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  1. Katie's propsal dress was awful. She looked like a child playing dress up. Also, the nudie inserts reminded me of a figure skating costume. It was just bad. But maybe that is how they make gowns for horseback riding. 🙅‍♀️
  2. I loved how Katie's big concern over the MIchael's injury, was that if he had to leave, he couldn't come back and she would always wonder 'what if'. Not concerned about him breaking his neck or spine. And I know, when she said that, she knew he ws ok, but still, I would have thought a little more concern for him and the fact that he could have been seriously hurt and is a single dad. I wonder what kind of waivers these guys sign. Oh, and she told Michael , when she say that hit, that he took she knew it was time to stop. Well sweetie, it was time to stop with the first hit
  3. i am also over Derek. I can't imagine they would kill her off, so i just want her to start getting better. I wouldn't think her next visitor would be Ellis. I think it would be George or Lexie. This show might be a bit too much reality for me. I love Grey's and a lot of medical drama, but this seaon, might be too much. But anyway, I"m glad it's back. I guess if it's too much right now, I'll just take a break from Grey's and shows like it.
  4. I'm really not sure where to ask this and if I really wanted to know, i could figure it out myself, but I"m hoping someone else already knows the answer. How many total seasons has this cast played ?
  5. I am doing a rewatch. Not always watching, but it's nice to have on, when I'm doing other things. I can't believe how insufferable so many of these characters are. I am to the Sex with Dead Denny part, the interns recently did an appy on another intern. Good grief. That character, Sadie, took the scalpel and sliced herself, when Lexie was chickening out. Well I should say, coming to her senses. I know it's a tv drama but they are all so full of themselves and act like children, at work, at home, everywhere. Izzie is horrible. All the stuff with George and Callie and then she d
  6. I hope this is the first and last appearance of the fire tokens. They sound like something a 4 year old would need to walk on hot lava.
  7. That argument was rough. Wow. I thought the worst thing i had ever heard a sibling say to another sibling was that their terminal cancer was basically karma because inheritance dispute. Well that is still probably the worst , and that happened in real life. I don't think Randall deserved what Kevin said, or vice versa, but Randall did start it. Kevin has come to Randall, to help him through a panic attack, so he knows that Kevin can come through. And he knows that he himself is not infallible. He has his weakness with the anxiety , Kevin with alcohol and Kate, with food. That t
  8. Keep going to therapy Randall. I didn't think I could watch this episode when I thought the whole thing was going to be about Randall's fantasy world. That knowing look, when Rebecca lost her phone, between Jack and Randall was nauseating. Yes, Jack would have noticed and known, because Rebecca misplaces her phone and keys a lot. I know that there were other things too, things that Miguel didn't notice, or just thought was normal. Because we all do stuff like that. Randall was pretty clear -- Mom do this trial , so I can feel like I tried everything I could. He does
  9. So I read through this whole thread to find out why Kelley was there. So there really was no reason? I thought maybe it missed it because I watched it on Hulu this morning. Was she just there to appease those who were upset she was't on the WTA? Why was the ring guy there? To make us think there would be a proposal? Chris kept saying something along the lines of, " you think you know how thing end up, but you don't." Sorry Chris , but that is pretty much what I thought would happen and I think that's what most of us thought would happen. ha ha I did not expec
  10. I believe this show is as good as scripted, with all the producer manipulated drama. But like with scripted television dramas, I get invested in the characters. So while I don't believe that this all happened naturally, I can still be entertained by it. Or, squicked out, like I was with this last episode. As the parent of adult children, I do not hear about their sex lives or issues with their sex lives. Especially the dad, asking what their issues were, when he knew darn well. Eww. But I know this family is super weird. I'm sure they would say they are enlightened and h
  11. Well I did not care for the perfectness of the life Izzie had set up for her kids and that Alex could just walk in to it that easily. It was all too corny for my tastes. And some have said, that maybe there is a darker side, like maybe he was kidnapped or murdered because I also thought, the way it was shot, it seemed too perfect. But the flashbacks made me realize how much I have forgotten about this show, so a re-watch is happening. I know it's going to take awhile. I watched all of ER when it was released on Hulu and loved every minute of it. But it's so different to binge t
  12. The 'farm' scenes were too much for me. Just too corny. That idyllic farm setting with the cherubic children feeding the chickens and creating with glitter and paint, while mom makes muffins. Barf. A lot of the episode was ridiculous but at least they buttoned things up with him. So stupid though. Really.
  13. Did I miss something? I realize that Madison and Peter's conversation was hard to follow with the tears and all the likes and I don't knows, but did she say if she was staying or leaving? I thought she walked away. So no need for a rose ceremony, because there are only 2 left? I did see previews, but I don't think we are supposed to talk about them, and they just left me more confused. lol This show is garbage and if you try and tell anyone that I watch I will deny it! lol
  14. Oh, ok. Thanks. I have not watched Bachelor in Paradise, and i know they announced Hannah at the end of Colton's season, but maybe it is different for the bachelorettes.
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