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  1. I love everything about Top Chef but it triggers 2 things I love that we can't do right now - travel and food!!! Cue tears. Will there even be ANOTHER season next year? F this pandemic. (Also: Padma speaking Italian is super hot.)
  2. Argh no new episodes until July?!!! Cue tears. I need my junk TV to mentally survive during the pandemic... Aaron - I think he's hot. And I think the "hand crushing" thing was that he was so mad, he was holding on to Denise's hand really hard, and he wanted her to let go, so that he wouldn't inadvertently hurt her hand. Not that he was crushing her hand on purpose.
  3. Argh why no new episode? Esp during BLM protests. This show can be a positive representation of professional Black women. I've read on other sites that Bravo may be behind on post production as staff are working from home??? A couple of episodes ago, Britten and Imani took their kids to an African American museum and talked about BLM-type related matters. I thought that was really poignant.
  4. I've seen the original Korean Snowpiercer and the remake with Chris Evans. What I remember from those is that it was kinda weird and v. violent. I FF thru the violent/bloody scenes on this iteration too. Covid times means being less strict about watching "peak TV" (this isn't it). I'll keep watching it as a time-filler. 1. Daveed Diggs - I'm not a Hamilton fan and I feel like he's an OVERactor here? 2. Jennifer Connelly - She's a "Serious Actress" and I like her acting here. 3. The Train itself -so there are 2100 people total and something like over 100 cars? Is tha
  5. What in the world is a "Canadian valley girl?" I thought valley girl only applied to So CA chicks that insert "like" and upspeak in every sentence. Honestly, someone please explain for me. Rhylee - ugh the attitude on that chick! I can also be an assertive and aggressive chick at work too, but I don't talk back to my superiors that way. SHUT UP! You are bottom on the totem pole, don't question things and do your job!
  6. Wow, I'm going to sound shallow here but these people are not really TV attractive... yikes.. And why is the Captain who is in charge of SAFETY drinking all the time along with the people who bought into the charter? I don't get it. Seems like a recipe for disaster, but in a non-entertaining way.
  7. I haven't read the original books but I do know that they are darker and more complicated than the movie. Did ABC even promote this show much? I'm enjoying it in a "I think this is a B movie" and "oh look at the viewful scenery" kind of way, not taking it too seriously. I'm impressed that some of those locales were real and they shot there! I thought it was all CGI. I'm surprised that $$$$ was spent on this show, honestly. Seems choppy and they don't explain much. But I'll keep watching.
  8. Too bad this show most likely won't make it to Season 2. Do you guys think that the deacon is actually NOT the Nightingale but a murderer who murdered his wife and stepson? I like Peyton List - didn't really know her before, but I think she can act and so can the guy who plays her dad Frank.
  9. I used to love Caroline S. as I can be a tough, unemotional b. like her. However, this season she's just plain MEAN! I think she is taking out her misery on everyone else. What a narcissist. I adore Caroline F. and her running through her castle. That estate is HUGE!!!! I wonder if she and her dad did not get along for awhile because she reminded him too much of her mother, whom he seemed to have loved v. much? (besides not agreeing with the nontraditional lifestyle choices)
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