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  1. Friday


    It's a recent addition to Comcast, within the past 2 weeks.
  2. Friday

    S07.E16 Lashanta's Story

    That was a real head scratcher for me too. Maybe it got lodged underneath her body and she couldn't retrieve it in time to answer???
  3. Friday

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

    I'm 68 and divorced for more years than I can remember right now. So sad to hear where I have gone wrong in meeting a quality man๐Ÿš‘๐Ÿš’๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿ›๏ธ
  4. Friday

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

    I'll drink to that๐Ÿท
  5. Friday

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

    It's too early for dinner for me (west coast), but NOT to early for a glass of red wine. And from the sound of the comments so far, it won't be my only one once I am watching the show. My eating habit will be veggie chili over boiled potato, asparagus, and maybe a black bean burger patty. Coconut milk yogurt for dessert.
  6. Looks like a Cialis commercial. Half a commercial. Cialis for one???
  7. That is one movie I couldn't watch again, too scary. Just like Shawn.
  8. Same here. I can't remember the las time I bought a pair of shoes that weren't from TJ Maxx.
  9. Ghosted Land of the Lost They're Just Not That Into You
  10. I've seen several t-shirt tops I liked on the Q but NO WAY would I pay those jacked-up prices. I can get them for much much less from a good sale at Macy's, or at TJ Maxx or Target. I'm constantly amazed at how much the Q wants for a plain t.
  11. Friday


    Based on her usual performance and attitude, I'd say it's a not-so-well-deserved. But nice not having her on air tonight. Really liked Jane in the H dress today.
  12. Friday


    I had the same experience as Bitterapple. First time looked great and I was happy that I got it on auto delivery. After that, same thing, lank hair. Canceled AD immediately, and claimed my $25 from the Wen settlement. ETA: I trashed it after that.
  13. Friday

    S07.E14: AnnJeannette's Story LIVE CHAT

    My go-to PB cups are Justin's Dark Chocolate.
  14. Friday

    S07.E14: AnnJeannette's Story LIVE CHAT

    OMG, tiny defenseless dog. Check. (West coast viewer here).
  15. As t-shirts go, I think this is an ugly one. Looks so childish, with stick figure arms and legs. Doesn't seem much thought or design went into it; they know David's legions of fans will gobble it up because David is selling it. And he needs to SIZE UP!
  16. Friday

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story LIVE CHAT

    That's been the best part for me, so far.
  17. I'm doing the same thing. It helps that I can't tolerate her voice for more than 5 seconds.
  18. Friday


    I bought three long sleeved t-shirts from Target's A New Day line, probably in November or December, that I have worn and washed many times and they still look like new. I have started buying a lot of tops from Target, great prices and quality. I think they were on sale for $8 each, down from $10 or $12. Works very well within my retirement budget.
  19. Friday


    For me it's a toss-up between Mr. My Pillow and Mr. Magic Marker. I don't think I've ever seen contestant #3.
  20. Friday

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    I had the same experience with depression meds. Prozac was the first, did nothing to help, then began my depression med "journey," finally ended up on Wellbutrin which helped a lot, plus did not, fortunately, cause weight gain. No longer take any meds, and do well, except for SAD in the winter, which was particularly bad this year. California finally is drought free for the first time in 10 years, which made for a very dark, gloomy, and wet winter. I'm just now coming out of it.
  21. Friday

    Family By The Ton

    I really wish he had gone for a darker color fabric for that suit. The color he chose shows every lump and bump.
  22. Must have been Bring Your Flamingo To Work Day.
  23. In my opinion, not a snowball's chance in hell!