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  1. kathholl

    Justified in the Media

    There are more extras on the Blueray? If I had known, I wouldn't have bought the DVD, which has just about nothing special on the extras.
  2. kathholl

    It's Always Sunny In The Media

    Season 10 premieres Wednesday January 14th
  3. A Most Violent Year http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySWXwXlXlQU
  4. Since Mindy Kaling announced the nominees this morning I thought for sure her show would get at least something. Boy was I wrong. And now I'm pissed.
  5. One of my favorites is back in 1996 Jim Carrey played a lifeguard at a jacuzzi. Will Ferrell was in the hot tub and got a cramp in his foot and Carrey gave him mouth to mouth. Attention swimmer!
  6. kathholl

    Favorite episodes?

    Stephanie's birthday with TOMMY PAGE! I still hear her shrieking when she sees him walk in the living room.
  7. kathholl

    Small Talk: Paddy's Pub

    January 2015...apparently they are going to premiere season 10 the same night as Tracy Morgans new show. So far away!
  8. kathholl

    Total Divas

    The wedding was beautiful, but Brie lost me with the headband she wore at the reception. Loved Emma suggesting to Summer Rae that she shouldnt be such a bitch to the other girls. Why can't they put her in the cast and get rid of Cameron,who by the way looks terrible with blonde hair.