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  1. PortaBella

    S23.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates

    Hannah’s mom looks like a cross between Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie and Georgia Engel. Anyone else as old as me? She played georgette on Mary Tyler Moore. More recently, she played Robert barone’s mother in law on Everybody Loves Raymond.
  2. PortaBella

    All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    I loathe Dr Sophie.
  3. PortaBella

    Splitting Up Together

    When I settle in over the weekend to watch the shows I've recorded that week, Splitting Up Together is always the one I anticipate the most. I usually won't watch it first because then I feel a bit deflated that it's over, but I do replay it a few times because it simply makes me so happy. Everything about it, especially the core family. The peripheral characters are fine, but when it's just the five of them, or the two parents, I'm in heaven because the interactions are filled with humor and heart and that's not an easy thing to write and/or play where it hits just the right note. But it does here every time, and I am hoping that it will get another season. Another five seasons!!! Oliver Hudson is a remarkable mix of male brawn and sweet undertones.
  4. PortaBella

    Say Yes To The Dress

    It’s likely that it was arranged ahead of time for the “sick” mom to disclose her current state but no. Why was it necessary to do that except for the sake of adding more drama to the storyline? Let it be the bride’s day - her mother’s mysterious illness should have played no part in that visit. My narcissistic mother told me five minutes before my wedding ceremony that she had had a bad mammogram reading the day before so I’m a little prickly in this department as she made herself the focus of my day when it could have waited until at least the day after. And it turned out that there was no concern in the end. 😤 Rant over
  5. PortaBella

    S07.E25: New G's Meet the Old G's

    Who dresses cate? When she first appeared I thought she was in a robe but when she walked outside in that hideously-fitting garment, I realized my error in thinking. She really does not know how to dress for her body shape or how to wear/color her hair (no pink). There’s some potential there but it’s untapped.
  6. PortaBella

    S07.E24: Back to Square One

    Stating the ridiculously obvious here, but one 5 minute event happens in each of these peoples’ lives per episode and then.....cue the lawn chairs, the sofa complete with the requisite blankets, the kitchen chairs, the bed, riding in the car for a change of pace, and then it’s nonstop blather while they all sit like lumps with no expression and monotone replies about that five minute event and that’s ALL of the show. One of Maci’s kids was actually standing upright in a scene and I thought I had the wrong damn show for a minute.
  7. PortaBella

    Happy Together

    The girl who plays Claire had a starring role on the show “Greek” which was on ABC Family years ago. She is also the daughter of Shadoe Stevens, who was a radio host and tv personality from the 80’s or somewhere thereabouts.
  8. PortaBella

    S08.E22: Secrets Revealed

    Wouldn’t surprise me if ken vanderpump were gay. All he does is walk around holding fancy dogs who are dressed up in fancy outfits. Masculine does not describe him but boring certainly does. Omg could he get any less interesting? He’s been like this from day one. Speaking of the vanderpumps, I would likewise not be surprised if pandora vanderpumps husband were gay. Ever seen him? As effeminate as they come. Where are the grand babies Lisa wants? They’ve been married a while now. Me thinks there’s a closet in that house.
  9. PortaBella

    Lost In Transition

    I really have enjoyed Beverly so far (halfway through episode #2). She was so candid when she was out on the town and seems kind and naïve. Her husband AND her daughter potentially transitioning. That’s a lot. You never know what a day will bring.
  10. PortaBella

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    It’s a big arm.
  11. even before the situation with Vanessa’s molar pregnancy, I can’t get over how joyless she, Sharis and their pappy are over everything. They are forever monotone and expression-less. And sometimes I cannot look away from Vanessa’s chin, which is very prominent, and her mouth, which turns into an upside down “u”. Maybe if she smiled or laughed.....once.... it would go in the other direction.
  12. PortaBella

    S22.E07: Week 7

    would someone please make an alternate version of the bachelor so that when watching it, the viewer would hear no vocal fry, no one saying “like” a hundred million thousand times, and everyone would pronounce the word “feel” as it is written, rather than saying it as “fill”. Do they not hear themselves or do we have to just accept this from the current generation of young girls? Because to quote one of their favorite phrases, “I can’t”.
  13. PortaBella

    All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    The father today was having his character assassinated, as Phil himself said, by two shrill, out of control women. Yet the man is told to SHUT UP in a real classy move by Phil. It would take a super human effort to sit there and resist the primal instinct to defend yourself and when he did fail at keeping himself silent and dared to speak after being scolded, Phil leaned back with a big eye-roll/exasperated sigh. He is usually the biggest drama queen on that stage. I also had to chuckle when the dad said his child’s grandmother was 64, and she was appalled and corrected him that she’s actually 60. Lady, if I were you, I would have gone with 64 because you look more like 74. 60 was pretty unbelievable, although given her smokers voice and apparent hard livin’, I’d buy it.
  14. PortaBella

    All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    Couldn’t take my eyes off of the black eyebrows on Dr Phil in the original Matt and Mike clip. Kept thinking it was part of a gag but nope, it must have been the makeup department getting back at him for something
  15. PortaBella

    All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    Well just finished watching the episode and he’s not sending the guest to the dual-diagnosis treatment center of the day as usual. Instead he wants her to use his new “tool” - a virtual reality headset she is apparently supposed to wear when she goes out into the world so she doesnt drink. He is in the virtual reality world they see so I have a feeling this will actually make people feel they have to turn to alcohol to rid themselves of the vision of him in their head. Just gets weirder, this show.