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  1. I really liked the first season and the covid special episodes, but I'm not loving where they are going with Poppy and I DESPISE Jo and fast forward all her scenes. I feel like both those characters are becoming caricatures.
  2. I enjoy this show, but I'm starting to feel like the story is dragging. At this stage, I'm hoping Annabelle is an actual person and not just a disassociative state Kate was in because that would at least be a surprise. Mallory annoys me only because I find her too clingy, I think she's good for Kate but I would want to punch anyone that woke me up by shoving their face in mine. That might just be a personal preference and residual annoyance from an ex clingy boyfriend!
  3. I think Siobhan's documentary gives us a clue as to why Kevin hated Mare. She tells the story about him having a tourette's outburst in a movie theater and kids turning around and calling him a freak. She then says "Mom was so embarrassed we had to leave early", not Mom was so angry at the kids that we got thrown out, but that she was embarrassed of her son and not only did not defend him, she punished him by leaving the theater. I will obviously continue watching this show because it is 100% in my wheelhouse, but I think Winslet's acting is subpar in this one (it really stood out when she was
  4. I just finished watching, and I didn't LOVE it. Mostly because I found Walt annoying and absolutely hated him and Vic getting together. I don't always mind an age difference, but he was so patronizing, I didn't see any chemistry whatsoever, at least not romantic chemistry. Father/daughter, sheriff/deputy sure, but NOT romantic. In fact, I thought Cady and Nighthorse had more chemistry! I would have liked to see any of the native american characters have a romance, Henry, Mathias, and Nighthorse were all attractive and more appealing than Walt.
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