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  1. Saw it earlier this week. I remember liking the first one, but this one bored me, sadly. The humor didn't hit for me - some of it felt punch-downish, and the rest just didn't land (for me). I have absolutely no investment in the Wichita/Columbus "romance", so all of that was a big miss for me as well. I was hoping for and expecting more. Maybe that was my downfall.
  2. I'm so glad you posted this, because it's been a while since I read the books. I didn't think either of these things happened (especially the Gestalt thing, because the therapist business just happened), but couldn't remember. I spent the first 2 episodes convinced that Gestalt knew about the memory loss and made up the 'we slept together' thing to test the extent of it and to see what Myfawny would say in response. I've spent the last 2 episodes wondering which of them she slept with. It sounded like a one night thing, but I can't escape the mental picture of the other three just sitting
  3. That's actually just a cross-post. If you want the actual AMA, you can find it here.
  4. This article talks about the styling choices for Captain Marvel in the Endgame trailers we've seen. I hadn't really put much thought into the fact that this is actually the 2nd film in which Brie has played Captain Marvel - they filmed Endgame first. This movie is often described as an origin story without prior introduction of a character when looking at the box office and the various ways it fits into the rankings in re: how many $$ were taken in. This is true, but it's also interesting that we'll see a whole movie of the actress evolving into the character after we see a whole movie of her
  5. I agree. And when you look into the history this country has of making laws or engaging in unfair practices to ensure that certain types of people can't live in certain neighborhoods, a lot of this becomes even more egregious. There is a very clear distinction between rich parents trying to bribe their way into USC on behalf of their kid and parents and families that live in areas with substandard school systems doing what they can to try to get a more equal footing for their kids. The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein is a good rea
  6. I think there are definitely the loud-mouth fringe people who are the 'whiny, fragile fanboys', but a distressing number of guys (distressing to me), can't seem to bring themselves to discuss this movie, even in a positive light, without saying 'Yeah, there was your girl power rah rah, but otherwise, this movie was fine. It wasn't too political.' This, to me, reads as 'If a guy has a 'guy power moment', that's normal. It's not a 'guy power' moment. It's just par for the course. If a girl has any scene where she infers that she doesn't care what a guy thinks, it's 'girl power', so okay, okay, l
  7. I thought it was a blast. It did start a little slowly and has some of the same problems that every origin story has, but overall, I thought it was delightful. I loved it when she came into her own. I loved her friendship with Maria and Maria's daughter. I didn't really watch the trailers and don't read the comics, so I was absolutely not expecting the twist of Skrulls as good guys (or Skrulls as hilarious). The 90s references made it all the sweeter for me. Loved the air battle in the grand canyon - it seemed like it could have come out of any one of those pilot-helmed movies of the 80s and 9
  8. Sorry, I think I wasn't clear. Singer is not the only issue. Lerner, who is a producer on that film, is also a sleezeball (from what I can see). He was involved in the Expendables franchise. Here's an excerpt from an article about Lerner's interactions with Crews: "He said Expendables producer Avi Lerner asked that the actor drop his case in order to appear in the fourth installment of the action film and warned of "troubles" if it wasn't dropped. Crews has been in each of the previous films." This was the case against Adam Venit, the talent agent who groped Crews at a party. Pe
  9. To be honest, I'd rather they shelve it than to move forward with it under Singer. Ari Lerner is a producer on it. He's the same guy who essentially fired Terry Crews from the Expendables series because Crews declined to drop his case against Adam Venit for groping him at a party. I don't trust a strong female character in any of their hands, especially one with her origin story.
  10. Excited to see a topic on this movie. I saw it last week and loved it. It's complicated and frustrating and hilarious. All of the women had really satisfying story arcs, in the sense that they had complex motivations and were imperfect but also understandable. I was reminded of Keira Knightley's comment (paraphrased) that she loved doing period pieces because she got to be a fully realized character in them (and not, I presume, a rather one-dimensional love interest like many roles sent in the modern day are for winsome young women). Everyone here was sympathetic and somewhat reprehensible all
  11. My primary problem with the incest portion is that there was no real pay-off. There should have been a point where that secret was revealed outside of the Emily and Stephanie circle. It was just one element of the nonsensical ending, though. Mousy little Stephanie clearly coveted everything Stephanie had, including her house, her wardrobe, her husband, and her cocky, nonchalant way of moving through the world. She isn't a heroine in this story. She absolutely was moving in on Emily's life, becoming the lite version of Emily 2.0. Maybe she spent a few days sad that Emily wasn't around, but the
  12. I saw it and it was that bad. The most offensive part is that it wasn't really all that funny. It was a mix of 'not quite'. It was not quite a mystery movie, not quite a parody, not quite a(n actually funny) comedy. It threw a couple of gross-out humor gags in a subpar mystery plot and relied too much on 'puppets are doing this - isn't that hilarious!' without actually making it hilarious. That said, the lady in the row in front of me literally shrieked with delight multiple times, so there are those for whom this landed squarely on their funny bone. I thought that was going to be me and was s
  13. For those worried about the dog: This movie was just not very good. The dialogue was elementary. Like, really, really bad. The non-shark plot bits were also really not very good. Some of the shots are pretty, but this is Syfy level with a blockbuster budget. I wasn't expecting much of this movie. I knew it was going to be dumb. I just wanted to be entertained, but the overall badness of it seemed to suck away most of the joy I could have taken in the rampaging, enormous shark parts. The fact that it was PG-13 took away from the overall menace, I think. Even though people were in danger,
  14. Also caught it on HBO. It's more of a parody of a thriller than an actual thriller (even down to the lead's name, which I know comes from the book and isn't pronounced that way in its original language, but they straight up went with and had multiple characters say "Harry Hole!"). Every super serious cut to a snowman gave me the giggles. I can't believe they had this many good actors in a film that managed to be this bad. So glad I didn't shell out for this mess at the theater.
  15. afterbite

    The Star Wars Saga

    I do wish they hadn't done this. I think I read Bloodlines (one of the new, accepted as canon Star Wars books) just before TFA*, and Han and Leia were happy together and he essentially sponsored something like Indy space racing. They weren't always in the same physical space but they clearly had a good and supportive relationship. I'd have preferred that to Han the crotchety old smuggler. *May not have been before TFA when I read it. I'm horrible with time.
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