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  1. bumface

    Judge Judy Speaks: Quotes

    Not the Judge herself, but a plaintiff in a post-case hallterview: "She [the defendant] would have never known my pants had fallen off had her dog been on a leash." Actually better without context, I believe.
  2. bumface

    S02.E01: Journey Into Night

    I found this episode incredibly tedious and boring, which is a shame. And SHUT UP Dolores. Jeez...
  3. bumface

    Testifying: Best litigant quotes.

    And to add, a few of my favourite universal quotations: JJ: “Who do you live with?” Litigant: “Myself.” Litigant: “Basically...” JJ: “NOT BASICALLY. I don’t wanna hear basically.” Litigant: “He knew...” JJ: “DON’T TELL ME WHAT HE KNEW.”
  4. bumface

    Testifying: Best litigant quotes.

    I’ve been lurking on these threads for a while now without joining in as I’m in the UK, and the episodes shown here are usually at least a couple of years old, despite Judge Judy being on TV pretty much all day every day. So I came on this thread thinking “Great, at least I can add some of my favourite quotes,” but to my surprise – and delight – I find a reference to my very own blog, http://litigantsofjudgejudy.tumblr.com/! It’s a hobby/shameful secret I can’t share with many people in real life because... well, you just wouldn’t, would you. I’d let it slide for a while mainly because my low-tech approach – pausing the TV and taking a photo of the screen – entailed the effort of hauling my arse off the sofa and disturbing my dog who’s usually sleeping next to me. But I have a DVR chockful of episodes and dozens of pics stored in my camera, so I really must get a bit more active with it again. Anyway, I’m so glad to see my art (lol) being appreciated by people who understand! I used to read the TWOP Judge Judy boards as well, and lost many hours laughing at all the hilarious talk on there. Alas, about 10 years late to join in. But still. I recognise some of the names from there and feel that I am truly among greatness! PS I am immensely fond of RaeRene Colliflower. She also forms a part of an ongoing project I am collating with a friend which we call ‘Name of the Day’. It’s probably the size of a small directory by now, borne of names we have come across in day to day life and email to each other for our petty amusement. In the interests of privacy I won’t share examples on here, but suffice to say, Ms Colliflower is, in my eyes at least, right up there with the best of them.
  5. bumface

    S06.E04: Balls Out!

    Thank you for mentioning this! They had the same shot in an earlier episode and I wasted so much time trying to work out where that bridge was! I don’t live in NYC; I’m not even on the same continent (in the UK, hence why i’m also a bit later coming to these comments), but I really wanted to know where it was. Thanks to you pinpointing it’s location, and Google, I think it’s the Arthur Ravenel Jr bridge in Charleston. So why on earth would they include shots of it? I mean, it looks nice and all that, but still why? I was glad Stanley won, even though I thought that dress would get him booted. It looks even worse in the stills. If it was shorter (and normally I hate really short dresses, probably because I have legs like tree trunks and horrific cankles, so short dresses make me feel inadequate) and didn’t have the fish scales but instead some other kind of layering effect, it might have been better. Maybe. But I really liked the colour, and Fabio’s was too short and had that weird black gap across the stomach (the jack o’ lantern effect). I agree they gave the win to Stanley because Fabio’s already had a few wins. I did enjoy him saying “balls” repeatedly though. Wasn’t too upset about Candace being aufed. She’s not been too bad this season but in her run she was a bit of a cow and was really tedious with all the black frock crap. There was a talking head bit of her this season where she looked to be wearing slightly softer make-up - a browny, more natural/nude lipstick rather than the usual red etc - and she looked so much nicer. I felt like a bit of a disapproving granny with that observation, but it was true dammit!
  6. bumface

    S07.E03: Kim & Matt

    What a basket case. And WT actual F with the studying online to be a surgeon? Is the course run by Hollywood Upstairs Medical College?