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  1. If I were writing a sociology article, it'd be interesting to explore why some online commenters put much of the onus on the women when men aren't attracted to them: they should put on some makeup, wash and style their hair, shower after travel, wear cute lingerie, not nag, don't speak stridently or look unhappy, etc.
  2. Persnickety criticism of TV children and parenting, especially on sitcoms. Don't really care to hear how you were raised or how you're raising your own kids compared to fictional characters.
  3. I swear. Doctors/clinics set up online patient portals and then don't even use them. In addition to letting us know when prescription refills have been denied, I'm positive the technology exists to send auto reminders for wellness checks. It's also mad how many doctors still make their front office staff call and remind every single patient about tomorrow's upcoming appointment. I've never worked in a doctor's office so if anyone has, I'm willing to be educated about how I'm mistaken. 😊
  4. I'm feel like everyone but me has processed this, but if you add a bit of older milk to a new jug* the older stuff will continue to spoil on schedule and ruin the entire new gallon. * Because it's recycle day and you want to toss the old jug.
  5. My late kitty, an 18 pounder, would jump on me in bed, pat my face, knead my chest, lay on my head, etc. Often at 4 am. If I closed my bedroom door, she would throw herself against it over and over. Now, she would do the normal pet thing and plop a few inches from the back door to my enclosed patio/air shaft, staring at me until I let her in or out. She never did that with the front door because she knew that wasn't happening. She was always waiting for me by the front or back door when I got home from work, depending if I was coming from the garage or the bus stop. Knew what time it was, heard the garage door, heard the bus, simply waited there all day? I dunno. My conclusion about waking me up in the morning is that she knew very well she couldn't open doors and threw herself against the bedroom door solely to make noise. She pretty much had no use for me except at mealtimes and to manage doorknobs. I miss her like heck!
  6. Oh, come on! This banner is now displaying every time I open Chrome. It's 14 months away! Flash is required to play quite a few live streaming TV network sites and constantly having to enable/disable it is definitely a peeve. Sometimes it works and sometimes I have to close out Chrome, refresh, etc.
  7. Welcome to the new viewers! The Good Fight is a separate show and it's not necessary to have watched The Good Wife beforehand. A few characters carry over but you won't be lost or anything. I hope everyone feels free to discuss season 1. The season 3 talk has kind of died down now, but maybe we could spoiler comments for any episodes after the ones currently airing on CBS?
  8. Pon is informally posting on Reddit to answer questions. Claims to be okay with being edited as the asshole. Reading into his comments, it sounds like
  9. I wouldn't mind if the show ended before George and Mary fall apart. It has that built-in "children grow up" problem anyway where the writers need to age up the characters but still have them retain the traits that endeared them to audiences. It's a tricky line to walk and I'd rather have 3-4 good seasons than drag things out into Missy and Sheldon's teen years.
  10. I sure hope Angelica gets offered some of those very "special old lady" roles she craves for herself. Great grandmother, perhaps. She's Hollywood royalty! Bow down and heed her haughty opinions about the rape of young teens!
  11. Snatch Game usually comes when there are eight queens left, as I recall. Poor Vanjie. In her one appearance last season, she was booted for not cinching or showing her body on the runway, so damn it, she brought her corsets now! Vanjie seems like a sweet person. She's a great performer and naturally funny but gurl. She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  12. The previews show her developing a love interest and it looks like the kind detective with the blind daughter will be recurring, but yeah. Watching a trainwreck of a person is depressing to me and I know I'll lose interest if she doesn't start to get her life together a little more. The way she takes advantage of her roommate, and the roommate enabling it to the detriment of her own romantic relationship, also wasn't fun to watch.
  13. I enjoy Vanjie's personality very much (and maybe the first RPDR showmance?) but honestly her runway look was JALL -- just another lazy leotard. And red again. She looked pretty in it, but Yvie and Nina's creativity was much more interesting to me. Give me a mop and pink jellyfish anytime. I'm wondering if Vanjie is unintentionally funny or if it's planned. I tend to think the former. Love her either way, but I'm not sure she's clever or calculating enough in that specific way to set up deliberate jokes.
  14. Boy, they are leaning in all the way with Diane's political views. The Kings said this season would do so, but I wasn't sure what that might look like. Up with Diane: when she said in the partners' meeting that covering up for Reddick could potentially be worse for the firm. Down with Diane: poor woman is seriously misreading how much Trump's Christian base would care about a supposed abortion scandal. As a friend of mine said, "God sometimes does good things through bad people."
  15. I listened to a few eps of Conan Needs a Friend this week and found them enjoyable even though I've never warmed to Conan. I was interested due to the guests, but it turned out that Conan's antic behavior that had put me off his talk show was absent here. If he is doing any mugging, I can't see it. I did laugh, so the show is on my rotation for the time being.
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