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  1. MaiaH

    A Discovery Of Witches

    I first watched the show and then read the books. I enjoyed the show the first time I watched it. After reading the books, I find that a lot of the motivation of the characters is missing when rewatching the show. With that said, I am looking forward to the second and third seasons to see how they adapt the books.
  2. MaiaH


    Season two will premiere in the US on Friday, June 14. Story and American trailer here.
  3. MaiaH


    Trailer for season 2
  4. MaiaH

    Code Black In the Media

    It seems as though the powers that be may be contemplating un-cancelling Code Black. link
  5. MaiaH


    I can't say with certainty, but I do think Stinger was married to Ivy's mom first. I too believe that Stinger was first married to Ivy's mother so it would only make sense that Ivy is older. I can't really see Maggie with any of the other characters either but in the latest episode they really seemed to be pushing her and Fisher. It felt a little weird. If the show must showcase relationships, I think I would rather have Fisher with Camille as they have laid the groundwork with an established friendship that exists outside of work.
  6. MaiaH


    I have just binged this show. It makes me happy even though it isn't the most thought provoking show that I have ever watched. I have enjoyed how the relationships between Linus and Camille as well as Camille and Kirsten have changed and grown, the general nerdiness of Cameron, Camille's sass, and Camsten. I realize that the oxytocin filter was a plot device but it could have been built up a little more. Or the resolution could have been more exciting. I keep on wondering if Kirsten is annoyed that she got knocked off her PhD track and if Camille will ever complete her PhD. I also keep on wondering their thought process for casting Ivy. The actress always seems like she is Emma Ishta's little sister, not senior to her in any way. I am interested in what happens in the finale and if this show will get renewed. I hope the actors continue to work on Stitchers or find work on other shows.