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  1. This is a riveting series and I'm hooked. Oh, the kids .... Hope this is renewed. Must see TV for those that want to understand the struggles of our inner cities.
  2. The show has it's ups and downs but God Only Knows, music endures.
  3. Bruno did a tribute at Grammy's a few years ago for Bob Marley. And, yes, he can do it all. In the best way.
  4. DJT: Orange is the New POTUS. Sorry, if this has already been suggested.
  5. Trump and the Republicans are living in a world of "be careful what you wish for". Regarding ACA: Health care is a RIGHT. No one should make billions in profit at the expense of someone health, quality of life or ability to receive treatment. What kind of country are we if we have to choose between bankruptcy or care for love ones who are ill? This happens, in this so wonderful USA. Years from now, we will look at this whole healthcare debacle the same way I look at soup lines during the depression. You mean people actually stood in line so they wouldn't starve? Do you mean people actually died, lost their homes, etc. because they couldn't get health care? We are a sad, greedy country right now. Regarding Russia: We are on a very scary course if we have lost trust in our intelligence community. I will sit back and watch with fascination as to how the majority crew in Washington go forward. Our founding fathers are being tested. I pray they put in the proper safe guards, constitutionally, to prevent the destruction that keeps me awake at night. On the upside, I hope the inauguration is a bust and the following day's demonstration is a hugh success. I will feel so much better and my faith in humankind will be restored ☺
  6. As a NY-er, here is my feelings regarding Hillary and all that went wrong. I think she was a decent First Lady and a damn good, hardworking Senator for our state. But 8 years ago, I was an early supporter of Obama. Why, being a woman with no real gripe against her? Because I was tired of the Bush/Clinton pass off and wanted change. For two years, I have been screaming in my head at the DNC. Don't lock her in. Not a good idea. No one went for it 8 years ago. What has changed? And no one is entitled to it. Was thrilled and surprised when Bernie challenged her. I have been a fan of his for years as he most closely represents my political ideal. Was shocked when he got traction. The DNC so totally misjudged the mood of the nation, as did the Clinton campaign. That, with a little help from the Russians, lost the election (at least electorially) to someone who should have been so beatable. I do feel bad for Hillary. She also was a very competent SOS and I did vote for her this time. The supposed scandals and mud slinging never bothered me. But it wasn't in the cards because the US doesn't want entitled people of a dynasty as president. DNC, you really f'd it up and because of you, we are left with a total disaster. A man, who will be at best, a president in absentia, spending most of his time in Trump Tower, coming out occasionally for his narcissistic love fests, babbling stuff.
  7. I can't say this as a fact, but I'm guessing the rest of the world is laughing at us. Kind of like ... stupid Americans, electing a buffoon reality star. Am so embarrassed. Similar to the way I felt when W was reelected. Didn't always agree with all that President Obama did these last 8 years bit at least I could hold my head up and knew we had an intelligent, classy person as our leader. Thereby representing that we are an intelligent, classy nation. Sad we are no longer seen as such. We are the epitome of the stupid, ugly American to the world. Woe is me, we are all judged by our leader ...
  8. I know this sounds off the current discussion but just have to get it off my chest. Hope you can bear with me. I'm a baby boomer. Grew up in a blue collar union family. Didn't have much but got by. First college graduate. Married blue collar union guy, electrician IBEW. Because of this, I am now, 65, living on social security and union pensions from both my late husband and my own work record. I have solid health insurance. I'm doing OK. I don't say this to gloat, I actually say this in sadness because you 20, 30, 40 year olds are not going to have this ever in the current political climate. Unions have their faults but gave me this life after 40-50 years of work. They no longer exist for most of you. I was a Bernie supporter because I hope for everyone who works hard to have what I have. This is how it should be. But it's not. What happened? My life experience, for what its worth, tells me that when people organize and fight for their own and others self interest, everyone benefits. It really is us against them, the 1 percent. Every American is entitled, yes, entitled, to what I have. Except, if things keep going the way they are, they aren't going to have it. My heart breaks for my children and grandchildren. This election has blown my mind. Fight, folks, like they did in the 1930's and 1940's. Let history be your guide. There is power in numbers. As a political junkie, can't even get into what this all means globally. My head will explode.
  9. Before the election, there was media talk of Trump breaking the Republican Party. After the election, Hillary broke the Democratic Party. Well here we are .... the whole country is broke. Sorry for the bleakness ... Probably due to very recent family tragedy but it is true nonetheless. We are in trouble, says the person who always makes lemonade ....
  10. @Duke Silver I am also a registered Independent. If we don't try to understand why he won, how do we go forward? How do we stop the insanity of electing someone like this village idiot? Trump tapped into something and we need to acknowledge that and come up with a plan so this never happens again.
  11. @AntiBeeSpray I feel your angst! Posted previously that he may be president but not my president. I make myself feel better by knowing we somehow survived a civil war. That's my worse case benchmark. Hope we are a long way from that! But I, too, worry that we are in for very uncertain times :-(
  12. As much as it hurt my eyes and ears, I watched tonight. Once a political junkie, always political junkie in good times and bad. All through this I have been obsessed with understanding his support. This is what I think. His supporters (a minority by 2.5 million) are not too deep thinking and belong to the "what can you do for me" crowd. Will you help me keep my job, my guns, and my safe, white Christian world where there will be no "others", i.e. immigrants, gays, poc, Muslims, etc.? He promised them this and will try to deliver. So scary. Those who voted against him looked at the big picture. Saw him for what he was. A carnival huckster who will tell you what you want to hear and play to your worst fears. I take heart in the fact that a majority of people (by 2.5 million) did not fall for this. But, he will be president. I think there will be a great deal of buyer's remorse. Our country has survived worse and I hope the old girl has it in her to survive this. Get ready for a whole lot of Lee Greenwood, Proud to be an American LOL!
  13. Grassroots, folks. No member of Congress cares what you think unless you can vote for him/her. Unless you are from WI district Paul Ryan represents, he will not give one sh*t what you think. Call your reps i.e. Congressperson and Senators. Also, after Jan. 20th, flood the WH.
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