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  1. The original article regarding "advanced negotiations" with Mike Richards was published in Variety on 08/04/21, but I noticed that the following day the same source revealed the nature of the past sexual discrimination lawsuits against Richards that could derail his chances of acquiring the Jeopardy hosting gig.
  2. I just read online that Mike Richards in in negotiations to become the permanent host of Jeopardy. Of course, official sources are denying this report but the temporary hosting gigs are ending soon and it is time to make the big decision. I don't dislike Richards, but many people favor an "outsider" rather than promoting from within the Jeopardy organization.
  3. I don't know the manager kept a straight face during Julia's stripper routine. However, remaining politically correct he basically passed the buck by just telling her she had to pass certain fitness certifications and that way he was off the hook telling her the inappropriateness of her dancing moves for a fitness club environment. Julia will never be able to pass the AFAA certification because her lack of English skills will make it virtually impossible to complete the textbook chapters needed to take the written exam. As a former fitness instructor, I found her ignorance and arrogance di
  4. I did some research regarding the California "baby bar" exam. The most recent statistics I could find stated that the pass rate for the first-time testers was about 22%. However, the statistics for second-time takers is more dismal (less than 15%). The test only covers three major areas: contracts; criminal law; and torts. The test taker must score 560 out of 800 possible points or 70% correct answers. The test is divided equally into two sections. There are 100 multiple choice questions (3 hours allotted time) and four essays (an hour per essay for a total allotted time of 4 hours). N
  5. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE DETAILS REGARDING ANYONE'S BODILY FLUIDS!!!! I never thought I would say this, but Scott looks more mature and refined than Kourtney's new love Travis. I guess Kourtney is experiencing a midlife crisis where she needs male validation of her sexiness and desirability because her parents never instilled in her any sense of self-worth beyond her physical appearance. Gee Kris, what a role model you have been to your daughters showing them what values are truly important in finding a fulfilling life.
  6. When I needed to get a COVID-19 test last December, it was almost impossible to find a location. At CITY MD the line for COVID tests started outside at 6am and the wait was so long that many people stayed in the queue for most of the day. I finally found a pharmacy in northern NJ where I could get a test with results in 10 minutes, but it demanded money upfront and it was up to me to get reimbursed by my insurance company. The cost was $128 and my insurance only reimbursed me $45. I was suffering so much from COVID-type symptoms that I had to know right away. However,my son lives in Phi
  7. I am so disgusted with NBC, MSNBC and CNBC for enabling Trump to air his town hall directly opposite Biden's town hall that was scheduled a week ago due to Trump's cancellation of the virtual debate. NBC political director Chuck Todd is facing strong criticism for this move. I read that last night NBC officials contacted ABC requesting that ABC change their program time!! Needless to say, ABC refused to change thei Biden town hall. To top it off, Trump is now claiming that he is being "set up" by NBC and will be treated unfairly by Savannah Guthrie. He always plays the victim. Why isn't
  8. It is "Gimme Shelter" which is one of the group's best songs, in my opinion.
  9. OMG. Tiffany just gave birth to a baby girl in the U.S. with her mother at her side, Ronald and Ria were watching on video from South Africa. No mention of them being married or why Tiffany was not with Ronald in South Africa. What a mess!!
  10. Does anyone else remember when Chris and Amy were beginning to date and Chris admitted that he had been previously living with a woman for many years (maybe eight or nine years) but had never been married? Although Chris and Amy have been seeing each other for almost three years, maybe this time frame is not long enough for him to even consider a long-term commitment with Amy. The fact that several women have cheated on him in the past is more of an indication that he chose the wrong people rather than a reason to avoid marriage. My brother has been divorced three times and several of my co
  11. I am devastated by the news, but am heartened by Alex's positive attitude towards his diagnosis and determination to complete this season.
  12. Teams Ken and Brad won their respective two-day matches, so they are in the finals along with the winner of the two-day Wild Card Team Colby. These three teams will play on Monday and Tuesday for the $1 million first place prize.
  13. Yes, Chris seems shady to me as well. BTW, the Urban Dictionary defines Fort Knockers as "a highly guarded and secretive goldmine of one's adult material. Usually referenced in regard to a voluminous and particularly titillating collection." Why am I not surprised?
  14. Thanks for pointing out how ambiguous this story was - I just assumed Paul was offered the storage job. However, I went back to Chris Thieleman's Facebook account and he stated that Paul was offered a job at Chris' new restaurant named Fort Knockers that David Poor had previously rejected.
  15. I saw a photo of Paul with David Poor and his best friend Chris about a week ago. Supposedly Paul was offered and accepted the job at the storage unit that David Poor rejected!!
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