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  1. Jules2307

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I've flown southwest, Delta and Air Canada since my daughter was born 10 months ago and each of them made me show her birth certificate. My husband misplaced the birth certificate and my daughter and I almost had to miss our flight because they were not letting her through security until I showed her birth certificate. I think it depends on the agent working the desk at whatever moment you get there.
  2. Jules2307

    Teen Mum

    It's standard in the U.K. My cousin was born 30 years ago and her mother used nitrous oxide (or gas and air as they call it.) I asked about using it in the US and they won't do it.
  3. Jules2307

    What Did We Eat Today?

    My British family, who are now solidly upper middle class but grew up working class, refer to dinner (or supper but the evening meal either way) as tea. Just tea. High tea is a social gathering with tea, finger sandwiches, scones, jam and clotted cream.
  4. Jules2307

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I'm sorry but one of my absolute pet peeves is the deification of Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was extremely privileged and despite her vow of poverty, carried those attitudes her entire life. The way she treated the Untouchables was deplorable. But she's sainted and the stifled woman who exerted a bit of influence on her own life by buying the car she wanted, is seen as a bad person.
  5. I don't think we'll agree but part of my belief in Christina's version of events is what people said when they defended Joan. Take Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (her first husband). When he defended her, he insisted that she was too controlled to ever beat Christina. The way he described her, she seemed like a tightly wound individual. After their marriage was over, her career was failing, she was under immense pressure and she became (by all accounts) a serious alcoholic. As Joan said in Feud, she was in a very different place in her life when she adopted Christina and Christopher than when she adopted the twins.
  6. For me, I believed Christina and still do. I'm not saying that the twins didn't have a different experience but even when people defended her, the person they described was a narcissistic control freak. That combined with her alcoholism and the way she always talked about Christina and Christopher, made me far more inclined to believe Christina. Helen Hayes publicly saying that she believed Christina helped as well. My Mother's Keeper was salacious but there was nowhere near the level of abuse that was in Mommie Dearest. Bette Davis just seemed like a sad, lonely alcoholic with abandonment issues. Joan Crawford came off as a manipulative abuser. The last difference is what happened to Christina and BD. Christina has been a child abuse advocate for decades, why would she waste her time and energy if she made it all up? BD became a zealot who speaks in tongue and still insists that her mother was possessed by Satan.
  7. Jules2307

    Season 9: All Episode Talk

    I think the being part black feeling is generational. My dad (who adamantly refuses to identify as Puerto Rican even though my grandmother was born there) seems to feel like the one drop rule still applies. For me, even though my grandmother was listed as mulatto on the 1930 census, I don't feel black because I didn't have the black experience growing up. Logically, I know that I'm part black but because I have fairly pale, white skin, I've never been treated or experienced life the way a person who is viewed as black has.
  8. Jules2307

    S07.E03: Thanksgiving: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    I find it interesting that according to her Twitter, Mariah has become a self identified feminist. She's now a Bernie supporting liberal. I wonder how that ties in to her desire for a polygamist lifestyle...
  9. Yolanda has done plenty to offend having nothing to do with Lyme. She was probably joking about your mother. Well maybe not! Lyme is said to effect the brain and if it does this is it. The logic center. You're much kinder than I am. I just thought she was rude, attention seeking, narcissist. But I also tend to hate it when people try to out misery each other. Can't we just accept that all of these illnesses, be they physical or mental, suck? I think I've just discovered why I dislike Yolanda so much.
  10. Honestly, that attitude of "you must agree with me or else you're a bad person" is what I've found in everyone who has "chronic Lyme disease." I responded on a People magazine article to someone who said that she didn't understand the hate Yolanda gets, she hasn't done anything to offend anyone. I said I was offended by her comparison to the AIDS crisis of the early 80s. I received a response from someone, who identified herself as having "chronic Lyme disease", telling me she felt sorry for the sick people in my life because I obviously treat them like shit. I said I'd be sure to tell my mom, who has Alzheimer's, that as I have her her bath that night. The only response I got was that my mom probably didn't have Alzheimer's because a lot of those symptoms can actually be Lyme.
  11. Jules2307

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I got the feeling that JJ just wanted to punish the defendant for abetting her daughter's behavior. If she hadn't gotten so aggressive with JJ in the beginning (with my favorite comeback on this show, "well, that's your opinion,), I think she would have been less inclined to read so much into the defendant pulling up next to the plaintiff. I was hoping she'd award the plaintiff the whole $5k, just to teach that awful woman a lesson.
  12. Jules2307

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I know I'm pregnant and easily emotional but the end of the first case, when the bullied girl was crying, broke my heart. You could see where the defendant's daughter got her bullying behavior from. I knkw this probably won't happen but I sincerely hope that the defendant watches this, gains a modicum of self awareness and sees what an awful person she's shaping to inflict on the world. But then again, she didn't get the hint when the school probably straight up told her that her daughter was a bully.
  13. Jules2307

    M&M's ... Plain or Peanut?

    My office started stocking peanut butter M&Ms. They are divine. The salty sweet combination is killer.
  14. Jules2307

    S06.E17: Lymes In The Sand

    I would bet money that LVP or Kyle has said something to Andy but what is he going to do? Fire the perpetual Lyme victim? And look terrible? Of course not. Yes, people get to miss group events but no one has missed as many as Yolanda and few people get to skip out of the reunion (blaming "brain fog"). Didn't Adrienne get fired for that? Yes, I've worked in a law office where different people get different bonuses but that's how it goes. If someone got a bonus and didn't show up, would I be irritated? Hell yes. I have never seen someone as blatantly manipulative as Yolanda. She can talk shit about whoever she wants but when it comes time to take it, there's brain fog or brain swelling or whatever blatantly fake symptom comes to her next. Lisa Rinna is a drama queen, no one disagrees with that but even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  15. Jules2307

    S06.E17: Lymes In The Sand

    If you had a co-worker (because let's be honest, that's what these people are, not friends, with a few exceptions), who kept begging off of work by saying "I'm sick! I'm sick!" and threw a passive aggressive pity party every time you saw them ("Oh, you look so...well"), would you be pissed if you saw photos of them on Instagram doing other fun things? I doubt LVP wanted to go to Erika's dinner party but she did because she was contractually obligated. Yolanda gets out of contractual filming obligations by doing what she does best, manipulating everyone with her (possibly/probably fake) illness.