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  1. http://www.newsarama.com/33209-u-s-avengers-batman-lead-january-comic-book-sales-to-a-mixed-start-to-2017.html GA Rebirth title on the 9th place.
  2. I thought the comments to the GATV article were really interesting.....I know that Stephen Amell is only working four-day weeks this season, but I didn't know this was standard practice for some CW leads. Maybe we shouldn't be sorry for Willa, since she gets paid the same but lesser episodes? I really like her character and her acting, so I'd like to see more of her, but I'm not sure she's that disappointed with the current situation herself. It does give her time to do other stuff.
  3. I'm sure that this has been posted already sometime in the past, but I'll (re)post is anyway, because it is astoundlingly accurate. at least when it comes to viewer numbers: http://rillacuthbert.tumblr.com/post/151450182766/arrow-s5-ratings-models The prediction for 5X10 was overly optimistic (even the pessimistic one/Oliver), but otherwise I think the chart shows what to expect in episodes to come. TBH, I don't believe that the presence of this or that character in the promos, or the highlighting of any particular character/storyline will affect the number of Nielsen households who
  4. I'd say that the "mysteries" and "twists" of the Berlanti comic book shows are pretty lame in comparison to those that drive series like "Line of duty" or "The Killing", where the plotting is so intricate that you have to readjust your perceptions of who is "right" or "wrong", innocent or culpable, hero or villain, several times during the course of the series. The Berlanti-shows do not achieve this kind of complexity when it comes to plotting and character portrayal IMHO, and therefore their "game changers" and "reveals" fall flat most of the time. The mystery aspect was rather compelling
  5. Nice BTS pics from the 100th episode: http://tinyurl.com/jucbgs3
  6. http://tvline.com/2017/01/10/arrow-season-5-new-black-canary/
  7. http://screenrant.com/arrow-katie-cassidy-laurel-return-flash-vixen/
  8. Don't know if this has been posted yet.... http://www.cbr.com/berlanti-on-adapting-archie-into-riverdale-laurels-arrowverse-return/
  9. When Allison Mack portrayed Chloe Sullivan on "Smallville" many of her fans predicted that she would go on to greater things in Hollywood once the show was over. Of course, her career didn't take off, which is a pity, because she was IMHO one of the best actors on SV. In fact, I find her more skilled and versatile than most of the female actors in the current Flarrowverse, including EBR (whose character is, in some ways at least, the "Arrow" counterpart to Chloe ). So, talent and fandom popularity isn't always a guarantee that an actress will have a bright television/movie career.
  10. That was a really good scene. Too bad we didn't get to see Sara and Laurel interact more after Sara's Lazarus pit resurrection....or any real scenes between Oliver and Sara. Sara was, after all, the woman he wanted to move in with in season two. Given their past history and (past) emotional connection, it would have been nice to have at least some Sara/Oliver scenes before she was shipped over to LoT.
  11. http://www.businessinsider.com/most-popular-tv-shows-2016-12?r=US&IR=T&IR=T
  12. https://www.facebook.com/stephenamell/posts/1238593682892563
  13. How many Canaries have their been until now? Sara, the proto-Canary (Laurel's Yao Fei), Laurel, the Black Canary, and Evelyn, the Wannabee-Canary! And now ANOTHER Black Canary might pop up like a Jack-In-The Box! It's becoming a bit like the Oprah show: you get a BC mask, and you get a BC mask and so on....I'm just glad to see Katie Cassidy again, in whatever role. However, I suspect that the writers are mostly using her return as a bait to lure back the LL/BC/BS/KC fans, which is a pity. There are lots of fans who're happy right now, believing that Laurel/BS will return to "Arrow" on a perman
  14. I'm just judging by my own experiences from different social media. The only fans who mention/praise/ask for OTA on the producers'/actors' twitter timelines are Olicity fans, which is very apparent from their avis and aliases. The same applies to Olicity-heavy fan spaces like tumblr. The small part of the tumblr fandom that isn't Olicity fans do not make OTA edits, or write metas about this particular constellation. The fans who ask Stephen Amell for OTA pics on twitter and Facebook are also exclusively Olicity fans. On many large online discussion forums OTA is very seldom a subject of d
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