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  1. What were the general differences, if you don't mind me asking? Did you prefer performances in less well known roles or shows?
  2. The series Allen made for them was poorly received (3.1 stars on Amazon), but what was Bezos thinking going into business with him in the first place? I hope the settlement was considerable enough to sting, and that Amazon reconsiders any future decisions to put profit and marketing buzz above integrity or even common sense. As I recall, Allen also moaned in interviews how much he disliked making a TV show. Idiots all around.
  3. I watch TV on my laptop (high def screen, max brightness), and usually attribute the murkiness of so many scenes to the limitations of my display. I kind of assume most people are seeing things with a lot more definition and clarity, but yeah. I couldn't see who the corpse was, either.
  4. palmaire

    S01.E01: Pilot

    There are entire set decoration and props departments that work with showrunners to provide the audience with a visible shorthand to understand the characters' lives. Are we not supposed to take away anything from the way they live and the objects they choose to surround themselves with?
  5. She's totally knows all and is faking the amnesia, if you ask me.
  6. palmaire

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Yes, but did it strike anyone else as a bit too nice? We don't yet know if it's Jo's house, her dad's, what her ex husband does for a living, if there's family money, etc. But it seemed a little fancy for a small town police chief, not to mention someone in the family also owning a large beach house. It's a very minor point but the HGTV staging/West Elm-ness of it all prompted a mild eye roll.
  7. Jason's summary on IG: I fucking lost. Losing with dignity though; a lesson I try to instill in my kiddo as I hear him yelling at the tv while gaming. Much easier said than done, especially when what you’re losing at is the most passionate thing you do. I hide my true competitive nature under humor but know for sure, when I was defeated, I was devastated. I put my heart and soul into what I do so when I’m told it wasn’t good enough I wanted to curl up and die, which isn’t much of an option when you’re on a stage in front of a few hundred fans yelling your stupid made for tv name. It
  8. I'm on the fence about watching season two because I'm tired of the case, but I'm interested to see what tack the producers take. Will Broderick herself be portrayed as the straight up bad guy/Dirty John character, or will the audience be expected to feel sympathy for her because of her ex-husband's continued legal and emotional manipulations?
  9. They're all objectively good looking, but Steve's belief that he's so sexy makes him less so to me. Luis is more attractive when he's clean shaven. Tyler looks well groomed, approachable and friendly more than handsome. Derek is the real hottie!
  10. The front of the duplex looked like a badly sewn patchwork quilt. As an owner, I'd much rather have the siding and design carry through across both sides rather than live in a place more suited to Wonderland. The master bedroom may technically have space for a king sized bed but one side doesn't get an end table. The master bath is mini with (horrors!) a single vanity. Mina and Karen frequently cheap out by not including shower doors. Flimsy vinyl curtains are cool in $250K+ houses! I think the pace of completing so many flips for the show is burning them out. Their little spat
  11. Have you guys noticed that they're not showing the actual surgeries any more? The crew films from the other side of the table and there are no close-ups of any pus, cutting, pinning, etc. Given the grief Dr. Pol has received about his treatment practices, I'm wondering if it's just not worth potential blowback from the vet community to film everything any more, or maybe it's the grossness factor? Vet shows all have that boilerplate onscreen disclaimer about not showing the full extent of treatment.
  12. The garage turned out great! It's very much a specific style that's not my personal taste as a non-Basque, but the guys definitely took the clients' wishes to heart. The structural changes like moving the front door, adding windows, etc., made it actually look like a house. I thought the kitchen backsplash did not coordinate well with the cabinet color but then, they weren't designing it for me. I know the $300K fee was firm but still thought it was a bit unfair that the guys had to absorb unforeseeable repairs like the garage foundation.
  13. Similar to the above dress, remember several years ago the show did an episode devoted to all the brides who picked the earlier version of it? It was fun to see it on so many different figures but honestly, a heavily defined waist, bulky belt, and billowy tulle skirt isn't for everyone.
  14. It gripes me as well; I set up message filters to delete all that auto-send shit. I'm just gonna assume you received my order and are charging, processing, shipping, and tracking it, okay? Also, if I want to add a review for the purchase or complete a survey, I'll do so. Silver lining: message filters!
  15. Another thing we haven't seen discussed is that Iris is a lot more religious than Keith. He was kind of noncommittal during the casting special: "I'm Christian but don't really go to church." Not sure he was ready for his wife to be praying to Jesus out loud before bed. The experts spoon out the blandest of pablum under the guise of counseling: Be patient. Love is worth it. Support each other. Give peace a chance.
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