my main thought - the show is being more realistic - Jamie and Claire are acting more like a real human would act in this situation, which is good. All the characters are referencing the marriage and Jamie is worrying about it about, which is more realistic. There is more strain and uneasiness there about Bree and how she was raised, and that's understandable and makes sense. BUT - I don't always like things to be realistic. It's fiction and as long as it's relate-able and believable enough, I mostly want it to make me happy. So I get it, but I was hoping for a little more happy this episode than we got. I know next episode is going to be bad news, and I'm braced for it, but I kind of wanted to relax in the happiness for one more episode, and was expecting to, based on the book. So this was off expectation, which is why it jarred me a bit.
  3. JenTen1585

    S03.E06: A. Malcolm

    I don't post here often but I love to read everyone's comments and thoughts and see if they match up with mine. I was mixed on the photographs/William scene. I think the they could have saved all the backlash with about 15 seconds. The way I saw it, when he looks at the last photograph, of Bree smiling and holding up the fish, she looks just like William in that photograph and it triggers Jamie to tell Claire about him. If they had just showed him looking through the photos and then putting his head on Claire's shoulder with quiet tears coming from his eyes for about 15 seconds, it all would have been good. Then he should have looked again at the last photo and could have preceded in the scene from there. The show also didn't have time for the book scene where he asks Claire to "draw" Bree for him and she describes which parts look like him and which like her. So it feels like Jamie does not care as much as it feels like he does in the book. The whole fact that he hides William in the book is because, as he later explains, he didn't want Claire to think he valued Bree or loved her any less just because he had another child as well. That being said - what I liked about Jamie telling Claire immediately about William is that it's one less secret he is hiding from her. After the horrible reaction to Claire finding out about Laoghaire, it made me angry on Claire's behalf when she had to find out from John that Jamie had a son. To the point that I was shocked she was not more angry about him again hiding such an important part of his life. So I like that is one less thing that he's hiding from Claire. I also thought it was interesting where in the show he seems to sit up to tell her about Laoghaire and she tells him not to rush it. Later when she finds out, he could go back to this moment and say he was going to tell her but she stopped him and told him not to. In the book, as far as I can recall, there was no such moment. I think that moment makes Jamie more sympathetic than he deserved in the upcoming fight. Although, even in the book, I thought Claire overreacted.
  4. JenTen1585

    S02.E11: You Want a War?

    I LOVED this season!!! I was so sad when it was over and I didn't have any more new episodes to watch! I feel like this last episode ran out of time at the end, but I'm ok with that because I feel like they can go back and answer questions next season. This show reminds me of my beloved LOST and I am someone ok with not having all the answers as long as the characters are rich and the plot holes are not distracting. I like the intrigue of trying to figure things out on my own. I like that we still don't know about Jonas and Angelica and their motivations and loyalties - I don't think we are supposed to yet. I love that they started as characters that our 8 all trusted and instinctively thought were on their side, until they realized that wasn't necessarily the truth. It's like finding out your parents have some pretty big, indefensible flaws. So many fantastic moments! So much to still look forward to finding out about. The main thing being, rescuing our Wolfie. The only thing I hate about this show is not knowing when the next season will premier and having to wait so darn long for it! With LOST, I knew I wold be getting more episodes after 3 months. I don't even think they started filming Season 3 yet! =(
  5. JenTen1585

    The Bachelor in the Media

    This could be fun! I have a feeling that a bunch of these people will be skiing or skating with very little clothes on .... since this is the Bachelor franchise we're talking about. I liked the competition aspects of Bachelor Pad. I guess we'll see, but I'm open to giving it a try!
  6. JenTen1585

    S34: Ponderosa

    I heard Debbie's interview on EW Radio yesterday and she is exactly like she is on the show. It's not a calculated act in my opinion, even though she would like to claim it is. Although she claimed the Brad anger scenes were her acting because she was actually in an alliance with him and wanted to throw everybody off of that. She said she was surprised at the energy she applied to her performance. I don't really believe her. She said she didn't lose weight because of the exile on the boat with all the food, followed by the merge fest.
  7. JenTen1585

    S34: Cirie Fields

    I like her very much too. And she was super smart in engineering to keep Michaela. She should drag her all the way to the end. Then she just needs one more beatable person with her.
  8. JenTen1585

    Actors You Just Can't Stand

    For me, it's Kirsten Stewart. She always looks like a selfish, petulant teenager who doesn't know how to smile.
  9. JenTen1585

    S34: Zeke Smith

    I love Zeke on this show! He's not a perfect strategist ... he moves too big and too quick, and doesn't always read people correctly. He did it last season and he just messed up again last week. But he's not afraid to make big moves and I think he fits in perfectly with the other players this season, who are very similar ... not really great strategists or at least not perfect strategists but PLAYERS, none the less, who love the game and are willing to be bold! I agree with his premise that you don't want to sit next to Andrea and Cirie at the end ... it's his timing that was wrong. He should have coasted with them a while longer till the other side needed him, and just slowly worked to get in good with Debbie and others. But why I really love Zeke on this show is that he is entertaining to watch - great narrator, fun, nice guy in general and interesting, true lover of the game, bold! He's a great casting choice!
  10. JenTen1585


    I LOVED this show so much! And I think I am one of the few that loved the finale! I loved seeing all of the characters we lost during the years reconnect so much! Watching Hurley's smile when Charlie opened the door had to be my favorite moment I think. I missed the first season, then caught up when they replayed it in the summer. After that, I watched every single episode real time and would spend at least a 1/2 hour every morning after around the water cooler in my office, dissecting the episode, talking about my favorite parts and coming up with theories. For me, it was always about the characters. My favorites were Locke, Hurley, Charlie, and Desmond. I loved any episode revolving around one of those characters. Some of my all time favorite episode's were the one where Hurley sets up the golf course, and the one where Hurley is in charge of the food locker, the one where Charlie dies (even though it's heartbreaking, it's so beautiful), and I LOVED the one where Desmond talks to Penny on the phone. I love when Locke watches the tape about the hatch, pauses, and then says, I'm going to have to watch that again. It's funny but Jack and Kate were not really my favorites. Sometimes they were just too ... or tried to be ... just too perfect. I would get so excited at the end of some of the episodes! I remember several times sitting up straight in my bed in pure excitement after a plot twist or mini-reveal! And to me, the end made sense enough. I understood it, and more than that, I understood why they did it - for the emotional payoff and the goodbye to our beloved characters that we all deserved. I loved the scene with Hurley and Ben in the end where they compliment each other for what they did on the Island after everyone else left or died. I liked thinking about that Ben was outside of the church but wasn't quite ready yet to move on with the rest. To me, I always interpreted in that last scene that these weren't the only relationships of their lives, but these were the people from the most significant and important part of their lives and so, while they all died at different times, and while I'm sure they had relationships with other people that died at other times and moved on, they - the Losties- all would move on together. I just loved it! Right now I am watching Sense8 and it gives me a bit of Lost back ... but there will never truly be another Lost.
  11. Hi guys! I'm new here on the board but fascinated with Scientology and glued to Leah's series!! I have been fascinated since the break up of Nicole and Tom. I was a huge fan! Tom Cruise's mom used to live on the Island where I live in Florida (Marco Island). It's a pretty small community where everybody knows everybody and his mom was very active in our social organizations and in the community in general. Tom and Nicole used to visit all the time and so there were rampant Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman sightings around town. And they were unanimously positive from what I heard. My friend once babysat their kids and said both Tom and Nicole were adorable and sweet and the kids were really good (this would have been when they were quite young). My mom was in a social organization with Tom's mom and really liked her. Everyone had wonderful things to say about them who met them. I read that Nicole almost got Tom away from Scientology completely when they were living in Australia for a while, very happily, but that David couldn't have that so he worked and worked to undermine their marriage until he was sadly successful. After Tom's divorce, Tom's mom divorced her husband and left our Island to go live with Tom and the kids in the "compound." I don't think they have been back since. It just makes me sad, because I think that it could have all been different, and it's really sad how this cult can ruin people's lives.