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  1. palmaire

    Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

    The endless eating reveals how long these 15 minute shows take to film ... enough for two meals and a snack! This is one of the shows I dip into whenever I need a lift and a laugh, but I would have preferred fewer repeat guests; there are so many other intriguing comics in the world. It was interesting to hear Jerry say he talks to Barry Marder every day because I just don't picture him as someone who reaches out for regular contact like that. Wrong again in this life. I was similarly surprised that Jerry has such strong dislike for [someone], because he's not one to start celebrity beefs or badmouth people in public. Bobcat Goldthwait seems like a solid guess, though.
  2. palmaire

    S09.E06: Real Life and Real Wife

    I normally wouldn't be in favor of Deonna and Iris being intimate just because they're married, but dang. Unlike other couples we've seen, they haven't had huge arguments or blowups with their husbands, the guys are not gaslighting them, smoking dope out on the balcony, being deceitful or keeping women on the side (that we know of). Untuck and try a little petting! Kissing is fun and they're never going to stay married if they're not open to any physical closeness.
  3. palmaire

    S12. E06. Art of War

    Wish I could. Same judges since the beginning, same erratic choices and carefree attitude towards the supposed theme.
  4. palmaire

    Detective and Mystery Shows

    Okay, I'm starting to get annoyed with all the detective shows (typically UK) who costume their police detectives in jeans and flannel shirts. What happened to looking professional on the job!? I don't think I'd react kindly to a police officer knocking on my door wearing tatty Saturday morning lawn mowing clothes. I have trouble believing that reflects any reality in the Met, either. These are not undercover officers. Edit: I was reminded of it now watching London Kills but Marcella and The Tunnel were other offenders.
  5. palmaire

    Gratefulness and Smiles

    I love a good lap kitty! Even if they're only doing it for the food. :-)
  6. palmaire

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    The woman from Seattle whose ex husband belittled her about the cysts ... what does it say about him that he'd stay with her while claiming no other men would? Asshole. The crossing guard didn't really need to pull out a glove to illustrate to that a 3" growth won't fit inside one of the fingers. I can visualize that, thanks. Some of the upcoming scenes look pretty gnarly. Can't wait!
  7. palmaire

    Million Dollar Listing NY

    Doesn't Fredrik also still own his IT company in Sweden? I'll be interested to see what appeal LA has for him, or them as a family. Maybe it's something Derek wanted? I suppose he can do his artwork anywhere. Maybe he bought the house that Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent sold when they moved back to NYC!
  8. palmaire

    Windy City Rehab

    Wow! The majority of citations being at all 11 properties suggests that every one of their flips was shoddy, noncompliant, and hazardous. Too bad there aren't criminal penalties. I hope regulations are in place that prevent Alison and Donovan from just starting another business under a different name. Fingers crossed that a year is long enough to drive them out of business. (Although they already should have lost enough money to do so.)
  9. palmaire

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    This isn't mine but a poster on another board said he misses commercials on streaming shows. Even on DVR'd shows he doesn't fast-forward through the ads; he feels like they give each episode a comforting ebb and flow. It's not that he enjoys the ads for their own sake as bits of as pop culture, but likes having a set break from the content of the show where he can let his mind relax or step away to get a snack. Wow.
  10. palmaire

    Boise Boys

    In order to make a season's worth of episodes, the flippers need to be working on multiple houses at the same time. Ashley from Big Texas Fix said in an interview that they had to complete their nine flips within a five month period. Maybe since Clint actually does (or oversees) some of the work himself, it's not feasible for these guys? Same thing with the mother and son team in Oregon; a single episode here and there. I don't have cable but do have you guys to act as my DVR and let me know when episodes show up!
  11. palmaire

    S09.E04: Stranger Love in Paradise

    As do I. IIRC, the mods surveyed posters a couple of seasons ago and the consensus was that Unfiltered discussions were on topic in the relevant episode threads. However, it doesn't seem like discussion of Jamie and Doug's home life and how much she works as a nurse is on topic for Unfiltered just because she hosts it.
  12. palmaire

    Good Bones

    This listing says Mina's side of the duplex is 1841sf, which seems more consistent with what we saw on the show. That would mean around 800-850sf of actual living space on the first floor, minus the stairway, powder room, closets, etc.
  13. palmaire

    S12. E04. The Hunter and the Hunted.

    A hundred thumbs up! Waste my time watching some guy arguing that black provides better contrast than blue but skimping on showing the final tattoos? Bad producer decisions. Bad!
  14. palmaire

    Good Bones

    It was nice to get a bit of reality on the show when M&K admitted they hadn't made much or any money on the other two houses they'd rehabbed on the street. Wasn't one of them the shiplap place? I think all the flipping shows exaggerate their profits by not including costs like project managers, design teams, staging, interest on construction loans, etc. I always hope people at home don't decide to try it based on cable TV! They wouldn't be getting the cushion of production company money. M&K also seem to buy houses and not start work on them for months and months. It seems more doable when they were paying under $10K, but I have to wonder what their carrying costs are now. I miss old project managers Lenny and Lonnie (I think?). Cory is fun but I also liked the calmness and experience of the older guys. If you're an experienced contractor, do you decide to just flip the danged houses yourself for a potentially large profit, or take the security of a guaranteed income working for someone else as project manager? I'm risk averse and my acid stomach couldn't handle all the errors, unreliable subs, and general aggravation. I ended up exhausted and in tears more than once on my own full house reno.
  15. palmaire

    S07.E06: Command: Delete

    Kind of? ;-) More and more I'm glad I watch because I like spending time with the characters and not because I care about the plots.