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  1. I thought that series was great. I remembered the story but didn't know the details. What a strange group of people, and all hoarders! I ended up thinking the pizza guy was an unwitting dupe and felt bad for him and his family. Really well done documentary.
  2. The college kid who attacked his parents happened in my city and was a huge deal here, since his parents were professionals and lived in a nice area. A sad story all around, since they had tried so hard to help him. He worked at a local vet office while waiting for trial and everyone there said he was so nice, he couldn't have done it, etc. - even with all that evidence against him. People just don't want to believe that not all monsters are easy to spot.
  3. I agree that the latest episode of Fear Thy Neighbor was weird. Sure, David was obnoxious about Mark's yard, but Mark seemed like an asshole right from the start. I would hate to live next to a hoarder and I'm not even that neat! Mark's family didn't acknowledge his mental health issues at all and just blamed David for his mostly legit complaints.
  4. I had a different reaction to Fear They Neighbor. I thought the shooter woman was a controlling wacko (telling other people to make their kids go inside at 6, trying to steal the basketball hoop) and sympathized with the neighbors for having their lives affected by her. Her husband seems to have taunted the neighbor deliberately to make him come onto their property so crazy lady would have a reason to shoot him. I'm surprised the NRA hasn't tried to stop this show, as it's a good argument for gun control.
  5. I started watching Dave back on the morning show and have missed him terribly. I follow Barbara Gaines on Twitter because I always liked her and it makes me feel ever so slightly connected to the show. I think the new format is perfect for this stage of his life and I'm really looking forward to it. As for the cheating, it was disappointing but I firmly believe that's just none of my business (as long as it was consensual). Dave had women in high level positions on the show and that matters more to me.
  6. I enjoy this show but I also wish the challenges would be more about actual baking rather than silly impostors or twists. Let's see them make their best cookies, cake, pie, whatever. The gimmicks aren't any more entertaining than watching a talented kid make something scrummy. Valerie and Duff are a lot of fun together. Good choices for judges for kids.
  7. Jennifer's cake was a lovely rendition of a story-book, something kids would love at the holidays. I agree that Josh's cake lacked warmth, though it was beautifully executed. And Stephany did indeed miss the mark. I understand the bakers are going to want to make something they do well, like GBBO's signature challenge, but I think Josh and Stephany had trouble turning that into something that met the brief. I enjoyed this season. The quality of the bakers seemed generally good and they all seemed personable. Josh was fine, less intrusive than the Dean guy (Bobby?). If they would just stop
  8. I had no idea that vanilla extract is made with vodka. Huh. I get the big bottle and it lasts a long time. I occasionally spring for the fancy vanilla bean paste because I love vanilla but I'm not sure I can tell the difference. I like everyone in the final 4. This is certainly not Bake Off caliber but it's entertaining, except for the horrible twists. Nancy annoys me but she looks great. And Lorraine seems nicer.
  9. That Eddie Vedder song was indeed heartbreakingly good.
  10. I must disagree. Dove makes a blueberry juice infused cranberry covered in dark chocolate - fantastic. MASK AR PONY, ffs. Drives me batty.
  11. I just caught up on last week's shows. The crazy front-stabber bits were hilarious. I like it when comedians find something juicy and keep going back to it.
  12. Attica, he finally got Preet Bharara's name right! He pronounced it very deliberately, so I think he knows he's been getting it wrong. I loved him cracking up when one of his guests asked why anyone is still listening to Newt Gingrich. Because, seriously...no.
  13. Thanks for that link! Barbara Gaines tweeted "2 years" the other day and it made me so sad. I still have the final episode and a handful of others on my DVR. What the fuck happened, Don, indeed.
  14. Lawrence was my first TV boyfriend, waaaay back in 1992. I'll be very unhappy if he leaves.
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