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  1. I wish TV writers would stop with the “she’ll press charges” talk. Victims don’t press charges. Victims complain. The police decide whether to arrest. Prosecutors decide whether to bring charges. Gumb could go to the police and report that Catherine hurt her along with the B&E, but the prosecutor would decide whether to charge Catherine - which they might not, given Catherine’s past and the fact she’s already in a psych facility. As you say, pretty weak blackmail. Also, going forward, could somebody please turn on the lights? Government offices were/are more likely to be overly bright
  2. To be fair, in most states, $500K bail would only require $50K cash to a bail/bond company. That still doesn’t explain how the bills get paid when no one seems to have a job.
  3. How did the girl know where to push? Or even that there was a reason to push? She was curled up in the trunk. All she would have heard is the motorcycle leaving. I thought the plan was to get the two gangs in one place and have NYPD find them dealing, not for Robyn to massacre both gangs and leave a pile of bodies for the police. I prefer my ex-CIA vigilantes to be more clever, less murdery.
  4. I agree. The first few loops we saw started at Garcia’s, when they get the call to go investigate an event. Later loops started when they stopped to look at the sea - no doubt to save story-telling time. We never see them go back a full 2 days. Who knows what was Prime and what was Alternate? Sadly, it will probably never be addressed again.
  5. I’m not sure we saw the Prime universe until the very end. When they arrived at the house the first time, in the previous episode, Shelby had already jumped multiple times. The universe had already been altered. In that altered reality, we see Bryan say that he likes the sea. In the end, when the twins are reunited and the universe reset, Bryan loves the ocean. Not a holdover, just the first time we’re seeing the Prime version of that scene. Of course your interpretation works too.
  6. I assume that debris damaged his eyes/face and then the government “fixed” him, probably with some other half-understood piece of debris. So his eyes work but the scars remain. Was Bryan injured in the same incident that injured Garcia? Garcia mentioned the mysterious injections Bryan takes. What are they for? And is his chin scar from the same incident?
  7. IndiaCat

    SEAL Team

    I know they want to reinforce the idea that Alana handled all the home stuff, but do they need to make Jason so dumb? Sell your house to pay for older child’s college? What do you do when younger one needs to go? And who considers taking out a loan to cover all four years of college before their freshman year? Frankly, I think this season has spent way too much time on domestic drama and not enough time in the field.
  8. I kept getting thrown by the fact that Gibbs and Mr. Sydney looked too close in age. I know there are 20 years between Harmon and Coleman but there should be more like 30+ for the characters. Also...boring.
  9. Did they say this was her 40th birthday? Seriously?
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