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  1. Cate and Ty continue to frustrate me. They are so miserable with each other. Cate tells Ty she realized over the 30 days "doesn't need him"-good, then go! Leave and let Tyler live his life!!! All the therapy these two allegedly go to and she doesn't have the language to say that she learned how to not be so co-dependent and she learned how to do things on her own. I am OVER these two!
  2. I also think-and my timing may be off because I am not sure who posted first-but Colin posted a picture of just him and Ensley at the beach. Barb might have posted the pic to show that she was with them too, and it wasn't just Ensley alone with a potentially mentally unstable Colin.
  3. As happy as I am she is no longer on Teen Mom 2, I would LOVE to see the complete meltdown of these two that must be happening on the Land right now. (assuming there is no violence, of course!!) The lack of personal responsibility, the "it's not fairs", the "leave me alones", the "dudes"......woulda been somewhat entertaining after all the years we have spent wishing she would finally have some consequences for her actions!
  4. I don't post much these days-more of a lurker now, but wanted to drop in and say I am so, so, SO worried about Kaiser. He is the next victim in that trailer of tragedy and I am genuinely concerned. I wish there was more we could do. 😞
  5. BXD

    S09.E02: Reconnect

    This episode really highlighted the level of TRASH that Kail is with her three baby daddies. I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT deal with Briana and crew. Every single person in her segments are unwatchable. And what's with renting a house again? Is that something people do for every party they have to throw, or is it only something for people who have 2042018352389 people living in a one bedroom apartment? Aubree is the sweetest thing!!!
  6. BXD

    S07.E30: Eye to Eye

    Curious question-everyone on this show refers to "post-partum depression" as just "post-partum". Do people usually refer to it like that? It really drives me up a wall because it makes them sound so ridiculously lazy they can't even be bothered to say the word "depression". I'm probably crazy, just curious if it bothered anyone else haha!
  7. More than anything that goes on at The Land, it really scares me that Jenelle and David think Jace doesn't need the medication he is on. He should NEVER be allowed in their care unsupervised for that reason alone.
  8. BXD

    S08.E30: Road Rage

    I haven't posted here in a while because I haven't had anything to say that hasn't already been said a million times. And I know it has already been talked about to death but OMG THE ROAD RAGE SCENES! I have never felt worse for Jace. The phone call to Barb was so heartbreaking and sad. The stuttering, the blinking, all his tells for being super stressed...I just can't. At least with every other boyfriend Jenelle had the most dangerous weapon at her disposal was a glass mason jar. Someone is going to get killed on The Land and it is only a matter of time. She is SO lucky the other guy didn't shoot.
  9. I seriously dont understand how many times Kyler has to tell Lexi he doesnt want a relationship. She just kept on asking hik until he finally gave up and said yes (was it even a yes??). And Lexi’s mom really annoys me. She’s like a giggly teenager ugh. Stephan makes me so angry. And Kayla too. She’s just hanging out with another guy to spite Stephan and get a reaction out of him. I’m so glad Jade and Sean went to therapy! I think I said this a few episodes ago, I really do think they have long term potential if they get some help from counseling.
  10. CONGRATULATIONS to STEFAN for taking the title for WORST HUMAN ON THE PLANET away from Danae this week. So Kayla, you are a 19 year old mother who has the right to make her own decisions? Cool. Go live on your own and make your own money and pay for your own house and then you can make all the irresponsible decisions you want. I think I am in the minority here but I actually didn't mind how Kayla's mom handled the situation. Yelling and raising her voice would only have escalated the situation and Stefan might have become physical. She should have called the cops though. Lexi-I was happy to see her get out of her house and make mom friends! Good for her! So many of these girls from the whole franchise should do that. Ashley-I like these two, and Holly is ADORABLE. Jade-Sean seemed so attentive when the baby was first born, I wonder what happened to him. They seem like they could be a decent couple if they got some counseling and communication skills. Brianna-YAY BRIANNA! Delete Danae's number and keep your kid far far away from him. Breaking doors and punching holes in the walls is not something any baby should be around.
  11. Unpopular opinion: I was with Leah on this one. She very clearly looked uncomfortable, and Kail had a right to know. Kail would have been furious if she found out Leah knew and didnt tell her, and honestly I dont see Leah as someone who begs for or needs the drama. You could also see a huge difference in the way Leah told Kail and the way Javi told Briana. Javi had a stupid smirk on the whole time because you KNOW he loves the drama. I also love seeing Kail and Jo have adult conversations together. I love Jo, and it makes me happy when they get along. The best thing about this episode was thag Briana’s crazy mother had no screen time. I cant stand her and she makes the Briana scenes 10000000xxx less bearable.
  12. Lexi and Kayla clearly got pregnant on purpose to keep their men. It didn’t work. Baby is here and they still dont want a relationship or a family. STOP trying to make it work and move on!! One more note about Lexi-why do these girls complain when their man doesnt have a job, but then when they (gasp!) spend hours a day working they get mad because they arent home to help!! You cant have it both ways! Danae is awful. Poor Brianna seems so naive, but she really needs to wake up fast and go back home. I really do feel bad for Jade. She seems like she works hard and is really mature, but she is surrounded by people who are taking advantage of her.
  13. Of all the parents on the show I think I like Brianna's mom the most. She at least gave Brianna the three options of what she could do-one of them being go move out and live with Danae, but I think part of it too is she knows deep down Brianna is over it too and she will make the decision to leave him on her own sooner rather than later.
  14. I haven't finished the episode but I can't help share my thoughts on this mess so far... Shen and Bar's relationship creeps. me. out. Saying her son looks "fine", Bar with her name tattooed on his chest, I think Shen had an inappropriate comment at the baby shower when the two of them took a picture together...I can't. There are too many red flags with the two of them. Pastor Tea sure likes to pick and choose which parts of the Bible she likes to live by... Thank GOODNESS Brianna did not put his name on the birth certificate. She needs to get as far away from Danae as possible. I would be FREAKING OUT if my baby's room smelled like cigarette smoke. Kick them OUT!
  15. Danae is honestly the worst person on this show. He compares how Brianna is acting to domestic violence?? Get out of here and go do your own laundry. I wish Jade would just chill out. She doesn’t realize how good she has it. A few days after having a baby is not the time to make a decision about breaking up. Kayla needs to delete Stephan’s number permanently.
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