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  1. Pretty much. I live on the west coast, and I've heard of things like this. Never been to one.
  2. Thanks. I was confused as to when they came up with the idea, exactly.
  3. D&D admitted it was a retcon? Anyway, yeah, it bugs me that some people refer to that as a prophecy. It wasn't. Mel doesn't even end on blue eyes, it's brown, blue, green. If that was a prophecy for anything, you would think it would be Arya killing Cersei, since Cersei has green eyes. But, whatever. It's ALL "whatever", at this point, lol.
  4. This right here is why I refuse to believe that D&D had the idea for Arya to kill the Night King way back in season three. It just didn't add up with what we'd seen. ETA: This guy has some good ideas, for season eight. If you have time, check 'em out.
  5. Is this another attempt to convince us (and herself) that she has a good marriage? Or, is it a dig at Maryssa?
  6. Just asking, because I'm curious what other people think: when this relationship crashes and burns, will it be David leaving Jenelle, or Jenelle leaving David? I ask "when" and not "if", because I don't think Jenelle has it in her to stay with one person, for the rest of her life. Not enough drama, in that.
  7. Was it ever confirmed that Jenelle got her tubes tied?
  8. I don't watch the show, so I have to ask if Jenelle was the one who pushed for David to regain custody of Maryssa. It sounds like something she would do, to stick it to Maryssa's mother, and build this fantasy swamp life, she had in her mind. Clearly, David never gave a shit about being Maryssa's father, and he likely wouldn't have done it if Jenelle hadn't pushed for it. It's nice to hear that David is "done" with his eleven year old daughter, by the way. She's a child, and she is terrified of him, and THIS is how he reacts. I hope Maryssa has another male figure in her life who can
  9. Yeah, Jenelle and David are sticking together for the loooove. I know I call the people I love pieces of shit, and tell them I don't care if they die. Bitch has NO IDEA what a healthy relationship looks like.
  10. People tell Catelynn and Tyler from the original Teen Mom that Carly's adoptive parents should "give her back". Nothing surprises me, anymore.
  11. Well, now we know why they made that trip to Lowe's. You mean that lawyer that had "evidence" the judge was biased in favor of CPS and couldn't find the "evidence" when he was asked to produce it? Jenelle had confidence in THAT guy? I can see why, he's probably just as delusional as she is. Poor Kaiser. Imagine having to tell a bunch of adults you don't know about the abuse you have suffered at the hands of the Swamp Monsters, at his age. What a brave little guy. My heart goes out to him, and to all the kids. Hey, she made her choice. Jenelle will always choose
  12. LOL...really? Who did she try to sell them to?
  13. I just finished Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter by Kate Clifford Larson, and I thought it was heartbreaking. I never knew about Rosemary Kennedy. What Joe Kennedy did to her was unconscionable.
  14. Question: was it ever confirmed that Jenelle sold nude pics, at one time? I'm asking because I heard something about this, and there is a lot of speculation on how she'll be making her money now that MTV has fired her, so...
  15. I went back and read this thread, from the very beginning (phew!). Anyway, one thing that really popped out to me about Jenelle is how she can't write a social media post about her children and, you know, make it about her children. It's always about how they make HER feel, how she's so glad they want to spend time with HER, how she's happy HER kids make she and the Squatch a "real" family. Nothing about who her children are as individuals, what they like to do, or what her hopes and dreams for them are. It's disturbing, like so many things about Jenelle. She really is a sociopath, mimick
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