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  1. Way late to the game in asking this, I presume, but what in the fuck has Jisela ever done in The Challenge to warrant her having so much sway and arrogance about same? I clearly am missing something, because it seems the cast seems resigned to her having some level of power that I just can't understand. Also, agree with Yes: Nehemiah saying "I've been in the pit and everyone needs to earn their way to the final!" Then picking Kendal who's been in elimination multiple times...super hypocritical.
  2. I love this story. However, I still haven't warmed to the child characters. I actually have an active dislike of Lyra. Guessing that's not what I'm supposed to feel.
  3. Seems to me that Bill increasingly sees himself as The Forgotten Man. At the risk of painting with a broad brush, he is acting more and more like my Boomer relatives, pining for times long gone. Aligning with anti-vaxxers and Kavanaugh apologists/enablers? Can he be called even a "limousine liberal" at this point? Just because he believes in climate change and wants weed for all? It's like watching what happened to Dennis Miller, just in (very) slow motion. No more show for me.
  4. Mooch was ready for a fight with Rampell? In a just world where such a debate could be had based on facts and more than 15 second sound bytes, she would eviscerate him. Alas, RT is not such a world. For my money, Rampell writes some of the smartest stuff for WaPo lately, almost up there with David Fahrenthold, who I respect greatly for his journalistic abilities. Tom Nichols is one of the few #nevertrump'ers I take seriously. I'm not sure the format worked for him, but he got in some good shots.
  5. <shallow>I forgot how ridiculously beautiful Koine is</shallow> That's all I have. This show isn't good.
  6. Not to sound overly basic, but based on the ending, the biggest character death, for me, is Neptune itself. The town was a living, breathing part of the cast as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Ericcson can still fuck off. His body of work speaks for itself (just see his recent "logic" tweeted, Re: #MAGA hat wearing snotty boys taunting a Native American veteran). I won't laud him simply because he succeeded in not drooling all over himself on an episode of RT.
  8. Douchenozzle Joao, why?* indeed. *I assume it's because he was such a Capt Sandy ass-kisser. There's nothing else redeeming about his time on the show, so I'm utter;y confused if it's not that.
  9. I think she's mentally ill. I hope her friends & family get her some help.
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