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  1. I was thinking the exact same thing about the photos! I tried to imagine if she were my mother and was in an internet relationship for the second time and was obsessed enough to have ceramic mugs made with the guy's pic... I would be taking her to a mental health professional. She needs help.
  2. This episode was so great. I wish it was two hours long. Paul is a psycho and karine needs to stay far, far away. I feel so bad for her that she invested so much time into this guy and had her hopes of coming to America and then it was all dashed when she realized he is a creep. Abby is disgusting. She obviously loves Chris and is using Sean to get Chris jealous and force him to commit. I was so proud of Sean for seeing through their lies and calling them on it. And then they showed the preview for next week where he is contemplating proposing. Idiot. You know that if you marry her she still won't be your wife. She will always hold her phone close and be texting Chris and meeting up with Chris. I hope Sean walks away and leaves her there. Courtney is pathetic. I kept yelling at the TV during her segments. I mean she is so needy and insecure. Who flies across the world to meet someone they just started talking to online? And then the whole time she is there she is angry about everything he does. Get a clue courtney... you aren't in a relationship. He doesn't want one. He was messaging you stuff about babies because he thought that is what you wanted to hear. He doesn't even like you that much. Just go home. And when you get home please give up relationships until you have matured a little more. Jesse has issues with alcohol. He should have communicated that before if it was a deal breaker. Darcy should just find someone her own age and move on.
  3. I thought the exact same thing and was surprised to come here and read that others thought it came across as Jesse being controlling. I was thinking that darcey was behaving very immaturely. She was pissed about the talk with his mother and decided to hide somewhere and get drunk. Then she came back and started acting like a sulky teenager. The looking at the ground stuff is ridiculous. If she has a problem with Jesse or if she is feeling some kind of way she needs to communicate that. Getting drunk and avoiding the reason is not going to solve any problems. Then she runs away and doesn't tell him where she went. I don't blame Jesse for saying she is drama. The dresser thing sounded like an argument that they have had before. She wants a dresser for her stuff because she doesn't want to live out of a suitcase? For six weeks I think she can manage. Jesse having to buy a dresser to put in that small apartment after he told her to pack lightly is a bit much. Then she starts going on about making sure the dressers match. Ugh. Maybe Jesse is a bit anal and controlling but Darcey is over the top annoying. They are not going to last past this visit.
  4. I loved the way Anfisa said the word 'debt' by pronouncing the b. And no one corrected her. I am on her side too. Jorge should not have misrepresented himself like that. He knew this was a business exchange and not a real relationship. He did not keep up his end of the bargain. She should be pissed. I think Pao's friend is a jerk. It is not cool to make fun of your friends husband like that. Very disrespectful. Pao even admitted her friend likes to cause drama. Very immature and not a good person to hang around when you are having marital trouble anyway. She said they were best friends. I wonder if that means that Pao is also a jerk. Birds of a feather flock together as they say. What do you all think Lorens big secret is?. You think she cheated on Alex? She said it had to do with the bachelorette party so it makes me wonder.
  5. Kea

    Season 4 Discussion

    I find it interesting that Chantel can afford the K1 process with no job but Nicole can't and she has a job (Although not a lucrative one). The Chantel story is definitely fake. I think her parents cosponsored and have known about the engagement this entire time.