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  1. Hell or High Water "If there's one thing I know, it's never to mess with mother nature, mother-in-laws, and mother-freaking-Ukrainians."
  2. Chris isn't nearly a good enough interviewer to be proud of his performance up against professional criminal liars like Felix Sater and Carter Page, yet he replayed his sessions with those two boys as if to say hey, look, didn't I do good work? No, Chris, not even close.
  3. The new kittens finally got to meet Grandpa Mason today. There was some puffy kittens doing that sideways "look how big I am" thing. Shelly kept Grandpa sidetracked with a toy he seemed to like.
  4. navelgazer

    MLB Thread

    I wanted to watch the Houston game today, but the announcers, also ESPN, were just disgusting with their Verlander fluffery, talking about his wedding and finally winning a Series and how good he is at 35 and he wants to still be pitching when he's 40. All I could think about is my Mariners have managed in many one-run games to get to only one game behind the dreaded Astros in the AL West and these guys couldn't manage even a single Ms mention. Do these networks scour the Earth for the most droning one-note dolts they can find to put on national TeeVee?
  5. They make perfect sense -- they're not made for walking, or walking very far I should say. They're "throw me on the bed and fvck me" pumps.
  6. I think the Mika/Avenhottie* thing is mutual. Mika was asking him question after question and when Ari took over Avenhottie grinned at her and said "that was a great examination" and you could just see her preen. *Great nickname!
  7. Yes, she is. Joe isn't the only middle-aged white boy to have a crush on Bari. Count Bill Maher in that same fan club as she's scheduled to be on Real Time this Friday, which means I'm very likely to skip it.
  8. Into the way-back machine and I found someone who nicely uploaded Pat Benatar's full-length albums onto the YouTube. The only song I skip on "Innamorata" is "Papa's Roses." ETA: Still on the Pat Benatar kick, this time "Wide Awake in Dreamland." The earworm that brought me back to her this time was "Cerebral Man," but I always stick around for "Too Long a Soldier," one of the best anti-war songs I've ever heard.
  9. Bari Weiss, again. She's getting her talking points out, that's for sure. Blech.
  10. navelgazer

    MLB Thread

    The Ms called up 2B Gordon Beckham from Tacoma. He hit .300 and 3 HR in 14 games. I think it was Blowers who mentioned on the TV broadcast last night that Beckham had a really good spring and that the club was disappointed to have had to send him down. Glass half full, I know.
  11. navelgazer


    I can only handle Rachel in small doses as well. What's most annoying, I'm a day sleeper, so I miss everything the first time through. I would love to be able to watch Chris Hayes, Ari Melber, and Lawrence O On-Demand, but can't because they're not included, We only get Hardball, MTP Daily, Rachel, and 11th Hour.
  12. Yet another sausage fest, but only five. I guess Bill couldn't find a woman to fill the one slot he always saves for one. I was a little proud of Bill. During the Duncan Hunter interview at the top of the show, Hunter tried to go to the Clinton Foundation as an example of something that should've been better investigated and Bill came right back at him and said you crossed the line and that's total bullshit. I applauded. Overtime was all Duncan Hunter, though. I wish he hadn't stuck around.
  13. navelgazer

    MLB Thread

    Very cool, @MyAimIsTrue. James Paxton's no-hitter last night was the first Mariners no-no outside of Seattle.
  14. So glad I'm not the only one who sees that. I thought I was crazy. And they started having Rothman on a lot right after Halperin got banished to the a #MeToo wilderness, seemed like right on cue.
  15. LoveMeow.com did a really nice article about the love story of Chloe and Ramona. http://www.lovemeow.com/cat-feral-moms-raise-kittens-2566808863.html Shelly posted a ridiculously cute short video of Aura hissing at the golden ball toy.
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