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  1. Also their father seemed to be a very involved parent and available during the day. It seemed like except for short periods there was always a parent taking care of the children. Plus once they're asleep there is little point of being there.
  2. Everyone keeps saying that they don't normally charge for false reporting and it's making me wonder if the rapist works for that department.
  3. I agree he's being set up to have a larger role. However he wasn't even mentioned for almost half a season. And Anne was even younger last season but they introduced her sooner (not that I'm complaining about her being introduced early).
  4. I really wish they'd introduced Charles sooner. The actor did a great job. I really enjoyed seeing him and Anne relate to each other.
  5. Nire

    S03.E05: Coup

    I always assumed that he was her first crush and she never really considered other options because she was so sheltered. Then once they were married she had to make it work because divorce wasn't an option. I loved Charles Dance! Perfect casting.
  6. Nire

    S03.E04: Bubbikins

    I feel like they could have had them in the background or mentioned occasionally. Similarly if Charles is away somewhere why not at least mention him. I'm assuming that the "kids" drama is going to take center stage soon so it feels weird that we wouldn't even realize they exist so far this season.
  7. Nire

    S03.E03: Aberfan

    This episode was so moving. This article says they used townspeople as extras https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/nov/17/television-drama-the-crown-portrays-aberfan-disaster. I'm sure that helped them get such strong performances even from extras.
  8. I enjoyed this episode. I do agree that HBC is too old for Princess Margaret however I think they'll catch up soon enough. I do hope they keep her in the cast through the next time jump.
  9. I feel like the flashback scenes with the car accident would have been better if they'd added another age group for the Big Three of around five years old. The tween actors just felt too big for that storyline and Jack being overwhelmed felt odd. However if the kids were younger it would have been more believable. Plus going forward the Tween actors feel like they're now almost the same ages as the teen ones. Moving forward having another age to use for storylines could help. I hope they're not going to continue pretending the tween actors are like eight years old since they've obviously grown up since the show began.
  10. One thing I do like is that the children being shown and developed now will hopefully mean we'll get to see them play a major role as they get older.
  11. Personally I'm fine with some historical inaccuracies but not changing major events in real people's lives. For instance Skerrit dying. I wasn't interested in her plot but still I feel like killing her off took too many liberties with her real life. I wonder if since Abigail wouldn't be remotely qualified they will have her working under Skerrit's name to get around things? I would have liked to see Victoria not so sure she wouldn't catch Cholera. Even Dr. Snow wasn't positive about the cause when she visited the hospital. Also I am amazed that we had a whole episode about Cholera where not a single person was shown throwing up. I felt like with Skerrit it seemed as if they were trying to claim nobody knew what was wrong when I feel like it would have been obvious.
  12. Is it weird that I hope we get a back story on her?
  13. I really liked this season. Madison was a drag but I think she is a realistic personality to include. I found Carol and Barb very interesting. I'm hoping that Piper has a smaller role next season.
  14. I've watched all of the episodes. Both my husband and I loved them. It drew me in almost immediately.
  15. I really loved this show! Currently having a one month old (although not my first) it was very easy to relate to a lot of the topics. I really want a second season but I'd prefer they not ditch the parent's group people so maybe having the move not happen? I think covering her while pregnant with a small child could make for a lot of good material. And then it would get us to a third season before she's dealing with two kids. I loved the twist with the issue being using the wifi without purchase not breastfeeding.
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