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  1. I think she's a White Martian. This is not at all good since White Martians are historically some of the worst baddies in the Justice League canon.
  2. FINALLY, a *RuPaul's Drag Race* episode that's as good as it gets.
  3. The cunnilingus comment suggested that he might have issues with empathy.
  4. Sile: me, too. See, she brought that outfit with her... So, maybe she's one who needs the prep time to do well. Or maybe she's got a house mother at home who holds her hand quite a bit.
  5. Oh, the Absolut guy they had as a judge espoused and articulated everything I hate about mainstream gay culture. I was so glad when they got rid of him.
  6. Skylark, thanks for letting us know! I am watching the commentary version right now. :) :) :)
  7. If Shauna finds love with Mark Brandanaquits, then we know why they fought to keep her flash-forward until the last cut...
  8. Marie Claire was a step down from Elle so who knows if she is in or out. :-D
  9. http://ninagarciadisapproves.tumblr.com
  10. Amanda's jumpsuit looked like something Charlotte Haze would wear to entice Humbert Humbert into sadomasochistic play.
  11. Dita Von Teese's face appears to have so little movent it's a bit Uncanny Japanese Robot Girl.
  12. Wow, a gay man in history in this episode and a lesbian in the next one! This might not mean anything to you, but, as a 49 year-old gay guy, I still get a thrill to when it's shown that LGBTs are part of American history.
  13. I am glad that the show has no vomiting this season and uses cheesy miniatures consistently enough that they have become a highlight for me.
  14. I was so mad this is the first time ever that I couldn't be bothered to watch Untucked right away.
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