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  1. Thanks Sandy! You got it. I received my doctorate in Psychology de la Armchair. 💁🏾‍♀️😘
  2. Mariah has serious identity issues. She is a walking stereotype. She tries to be what she thinks she’s “supposed” to be. When she first identified as to a lesbian, she wore trucker hats, flannel and Birkenstocks. When she began to identify with the woke crowd, she grew her pit and leg hair. When she decided her identity would include that of a hipster influencer (ha!), she decided her favorite meal was avocado toast and fancy mochas. So original. I’ve said this before and I believe it now more than ever, this girl has no idea who she is. When you know who you are, you don’t become a stereotype to prove that’s who you are. You just are, and you don’t have to change to be that thing (which is seriously hypocritical in and of itself). You don’t constantly try to force your views down everyone’s throat. And you certainly don’t block “haters” and delete comments just because of an opposing view. Also, any race can be racist, including my own. It’s just a fact, unfortunate as it is.
  3. Yes, I liked it too. There was this good looking jerk of a guy named Hiram and supposedly the women got to pick who they wanted to marry. I always thought they were just saying that for the cameras, but anyway. This really homely girl chose Hiram to marry. I thought it was so hilarious. I’m sure she said she picked him for his great personality.
  4. Right, and I think her name was Robin too. And I’m not trying to be too mean, but they all looked weird (except Rosemary, the fluffy one). All the other wives had a look to them. And big foreheads. I actually thought Rosemary was the better looking wife, but she was always so insecure because of her weight.
  5. That actually looks like Gwen. And as obnoxious as she is, I could see her running like that for attention and laughs. <eye roll>
  6. Cute photo, but Madison cannot write.
  7. It’s been said before, but she looks like the guy from the OJ Simpson trial. Kato Kaelin (sp?). (I can’t be bothered to look up the spelling.) Anywho, Meri could be his sister. I think it’s the way she is wearing her hair. Somehow I don’t think that’s the look she was going for, what with all her good lighting, perfect angles, selective cropping and obvious filters.
  8. Lol ... Mariah, Audrey and their baby shark. What shall they name her? Audriah? This photo cracks me up. I could see Mariah raging someday about wanting to adopt a baby shark. Once shark adoption becomes the new cause dujour.
  9. These Zoom gaffes really get to me. I work remotely due to the pandemic (and did so part of the time pre-pandemic). I would be mortified if I was caught on camera doing something embarrassing. I mean I have an unnatural fear of something like that happening. I guess it’s partly because I’m an introvert and hate being on camera anyway and also because I’m a COL [in training I guess, in my 40s]. And partly because my generation overall doesn’t video and photograph everything and use social media as much as a lot of younger people do. Like when I hear about sex tapes, I just think is that what young folks do now? And some of them have become famous (and by extension, rich) because of it. Sad, sad, sad. 😐
  10. I guess different strokes for different folks. I don’t like that look on her at all. Too try hard.
  11. I don’t really get why he harped on Christine being chubby and eating nachos when Janelle seems to have also always been on the fluffier side. But maybe with her, he could at least have a half-way decent conversation. Maybe he was attracted to Janelle’s mind, which is a scary thought. But hey, all things are relative. 😂
  12. CocoPuffs


    Agreed. As cute as she can look every now and then, in that photo she looks like she could have a teenaged daughter and a 2 year old grandbaby.
  13. If I was Janelle, I’d be pissed to get this [relatively] crummy backyard while Robyn got a McMansion. At least Christine got a nice view. Plus, the OGs have put up with Kody’s crap way longer than Robyn and way before the TLC money came along. Just sad how this woman is such a doormat and doesn’t even realize it or care.
  14. Maddie looks like their teenaged babysitter.
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