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  1. Isle Of Why

    S11.E06: The Draglympics

    Snatch Game usually comes when there are eight queens left, as I recall. Poor Vanjie. In her one appearance last season, she was booted for not cinching or showing her body on the runway, so damn it, she brought her corsets now! Vanjie seems like a sweet person. She's a great performer and naturally funny but gurl. She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  2. Isle Of Why

    In The Dark

    The previews show her developing a love interest and it looks like the kind detective with the blind daughter will be recurring, but yeah. Watching a trainwreck of a person is depressing to me and I know I'll lose interest if she doesn't start to get her life together a little more. The way she takes advantage of her roommate, and the roommate enabling it to the detriment of her own romantic relationship, also wasn't fun to watch.
  3. Isle Of Why

    S11.E03: Diva Worship

    I enjoy Vanjie's personality very much (and maybe the first RPDR showmance?) but honestly her runway look was JALL -- just another lazy leotard. And red again. She looked pretty in it, but Yvie and Nina's creativity was much more interesting to me. Give me a mop and pink jellyfish anytime. I'm wondering if Vanjie is unintentionally funny or if it's planned. I tend to think the former. Love her either way, but I'm not sure she's clever or calculating enough in that specific way to set up deliberate jokes.
  4. Isle Of Why

    The Good Fight

    Boy, they are leaning in all the way with Diane's political views. The Kings said this season would do so, but I wasn't sure what that might look like. Up with Diane: when she said in the partners' meeting that covering up for Reddick could potentially be worse for the firm. Down with Diane: poor woman is seriously misreading how much Trump's Christian base would care about a supposed abortion scandal. As a friend of mine said, "God sometimes does good things through bad people."
  5. Isle Of Why

    Which Podcasts Fuel Your Listening Pleasure?

    I listened to a few eps of Conan Needs a Friend this week and found them enjoyable even though I've never warmed to Conan. I was interested due to the guests, but it turned out that Conan's antic behavior that had put me off his talk show was absent here. If he is doing any mugging, I can't see it. I did laugh, so the show is on my rotation for the time being.
  6. Isle Of Why

    Pet Peeves

    I get that. I originally switched to Kindle because I can embiggen the text to accommodate my poor vision, but have almost completely opted to have Alexa read them to me now while I play online games.
  7. Isle Of Why

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    I was happier not knowing that any of these people are on other Bravo shows. So annoying.
  8. Isle Of Why

    Pet Peeves

    In an author-related peeve, I've been reading a lot of self-published mystery series and they're so much alike I almost think it's one person writing under 15 different pen names. They're around 200 pages and a new one comes out every 2-3 months. If the stories don't exactly end on a cliffhanger, it's close enough that the next one in the series picks up at the same place. I don't claim to understand the economics, but the silly things only sell for around $3.99. I get them free with Kindle Unlimited. After publishing expenses, the authors must take home maybe $1.50 for each sale? I just looked up one of the more popular authors, and her latest release is #405,173 in book sales and #882 in Kindle. Nobody's making bank on those numbers. It's throwaway entertainment for me but I still wish the authors would take time to plot out a complete story arc that ends with a danged crime being solved. Charge the standard $8.99 or whatever. It's not that a short story or novella can't be fun to read, but at least call it what it is.
  9. Isle Of Why

    S01.E01: Offred

    Yeah, no. Thanks for the warning.
  10. Isle Of Why

    Unpopular Opinions

    I still like them fine, but they're all at that point in a sitcom where the writers amp up their personality traits to 11.
  11. Isle Of Why

    S12.E12: The Battles, Part 4

    I fast-forward the hell out of this, which is a problem because the actual singing takes up so little time that I usually pass by it and need to back up again to even find those precious 90 seconds.
  12. Isle Of Why

    S12.E09: The Battles Premiere

    I think it's been heavy enough slogging already for me to bug out until the finale. Nobody has grabbed me at all in the blinds or the first few battles.
  13. Isle Of Why

    S06.E11: Where the Wild Things Were

    I'll miss the shirtless men.
  14. Isle Of Why

    Shots Fired

    Well done but too upsetting and depressing for me. Which I predicted so not sure who I thought I was fooling.
  15. Isle Of Why

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Band of Brothers has the second highest user rating on IMDB (9.5) with almost 252K reviews, so it's at least popular with people who vote on IMDB. I don't typically like war stories so there's that, and maybe my expectations about compelling TV drama have changed in the last 15 years, but I found it to be utterly plodding and mundane. I don't know if the cast had been instructed to act the way they thought people in the 40s talked and acted, but it was all very stilted and fake sounding to me. I fast-forwarded through most of the battle scenes but kept watching to see if anything would draw me in, but nope.