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  1. mishap

    S15.E13: Week 11: Finale Part 2

    Oh, ok. Thanks. I have not watched Bachelor in Paradise, and i know they announced Hannah at the end of Colton's season, but maybe it is different for the bachelorettes.
  2. mishap

    S15.E13: Week 11: Finale Part 2

    Can they really claim it's the most dramatic ever when I pretty much knew what was going to happen? I don't check out spoilers or anything but had heard something about Jed having a girlfriend. And the night before, when they clearly wanted us to think it was Tyler because everything went so well and her parent's loved him etc. And everything about Jed was awkward. It was obvious to me she was picking Jed. Well, Ok, I didn't expect him to bring his guitar. And I didn't think she would set up a date with Tyler at the end. But I don't find either of those things shocking or dramatic. So no, I know they tried but they did not pull of the most dramatic finale ever. I don't think I am that clever or insightful, so I'm pretty sure most people saw that ending coming. Did they announce the next bachelor and I missed it?
  3. mishap

    S15.E12: Week 11: Finale Part 1

    Well, it's obviously not Tyler and Hannah with a fairy tale ending. lol Not that i would have expected that, but they can't have the most dramatic finale ever, with that happening. I don't know much about any rumors going around. I'm going to assume she picked Jed or was going to, and then found out about a girlfriend or him not being there for the right reasons. Whatever. Or maybe Luke comes back! Do we really have to refer to him as Luke P anymore? Does anyone think we might be talking about the other Luke, who left ages ago? I don't get sucked in because I believe this show is highly manipulated, to the point of being almost scripted. But I don't care. I think most reality shows have some of that kind of thing happening. It's fine. It's just a tv show. It's always worth sticking it out though, because we are in for yet another Most Dramatic Finale Ever tonight!!!
  4. mishap

    S15.E10: Week 10

    Well, given that I think all of this is fake , producer manipulated bull shit, I would have played the Jed thing differently. Honestly, I was waiting for her to explode on him, when he brought up Luke on their date. Is this not what their problem was with Luke? Stop talking about the other guys when you are on a date! I was disappointed that she tried to answer him and explain things to him. Not that I was actually listening, but it was not the reaction I was expecting. They sure do love Hannah's butt, don't they? Every shot seemed to have a different angle of it. I know it's fake and I know they want drama, but I really wish they hadn't let Luke back in to talk with her. To me, that is too much of a set up and that could have been controlled and stopped. Like I said, I know they want the drama, but enough of Luke. He says he would want to leave if she had sex with any of the other guys and she says she did, so why the big scene? Ok -- she did, so good bye. But he's allowed to back pedal and she carries on about whatever she carries on about. Ugh. Enough already.
  5. mishap

    S15.E09: Week 9: Hometown Dates

    I thought this as well. So did she snoop through the drawers and cabinets in their bathrooms too? My dislike for her grows. Oh, and I also should say that Jed is a terrible singer / songwriter. I don't know what Hannah's talent was for her beauty pageants, or if she even needed to have one, but it sure wasn't singing. She is very good at straddling things.
  6. mishap

    S15.E09: Week 9: Hometown Dates

    I am so grateful for this forum to be able to hear others thoughts and opinions on this show. I would never admit to anyone, in my real life, that I watch this garbage. lol For the record, I think this show is fake, scripted, or at the very least producer manipulated. So I'm not watching with a romantic heart hoping that 2 people find true love. I'm not sure why I watch. Maybe just to snark and read other people's snark. lol I think that in order to make it a little bit more authenitc, they need to cast people with a little more age and life experience. These people are so young. There is no way they are all ready for a life long commitment. In fact that is probably the last thing they would want. And I know, most are going on the show for exposure, the travel, the competition. But the premise of the show is to find true love, and have a proposal at the end. It would be more believable if it were people who actually might really be ready to settle down and start a family. I'm' not saying there is a definitive age for that to happen, but I just can't look at a room full of 20 somethings and think they are all itching to get to the alter. I think some of the conversations and experiences might be more interesting with older people also. Hannah is a horrible lead, in my opinion. She has nothing interesting to say, and she couldn't express herself if she did. All they show are the same conversations about being real, opening up, blah blah blah, but we never see anyone actually do that. I think it would be nice to have a lead that actually had some relationship experience and had a better idea what they want, other than they want someone to be 'real'. And in Hannah's case, be real, in how it pertains to her, in a way that is acceptable to her. And as far as her being a Christian and Jesus still loving her, even though she's had sex , yes, I'm sure that is true. And I really don't care who she has sex with or how often. But, I think for most Christian denominations, sex is supposed to be an intimate act with a person to whom you are committed. If not marriage vows, a committed, monogamous relationship. I'm not sure what kind of religion she is a part of, where she seems to think it's all fine to bleep twice in a windmill and have 4 fantasy suite dates, which i assume she will bleep them all , since she is ok with bleeping twice in a windmill. And again, I'm not judging her. I don't care what she does , but she's kind of acting like it doesn't really apply to her in this situation. It's kind of like how she doesn't pay attention to the rules of the bachelor, by skipping cocktail parties and crying for a second rose. But, I'm sure the producers are fine or even encouraging this type of thing, for drama and 'first time ever's. Thank you for a place to voice my thoughts on this horrid show. That I watch every stupid week.
  7. mishap

    S15.E07: Week 7: Latvia

    I just watched this episode of the Bachelorette - Soft porn/ driver's education edition. I agree that she seems to want to make out with them more than talk with them. I say 'soft porn' because of how they always seems to be perfectly arranged, whether on the bed, in the sauna, or on a pool table. I guess it seems like they probably say 'cut', and rearrange the shot, to get the best angles. It seems more like a show and it's fine with me. I don't really want to see people making out like that , for real. Oh, and the giant pickle. Not surprised that this show can go tacky, but it still got an eye roll from me. I have lost all confidence in my driving abilities. What if I really need to change lanes? Can I look in the other lanes? I don't know what to do!!!
  8. mishap

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars LIVE CHAT

    I think Chris will win, but there is no good outcome. I hope they retire edge of extinction. I usually totally forget a player, once they are voted out. I prefer it that way.
  9. mishap

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars LIVE CHAT

    Well, since the majority of the jury hoped for a chance to get back in the game, I'm thinking they will be all for Chris. Most of the jury wanted to be in the spot that Chris is in now, so I don't think they'll hold his time on the edge of extinction, against him. Also, the other two are, who cares, right?
  10. mishap

    S03 Africa

    I just rewatched this. I remembered some people, and I had kind of remembered who won, but I really did not remember any details, so it was fun to watch it again. I thought some of the reward challenges were so interesting. I think the castaways, on this season, really had a unique experience, compared to all the tropical Island locales. I remember I used to pay attention to where they were, but I don't anymore. The games changes and evolves and so does how I view it. I do miss how they used to talk a lot more about the culture of the area. I am glad they no longer do a recap show. I had forgotten they used to do that too. I always hated recap week. Ugh! Well, I skipped that episode. I was amused how they wanted to make it look like they were still in Africa when they read the votes for the winner. lol Cute. I am not a fan of the family visits, but this video thing they did in Africa was fun. I know this is not a favorite season for a lot of people. But I thoroughly enjoyed binge watching it, over the past few days. It is funny to watch the challenges and not have Jeff's color commentary. lol I enjoyed watching them and not having to hear the play by play.
  11. mishap

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    Hmm -- I don't thing Kelley should have told them about Lauren having an idol. Might not matter, but one of those guys will be getting back in the game, at some point.
  12. mishap

    Chummy: The Best One

    I have just discovered "Miranda" on amazon prime. This is not usually my type of comedy, but I absolutely love this show and Miranda Hart. This delightfully silly show has me chuckling and laughing so hard, all I can do is squeak, till I can catch my breath. lol I find Miranda completely endearing, so once I finish this, it is going to be a complete rewatch of CTM, which I have always adored. I've rewatched some seasons before, but this is going to be a start to finish rewatch. While "Miranda" had me laughing so hard I was tearing up, I am a puddle, every episode of CTM. I've always like Chummy, but I am looking forward to watching her after watching 'Miranda'. I know she is an actress playing a different part, in each show. But seeing her in a different role, and enjoying it so much, I just have a different appreciation for the actress.
  13. mishap

    S38:E09 Y'all Making Me Crazy

    I have to wonder why the whispering bugs me so much. i think if they had all whispering, with subtitles, it would be fine. It's not that I need to know everything that is said, because obviously, we don't get to see all of that. I am fine with editing showing us what they show us. And I'm fine with the whispering at tribal, but if they are going to show they whispering, I want to know what they are saying. What they choose to show us, I want to hear. I know there is really no way to do that. lol But that is just me. I generally hate whispering like that, with your hand cupped over an ear, in any situation. So that might be part of my turn off too. This is a game though and I get that they really don't have a choice, but to whisper like that, at tribal, if they don't want anyone else to hear.
  14. mishap

    S38:E09 Y'all Making Me Crazy

    My only problem with this kind of tribal council is that it is hard to follow. I don't need to know every nuance of every plan. I love a blindside and a fluid tribal council. I don't mind editing that keeps me wondering what the plan is but I don't like feeling lost and totally confused. I think it's the whispering that is the problem for me. I want to know as much as I can, what they are saying to each other.
  15. mishap

    S38:E09 Y'all Making Me Crazy

    I know it's supposed to be an epic tribal council and I guess it was. But I found it hard to follow. I hate the whispering. I'm fine with how it worked out. Julia was someone I didn't even remember was playing a few weeks ago, but tonight she seemed really unlikable and overly confident. So I'm always ok with someone like that going home. I'm also excited that Amazing Race starts next week!