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  1. Problem is they are just not a stylish family. None of them. So them being in the “fashion” business just doesn’t compute. How is Meri, of all people, a top seller every year? Her “style” is basic, plain and uninspired at best. Just like Janelle hasn’t lost an ounce despite all her rock star discoveries, but she still has fans who listen to her health advice. I guess if people are stupid enough to buy it, they’ll sell it. And, sadly, that is how influencer culture works. If the Browns were being honest and selling for their real authentic life situation, what business do y’all think would work? Janelle could peddle snacks. Robyn could do VS and Pink. Meri could shout out Tinder and Plenty O Fish. Christine could do any of the happy pills.
  2. My question is why is she going to have it all out the way Saturday morning? Shouldn’t that be Friday morning? Or is she just gonna keep celebrating all day the day after the holiday too? Damn, Janelle. Does anyone in this family have any shred of self awareness???
  3. Could have cropped this photo a little better, but somehow I think her boobs are her claim to fame. In any case, she has grown up to be very pretty. Kody and Christine really did make some beautiful children.
  4. Maddie and Axel’s costumes are spot on, but who are Caleb and the baby supposed to be? People have been doing Flo for years so been there, done that on Maddie’s costume, but Axel is just perfect as a little Mayhem!
  5. I think she’s going overboard with her love for Sol because she is incredibly jealous of Robyn’s relationship with Kody. She’ll never admit it though. She claims she was most jealous of Christine. Whatever. She’ll never get over her root issues because she refuses to be honest - even with herself. If she wasn’t so smug and pretentious, I’d almost feel sorry for her.
  6. I’m waiting for somebody to ask her about polygamy. I bet no one outside of her family (and those seeking TV fame) can stand to be around her. You know she sucks all the air out of the room.
  7. I can’t quite put into words what I’m thinking so it won’t be as eloquent as some of you, but it’s not that I think Mariah is “pretending to be gay” per se. What I mean is in her mind, she probably thinks she is. I know she thinks she’s this super-woke intellectual who has all the answers to the world’s problems, but in actuality she’s still very young, very immature and has very little life and real world experience. I too do not believe she ever felt that she fit in among her siblings, which I feel is pretty evident in some of the things we’ve seen on the show. I also don’t think she ever truly believed in her church’s teachings. She just said the “right” things to make her look like the golden child in Kody’s eyes. (I might add that with children, it’s very important that they develop their own personal faith apart from their parents once they are older. Most of us want our children to believe as we do, but I don’t want mine to just believe because I believe. I want it to be personal to them. If not, it won’t take much for them to fall away from faith. They’re just towing the line, and the moment doubt comes, faith is out the door). But I digress. Anyway I think she made friends with and latched on to the identity of those who befriended her. The irony is she thinks being this LGBT outlier has made her intellectually superior to everyone else, but really - with no depth to her own faith - she was an easy target for the first group who would make her feel the acceptance she was craving.
  8. There was no need to share this. Being plyg, you could throw a rock in any direction and hit a cousin. 😏
  9. I remember on one episode when they were still in Vegas, all of the family was outside (maybe it’s the episode where they dug up the time capsule), and there was one scene, simple as it was, that gave insight into their relationship and Mariah’s personality. Audrey had put her arm on Mariah’s shoulder while they were all standing around, and Mariah said in her customary witchy tone, “Okay, I love you and everything but it’s too hot.” And kinda walked away. I just remember it stuck out to me because it was rude the way she said it, plus you could tell that she totally controls that relationship.
  10. LulaNo is Meri’s sole identity. Besides the money, it helps her to not have to focus on her family relationships. When the Lula ship goes down, I’m sure she’ll pour her identity into the Parowan house (if they still have it by then). Anything to keep from facing the fact that Kody is only interested in Robyn, her sisterwives really don’t care for her nor she for them, and her daughter is a spoiled, pretentious brat. I’m surprised Meri doesn’t drink. Or does she? #armchairpsychologist #moveovernancy #letacoltellyouwhatisreallywrong
  11. CocoPuffs


    Not gonna lie y’all, I like it. I think Christine and her girls have beautiful hair. I love the bangs, and I think the red is okay (don’t like the black with it though). I know I just lost my COL status. I hope to earn it back with future snarking on the Browns.
  12. Got this ad thanks to Janelle eating out of a dog bowl. 😂 Seriously, though, what would possess one to eat out of a dog bowl or a bowl that looks so similar to one? And even more puzzling, why would one post it for others to see? Makes you go hmmmmm? 🤔
  13. CocoPuffs


    The polka dot and floral ones would look so much better in a smaller print. There’s no helping the one on the left. Sorry girlfriend.
  14. She’s right and I totally get it, but the thing is she’s letting her and her kids’ lives all play out in front of the world on SM and it’s at HER CHOOSING. I’m sure she likes the attention, and many people fawning over her and her family - even though they haven’t contributed anything significant to society that’s worth all the fawning. I don’t doubt that the praise is addictive. The Browns, like other reality “stars” want to be influencers and they want to make money at it. Bottom line. Thing is, if that’s what you’re aiming for, you’re gonna have to put on your big girl panties and take the good with the bad. Suck it up, Buttercup.
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