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  1. Why can nothing good ever happen to these people? Rome has an offer to sell his movie but of course it can’t just be a great offer. There always has to be a catch. I used to really like Gary but now I can’t stand him. This assault storyline ruined him for me. I was never a fan of Darcy, but at least she is smart enough to walk away from a criminal. I do not see a way to redeem Gary that doesn’t involve jail.
  2. Who was the woman in the bar that said Liz was her student? I don’t remember her or any reference to a teacher or mentor.
  3. I liked the episode but I am ready to wrap up this Jones storyline. Looks like they are setting up Rosa to leave to show, which is to bad. Maybe Amber Mid thunder’ movie career is taking off. Nathan Dean looks good in a suit.
  4. I don’t understand the hate for Malex. I like the two of them together. I do agree with giving Max a story that doesn’t involve him being at death’s door. Give him a real story! Liz too. Let’s move this story forward. Love, love, love Kyle. Love Isabel also. The two of them have to end up together. I like Dallas. I see potential. I also see a love triangle with him, Maria and Gregory because writers get lazy and it would be easy.
  5. So I agree with everyone that said we should have seen some sort of reunion for Max and Kyle. Especially Kyle. Why was the uncle keeping him in a barn only to move him back to DeepSky while in a coma? Also, Maria-there is a super alien running around that was holding your mind hostage last week. Your friends are working themselves ragged to body swap Max and Jones and figure out the Lockwood machine. And what are you doing? Making googly eyes at Alex’s brother and getting busy on the hearth or wherever it was. I like Maria and the brother (can’t remember his name) but timing was bad.
  6. The good: I liked Joss' dress and earrings yesterday. I liked Carly's hair and Olivia looked good in her dress also. And I love any scene with Austin. I'm sure he will be on the autism spectrum, which is why he recognized it in Leo. The bad: everything else. The was no suspense with the fire. We know everyone will survive. The only question is will Sonny get his memories back and will the show do what they should have done with Jason and have Sonny be horrified by his past life and have to deal with all the chaos and crimes he committed? Also, agree with everyone else about Jason and
  7. Another good episode. Really enjoyed seeing Isobel kick Jones’s ass and later Alex backing the truck up and hitting him. Did Louise say something about Max being defective? And if the entire gang is going to celebrate, maybe not go to an empty bar that Jones can easily find you at.
  8. I can’t stand CW. I think her acting is horrible, but IR was great. To bad Peter showed up because now Nina coming clean to Smike will have to wait. Unless SMike walks in and attacks Peter and his memory comes back. That could be mildly interesting. I do not understand why the five families aren’t planning to take out Jason, Carly and their entire family at the wedding. Perfect opportunity. What does blowing up a warehouse do for them?
  9. Really good episode. I agree with everyone that has said this season is better then last season. I am loving Jones and kudos to Nathan Dean. He must be having a ball with playing Jones. I am also loving Rosa the last few episodes. Loved her showing up with a gun. To bad it didn’t slow down Jones.
  10. I really like Jones. This has been a nice break from sad lovesick Max. Although I’m surprised I actually miss sad Max. Glad to see Alex and hoping him and Michael get over this angsty vibe. Really enjoying Isabel and Rosa working together.
  11. I'm confused by the whole - Max is tethered to Liz and Kyle because he healed them. Max healed Liz from her gun shot wound in the very first episode. When he brought Rosa back to life, his heart was already failing, so why didn't Liz get sick then? Also, is it just me or did Max seem a little bit off when Jones healed him? Especially at the end, talking to Liz. Did Jones and Max do some Freaky Friday body jump? Did Jones really only want to heal Max because he knew that was the only way to escape so he somehow jumped into him?
  12. Definitely something fishy about Heath. He seems way to invested in Liz and her staying in California. I refuse to believe the show would kill off Kyle. I think Max will save Kyle, but doing so will kill him. The question is will Jones save Max or will they do the typical soap opera story of Jones pretending to be Max and falling in love with Liz? I really hope the writers have something better planned. I don't mind the Rosa/Wyatt relationship except it would have been better if Wyatt had been redeemed through some epiphany or several small events that made him change his ways inst
  13. As usual, Kyle is the MVP of the episode. Loved him calling Liz out on her shit and Rosa for seconding it. I’m kind of over Max and Liz, either together or apart. I see Jones pretending to be Max and being better at it. How long will it take Isobell and Michael to realize he is really Jones? I think that thing that Alex is studying for Deep Sky is a homing device for their planet. Something to help the “Dictator” find them.
  14. Am I the only one that likes Austin? I have no idea what he really wants but I like him so far.
  15. I have never liked Willow or Michael. Both actors look like they are going to start crying any minute. Give Chase a real partner. Put him with just about any other woman (or man) on the show and relegate Millow to reoccurring status.
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