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  1. This might have been the only time I REALLY felt a performance.
  2. Either way, it makes me annoyed by them. I don't think it's easy to avoid. If I flip on the TV it's there. Commercials, interviews, the news. If I get on the net....it's there. I don't necessarily have to be searching for anything TIU related to see or hear it.
  3. I think I saw a commercial that said the episode after the Super Bowl is going to be "historic."
  4. This story and character is not well written at all. They decided this season I guess that they really needed to drive home some point that Kevin was a neglected child and use more extreme examples that don't fit well with the way this story was presented last season. They also had to make him an addict even though there were no signs last season that I can remember. But part of that is probably because Justin and Dan probably had some meeting about ways to get him some acting nominations.
  5. I don't think Justin should be nominated just because most others have been. I don't understand the nominations for this show, but if Justin were nominated along with Sterling I would be so confused. Justin's performances are not on the same level on this show and in general. I know Dan Fogelman thinks he NEEDS to be in the awards discussion simply because the others have been and he's on his show, but that's not the way it works. There is a strange entitlement issue with this show and some of the people involved with it. One of the lines from this show that didn't get enough focus was Kevin's to Randall about having to compete with another black man. How is that not addressed?
  6. I'm sure a nomination was on Justin's mind the entire time he shot that episode. Not sure why this show is nominated for anything. Sort of feels like it was thrown in there for.....reasons.
  7. Well that was satisfying. Likeable and talented final 3, with the top two turning out as it should have, I think. Either of them winning would have been good with me. So happy for Lindsay! She's adorable and super sweet and talented!
  8. They just wanted to hurry up and get to the extraordinary episode so that it could be Chrissy's turn to try and get an Emmy nod. But this show is notorious for just starting stuff and ending it a half hour later.
  9. Well for as long as I have followed him, he has always been, well.....obsessed with needing people to think he is like the greatest actor to walk this planet. So yes, to me anytime there is anything that requires drama I can practically see him envisioning himself on a grand stage accepting an acting award.
  10. Something that really bugs me is the constant talk of "masterful" "powerhouse" "heartbreaking" "groundbreaking" "phenomenal" "outstanding" "honest" and so on and so on and SO ON performances. Every performance is NOT Emmy-worthy. And no, your entire cast is NOT entitled to an Emmy or to even be in the discussion about it. I do NOT like stuff that is written for the sake of TRYING SOOO HARD to get your cast awards. Is ANYTHING on this show written without some ulterior motive?
  11. It is BEYOND OTT. So much of what I'm reading tonight is particularly embarrassing.
  12. I suppose....however, I feel they would do it in this order either way lol.
  13. I actually cringed and laughed at the lawn breakdown scene. I don't think Justin does a good job at all with that type of thing.
  14. Could they BE anymore obvious with the order they are going in? I mean, it was never a secret but this just adds to it all. And seriously, how is anyone supposed to take seriously this poor Kevin was ignored by his parents stuff when TPTB don't really care about the character? He is THAT character. So common on soaps. Justin has been on soaps so I wonder if he knows he's THAT character....*snort*
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