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  1. Keith1980

    Characters You've Changed Your Mind About

    I think what Jess goes through and because his mother is lousy etc.. are the reasons why he acts badly at first. The writers are showing of course a different sort of relationship Rory has in contrast to Dean. But I do believe that deep down Jess was a good person. Which is different to Logan. When Logan first showed up I just couldn't buy into his misunderstood rich kid act (partly because rich kids are very rarely misunderstood). I found him and his friends to be truly rude to Marty and to others around them. Unlike Jess I could never see enough of a reason for Logan's actions. Even considering how awful his family were there still wasn't enough to justify it. I think Rory changes Logan for the better though.
  2. Keith1980

    Characters You've Changed Your Mind About

    Think the big two are Rory and Sookie. Sookie was a very funny and sweet supporting character for a long time, but I think post-marriage she did become more annoying and unlikeable in general. I like her and Jackson as a couple, but I do think that marriage brought out the worse in her at least. Its a classic opinion on Rory. But the 1-4 Rory was thoughtful, smart and fun to be around, later season Rory just became too smug and let her lifestyle go to her head too much. She still has her moments, but I much prefer her in the first 4 seasons. The other ones are to smaller degrees. Logan grew on me, after not liking him at first. There are still many things I don't like about him. But I am at least convinced that he has more depth than first appears and probably does care for Rory. It was reverse with Dean. I never loved his character but thought he was decent to be around and quite liked him and Rory as a couple for at least a season and an half. The longer he's on the show the more self-important, bland, and whining he became. Jess I like and now see as Rory's ideal partner (at least out of her three main love interests). But he was a bit of a slow burning character. When you understand more about his background and see how he matures later then I think I understand him more. And always enjoy the spark he brought to the show.
  3. Keith1980

    Would You Watch PoI If It Had A New Team?

    Spin-off is one thing. Think the characters are so good than you could do it. But I wouldn't watch basically the same show but with a different cast no.
  4. Keith1980

    How Did You Get Into Person Of Interest?

    I'm a big Amy Acker fan having seen her in Angel. I watched a random episode one night on Channel 5 (it was from S4) and liked the look of it. I started watching it from the start on Netflix last year and got hook pretty quick. Loved the concept, and how current many of the themes are. The casting is great, and I really like character driven dramas with good tension and twists in the plot. I've watched the first four seasons and think it really hits a high during seasons 3 and 4. The HR story in S3 is one the best written I've seen on TV for a very long time. Just waiting for the last season to come on now.
  5. Keith1980

    Cast in Other Roles

    I wondered where I'd see Buono before?! Loved the feud between her character and Shaw on POI. Was Root not connecting with a big audience then? I find that sad as she is one of the best characters on recent television. I like the ship with her and Shaw. Its done with the power of suggestion, and they have a playful, love to hate sort of chemistry. Its different that just shipping her with one of the male leads too. Not sure if I like her as much when she's on the good side or not. But I do like some of the murky areas they explore with the character, like some of things with Finch. Michael Emerson was in the X-Files episode Sunshine Days, as well as having a six episode run on legal drama The Practice. And in a bit of a random one, Shahi made a one off appearance in British sitcom Coupling during the show's third season.
  6. Very good point on Chris. Its true that Emily does come around and do the right thing at least. And Chris totally made a ass out of himself. If he had just stood aside and waited to see what would happen then that would be different. Great spot on Chris's phony liberal, against the system show. Not only is Emily good at heart, but at least she's up front about her lifestyle etc... To me Chris is a yupee dressed in sheeps clothing. I think thats a bit strong. It wasn't really his place I agree. But I do think he did it out of looking out for Rory. It plays out as quite a funny and touching moment to me. Rory and Logan were in the wrong.
  7. Not a Max fan. Just find the character way to boring personally and never felt him and Lorelai worked as a couple. They seem more like a sitcom couple to me.
  8. I think Jason is one who gets more hate than he deserves. At times he's a bit smug, and I don't think him and Lorelai were meant to be. But I think for awhile they made a good couple, and thought he was a decent bloke. The only thing with Jason is that I always thought he looked a little too much like a serial killer! lol. Mostly when he wasn't clean shaver.
  9. Chris is my least favourite of the male characters on the show or at least out of the men in the Gilmore's lives. At first he came across quite well but I just find him to cynical as a character and very self-centered. He really stepped over the line during Emily's plot to split Lorelai and Luke up. Yes it was her plan, but Christopher knew what was going on and played along anyway. As a mother and daughter relationship, Lane and Mrs. Kim top the Gilmore's. Of course Rory and Loreali are fantastic and totally believable. But I think their stories work as well as they do because of the characters they come into contact with. And part of their charm is how their relationship is based on the same core values. For growth I think the Kim's are more developed. And the chemistry between the actors is great. Though I love Lane and her band I'm not sold on her relationship with Zach outside of the band. I just don't think he cares about her and without the interaction from the other members of the band their relationship isn't as interesting IMO.
  10. Part of it might be down to Logan being a new character at the time. Because he was introduced as a rich jerk, then I think most people would read that comment about Marty as being a sarcastic putdown. That's how I took it and I think it was. But later Logan improves as a person. It is true that his friends are worse to Marty though. Jess is my favourite of Rory's boyfriends. I like the spark between them and got the impression they truly cared about each other. Jess made a good impact upon his debut and though he treated Rory bad at times he does mature later. Dean I can take or leave. Think his early relationship with Rory was pretty watchable, but he just got more bland and annoying as a character as time went on. Feel the same about Logan. Though he won me over after a dodgy start. The misunderstood rich kid trope is a bit overused on the show and partly because of the actor's looks and his rich background I was never convinced about him. And I think acting wise he is a bit bland at time. He's a decent guy, but like Dean turned into too much of a middle of the road character. He was never charming enough to convince me or interesting enough as a bad boy to be that interesting. Luke is the only one for Lorelai. I loved them together on screen even when they were just friends.
  11. Keith1980


    Oh that letter is lovely, and pretty much spot-on. Lorelai is a wise woman! I don't know I thought Logan the stalker worked quite well, but lives too short to get hung up on such things...
  12. Keith1980


    Guess that's true. But that only means that she could have handled her side of things better. That still doesn't excuse Logan's actions.
  13. Keith1980


    I understand that, but isn't the respectful thing to do if a person doesn't want to see you to just leave them alone? That way if they decide to contact you again you'll know its because they want to. And I still think the extremes he goes too with all the gifts make it a bit creepy.
  14. Keith1980


    I am currently watching mid-season 6 of the show. And am on the bit where Logan is trying to win Rory back. And of course the way he feels to do this is by constantly showing up unannounced at her appartment, showering her with multiple gifts, and even trying to get her mother involved. It actually makes for some good scenes with the pair and Rory and the other characters on the show. But does anyone else think that Logan's actions are like those of a stalker? If so another thing that make this troubling is that Rory eventually bows down and agrees to go out with him on a date at some point. Another interesting footnote to this plot is that Logan is once again throwing his money around to try and get something he wants. One of the big themes of the show is about class and money. So this is another thing that stood out to me. Thoughts?
  15. One of my favourite WTF moments of the early seasons was when Kirk randomly asked Lorelai out! I loved her response and it was nice how she gentling let him down. But am I the only one who would have loved to have seen them actually go on a date? Whether it be just because Lorelai felt sorry for Kirk or didn't want to hurt his feelings, or because she wanted to see what would happen. I see a lot of comic potential and some great character interaction between the pair if the date actually happened. Anyone else feel the same?