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  1. So does that Nicole/Azan "montage of our love" signal the end of their storyline? Man I hope so.
  2. AZ Curls

    S01.E07 Broken Promises

    I've only caught bits and pieces of the Jihoon/Deavan storyline, can someone explain to me why he can't move to America instead of her moving to Korea?
  3. AZ Curls

    Tracie & Clint: Bless Yer Hearts

  4. AZ Curls

    Little Women: LA

    How come all the good drama (Christy & Todd's breakup shenanigans) never happen when they are filming a season? Read the People article, it has more details, apparently Christy cheated on Todd... https://people.com/tv/little-women-la-christy-gibel-files-restraining-order-against-husband/ Watching that clip from Season 1 with Elena pole dancing for Preston was so awkward and painful to watch. I never saw Season 1, I woulda assumed story lines that early would have been better than what they have become now. So is Preston still a skycap? They make like $7/hour and the rest in tips like a waitress right? No wonder Elena has to do this show.
  5. Add me to the list that is tired of the Darcy Twins, but I'm also really annoyed when David opens his mouth to man-splain everything. I agree with whoever said to replace the twins with Melanie & Devar. Does anyone remember Fernando & Carolina from season 3? They would be good on this too.
  6. I only made it thru 30 min of last nite's show before calling it quits, it was too long and boring with too many recaps. When I saw a commercial for this I knew it would be gold. I agree with the poster who said Anfisa would have been great on this. I could do without Darcyx2. But Annie was hilarious and so was Tarik's brother with his ashy elbows and gold cuff bracelet.
  7. AZ Curls

    Wife Swap

    Nah, he said he normally hires someone weekly to pick up the poop but he cancelled the service that week so he could make the swap wife do it.
  8. AZ Curls

    Wife Swap

    Did anyone else notice the 2 oldest daughters from the religious family of 8 calling the dad by his first name? And I had no idea people hire someone to come to their house once a week to scoop up dog poop, these guys must have money to burn.
  9. AZ Curls

    Little Women: LA

    This is Jasmine on American Idol, it's not good...
  10. AZ Curls

    While You Were Out

    So do the actual homeowners pay TLC the $10,000 or is the whole thing gifted to them? I assumed this was like that Nate & Jeremiah show where you're actually paying for the remodel. If that is the case I understand why that woman freaked out about the wood floors not matching.
  11. AZ Curls

    Little Women: LA

    I only watched the first few episodes of last season before I gave up and I feel like that might happen this season too. I never really got to see the awfulness that is Minka, but she has this drunk look on her face 24/7. I think Jasmine's new chest makes her head look even tinier. But I think Christy looks great with the weight loss. Haha @ Elena not getting approved for a loan to do her beauty bar, I know Preston breathed a sigh of relief when that awful business adventure ended. I really can't stand Terra but do feel bad for her daughter but it's still not gonna make me ever like Terra if that's what the writers are trying to do this season. Oh and also weren't Jasmine & Chris living paycheck to paycheck and now she can afford a new build and new boobs?? Something doesn't add up.
  12. AZ Curls

    Little Women: Atlanta

    Thoughts on last night's episode: Minnie: She really has zero talent in this podcast field she wants to go into, no interviewing skills, her voice is really not for radio. And the Podcast's theme is "female rappers"?!? Why wouldn't you get an actual female rapper in the industry to host a podcast like that? Tiny Twins: So they turn down the Street Execs gig because they hate The Cheeks? I really think the real reason is they have no singing or rapping skills and they, like Minnie, also really have no talent to be in the entertainment industry. Abira: I really like her and I wish she was a full member of the cast, I'm not sure I always felt that way, but now comparing her to all the other ladies in the cast, she has the most talent. Cheeks: I'm 40 and I fee like today's rap is garbage. Back in my day you had to have a certain style or twang or rhythm to your voice that made your style unique. The Cheeks are just talking, they just sound like little girls talking about their haters, it's really painful to listen to and also since neither one of them is pretty I don't understand how anyone is into them or their music. And OMG Emily's attitude and her stank face just make me wanna punch her so bad.
  13. AZ Curls

    Marriage Boot Camp

    I couldnt stop staring at Nia's jugs last night in that red dress, they are the same size as Jessica Dime's booty. They looked painful. So glad this season is over, I'm not sure why I tortured myself watching it.
  14. AZ Curls

    Marriage Boot Camp

    What the heck does cap or cap boy mean? They use it constantly on this show.
  15. AZ Curls

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Why didn't they say what the Los Angeles female roommate hunter did for a living? I assume she was a former model (due to that impromptu catwalk scene with Trusive) but they didn't say why she moved to LA with her ex (who looked exactly like the white male renter in the first house) in the first place. All 3 houses were so cute and well decorated. But who in their right mind would ever wanna live with that Trusive character? He seems "on" 24/7. I have seen toilet paper sold individually but at 99cent store and who knows how rough that paper probably is. The entire episode seemed like the roommate hunter was wanting to get "noticed" and get some kind of reality/acting job from the whole thing. It was weird how they had her talk to the camera and make reaction faces to the camera. I went back OnDemand and watched Episode 1, it was really,really bad. 24 year old New Jersey mama's boy out on his own for the first time renting a condo in Miami. His mom came to Miami for the "roommate screening". She was soooo overbearing & worrisome about everything! All the kid wanted was a roommate he could watch sports with but she kept nagging about stuff he didn't want and she made it super awkward with the guys renting out the room. They had a lot of awkward silence parts and the 2 guys (you could tell he wasn't gonna choose) seemed so disgusted with the kid and his mom and their antics. I really hope this show doesn't get picked up, it really just seems like people who want to get their 15 minutes.