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  1. dixiemama


    Yes! She should have NEVER agreed to go on tv, but kudos to 20/20 for making sure to show all the attempts she gave at actually producing a tear...at one point she took her fingers to her head in anguish but then started scratching her scalp...disgusting woman! It would not surprise me in the least to learn that she was part of the cover-up/plot either.
  2. So....I actually watched her with Gary or whatever that insulting name was she was calling him. I agree with a previous poster, I think QVC is using Shawn to push some of their lines on a younger demo, can't wait to see her start doing Quacker Factory shows. I will say Gary kept her on her toes, she at least knew her color names and was a bit nervous acting having to you know be professional and all. I think QVC is hoping for an Isaac/Shawn type relationship with her and Gary. I like that they mixed her comfort zone, its making her show what she's got and I will be here for all of it, thanks!
  3. dixiemama

    Season 8 Discussion

    Alyssa looked like I would have been having to haul 3 kids up from Florida to see your brother get married AGAIN. I've been married for 15 years, is it popular now to have 5 year vow renewals?? Did they need tv material this season? And no real explanation? Just seems kind of selfish to make people pay for bridesmaid dresses, gas, etc. to come.
  4. dixiemama

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Wow I just loved watching Nick Cannon today put Mrs. Wendy in her place about him coming on her show and having to talk about his ex relationships when he actually has a real career and stuff going on to promote. Thank you Nick Cannon!! I have watched Wendy for years, but what is going on?? I have this feeling that karma is about to come calling for her soon....and it ain't gonna be pretty!
  5. dixiemama

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Thank you! I was heartbroken after watching this episode, I have a young daughter and was just going through my head all the life lessons this poor girl made, not judging just hate she paid the ultimate price with these two scumbags. First I just wish this beautiful smart girl didn't have to work at the Tilted Kilt, no offense to anyone who does just know its a Celtic version of Hooters. No judgement we all have to eat and pay bills but just wish she had never worked there and never met what was he a cook? A bartender? And that she didn't ever fall for the married man with 3 kids who promises to leave his wife for you, just heartbreaking. The other heartbreaking part of this story was that she just had a really good first date with a new guy and then that loser starts calling her and wanting to meet up. Why why why did she go meet him? And they said from her phone records that she called that payphone something like 9 times with no one answering it after she realized he was calling her from it. It just made me so mad that she allowed that guy to have that much power over her and her life, she was so much better than all that! I don't doubt however that she picked the wrong husband and wife to mess with and ultimately they would have found some other way to punish her or ruin her life but still....
  6. dixiemama

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Is she dressed for Halloween?? I gasped out loud when I saw this picture, she has changed so much since she first started on the Q....she looks like a lion.
  7. dixiemama

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Can't that tree just fall on her today??
  8. dixiemama

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Yes! Kaysi's Mom was beyond frustrating. I was extremely bothered at the end when Kaysi's father was in tears saying that Kaysi's Mom finally said after Kaysi went missing that her husband was MIA for several days?? Like how do you wrap your head around your daughter missing and your husband missing too and not tell anyone that both are missing?? She also said that her husband would be gone and unaccounted for a lot, umm on what planet is that a normal or healthy relationship that shouldn't be questioned or cause for major concern. And something about how passive she was about forgiving him at the end, like she was forgiving him for drinking straight out of the milk jug and not for KILLING YOUR DAUGHTER.....so frustrating! My heart was absolutely broken for all 3 of the fathers in this episode. Their grief and loss were evident and I am so sad that this happened to them and how they will have to live with this for the rest of their lives. I was a child born right after Jonestown but my father was a history teacher and if Jonestown doesn't fascinate or concern you then you should do some major soul searching! So many lives destroyed and changed because of the selfishness of one person. I also have to watch any show about Jonestown because those people especially the camera crew and congressman and especially the few survivors deserve to have a chance to tell their story so this doesn't hopefully happen again.
  9. dixiemama

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Over the weekend I noticed Auj commenting on Joanna Gaines Instagram asking her if she could send her some "Always More" stuff! I just had to laugh! I just don't see Chip and Joanna Gaines pimping anything so hard like Jer and Auj....
  10. dixiemama

    Season 7 Discussion

    I have not seen the new episode however they showed a clip on Instagram and it was of Chad and Erin decorating the children's lair. Chad seemed to be the only adult in the room, Erin was walking around talking about how wonderful it will be to have a newborn and hold one and how she has missed having a baby. Umm...isn't your other one only like 1??? He seemed really concerned and looked stressed. He said he was concerned about her health and he thought he had his hands full with one child! It made me kind of sad, I wonder if he is in over his head and is too much of a nice guy to be honest about it....I kind of want to give him a hug and a beer.
  11. dixiemama

    Season 7 Discussion

    On Whitney's real estate page she has one listing. That may be why they haven't shown what she actually does at her job....
  12. dixiemama

    Season 7 Discussion

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkTPJV9FjaV/?hl=en&taken-by=bobbysmith.rp It's a boy, interesting naming him after Dad but calling him Cade...is that what Erin and Chad did with Carson?
  13. I'm going to let this video and last image on the video speak for itself......
  14. dixiemama

    Season 7 Discussion

    Thank you for posting this, I was curious what kind of teaching degree she actually had. This clears things up 100%. I am only able to watch the show occasionally but follow them all on Instagram, last week when one of the Bates fan pages posted a photo of Tori in her cap and gown AND announcing she was pregnant I just thought, wow way to put all that money and time and effort for that degree into nothing. I am so like you, some of the best times of my life looking back were when the only person I had to think about was myself and my boyfriend. Yes I love my kids but life changes as it should with them. Everyone has choices and decisions to make that work for them but I just wish someone would pull one of these girls aside and say hey slow down, enjoy one major life change at a time. I guess I should just be thankful their parents let them go to Clown College at all....
  15. dixiemama

    A Chef's Life

    My husband quit watching it with me after that episode where she made such a big deal about servers quitting and how "they just don't know what a great opportunity this is" comment....not every server/waitress gives two poops who you are lady, its called a job.