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  1. WrongReasons

    Boy Band

    Well BSB performing was definitely the highlight of this show - just made me ridiculously happy. I have to say I'm kinda shocked Sergio made it and Jaden didn't make it.
  2. WrongReasons

    Boy Band

    I knew from the second I saw Brady aka young Brian Littrell he'd be in this group, lol.
  3. WrongReasons

    Darcey & Jesse: Cougar Town

    Was Jesse's mom Betsy Johnson?!? Dead ringer lol
  4. Well at least something positive came out of this then, lol.
  5. So is there a miss manners etiquette on returning wedding gifts on a sham marriage?
  6. WrongReasons

    Boy Band

    Brady reminds me so much of a young Brian Littrell it's nuts. I can totally see him in the final group.
  7. WrongReasons

    World Of Dance

    WOD was recorded back in Jan/Feb so it won't affect his stint on SYTYCD.
  8. WrongReasons

    S06.E12: Open Investigation

    I watched the 20/20 on this a few weeks ago and this tonight and they STILL never told us how Shelly got Chris Anderson's number initially.
  9. WrongReasons

    Season 13: Speculation and Spoilers

    Yep that's him. She said she was initially attracted to him but then discovered how strange and awkward he was and noped out, lol - so I'm guessing that's what Rachel sees as well! Can someone tell me when he gets axed?
  10. WrongReasons

    Season 13: Speculation and Spoilers

    Excited to see she picked Peter - from a shallow perspective he's very attractive. My best friend just texted me excitedly that a guy she went to law school with and hung out with a bit during that time is one of Rachel's bachelors - she said he's kind of odd though - so I can't wait to watch with her and get more perspective, she doesn't want to be spoiled to see how far he goes but I have no such qualms lol. I'm hoping for some dirt :)
  11. WrongReasons

    S06.E11: Colleen & Tony

    That girl's flat affect and complete lack of any intonation was both painful and creepy to watch.
  12. WrongReasons

    S24.E07: Week 7: A Night at the Movies

    Okay first of all HOW IS BONNER STILL THERE?!? HE IS LEGITIMATELY TERRIBLE AND HAS ZERO CHARISMA!! I just don't understand who is voting for him. Second, thank you Mandy Moore for addressing Simone's inability to connect emotionally. Maybe that's why I have trouble enjoying her dances and why she just comes off very wooden and fake. Normani was amazing and I'm glad she got immunity and I hope her injury doesn't impede her for future dances. Sad to see Nancy go before Bonner. It was definitely time for Nick to peace out. Still not sure how David is still there, but at least he has a fun personality unlike boring Bonner.
  13. Yes wooden is the perfect word for her! I can't always put my finger on it - I don't want to keep saying she comes off fake because I don't know her but she just comes off very wooden and not authentic. I don't get any joy watching her like I do some of the other contestants.
  14. Bachelor guy has a personality? Where is it? Well more so than Bonner lol (though yes that's not saying much). It didn't come through as much this week but I think in general he's more affable than Bonner and doesn't make a zillion excuses like Bonner and usually looks like he's trying to enjoy himself. Bonner is 100% dead eyes.
  15. I legitimately do not understand how the heck all the guys were safe. Bonner is terrible and has zero personality. Nick is not great though he at least has a personality. Same with David. Rashad had a chance as a contender, but holy moly what a load of crap at the Heather boot. I should have seen it coming with the perfect score (I thought her dance was amazing). I still feel like Simone gives off that immature fake vibe in her dancing and I just can't seem to warm to her. I though Normani was fantastic. So I guess now I'm rooting for Normani and Rashad.