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  1. Mo's response to the "are you gay" question was "that isn't possible in my life, ever" (or something along those lines). Not exactly a denial. I take it to mean that he can't follow through with the man-love because he'd be shunned by his family & friends. I believe he didn't kiss any his female friends. The fag hag, gay bestie relationship rarely includes getting physical. That smell Mo? It's called the scent of woman. I know you're unfamiliar, but until they invent a douche that smells like sweaty balls and Drakkar Noir, you'll have to learn to breathe through your mouth when you pretend to be hetero. I so hope it's true that Dani pissed on Mo. He came looking for gold &, surprise, it came in the form of a golden shower. When you're a giant piece of shit, it's your destiny to float in piss.
  2. J80134

    S04.E10: Confessions of a Foreign Fiance

    Nicole was so busy stuffing her face that half of her responses were just that weird grunting noise. It was like watching a cavewoman. Then she says she still believes that Azan can change. Sure, he might loosen up a bit in the US, but getting his feet on different soil isn't going to magically make him like her or be attracted to her. He couldn't fake it to cinch the deal while she was in Morocco. Maybe he'll throw her a bone to get to the alter, but once there is a marriage certificate she'll be crying in the middle of the floor screaming "I need my sex", ala Dani. I understand that Alla is in "like" with Matt and appreciate the fact that she's honest about it taking time to reach love. The problem here is that, while Matt pretends to be ok with this, he wants more and his insecurities will haunt him until he drives her away. Alla is a much kinder woman than I am. Neither Prying Patrick or Meek Matt would have walked away from that dinner table with their assholes in tact. Jorge's sisters cracked me up. I'd give it to my brother straight too. We support each other, but part of a truly loving, trusting relationship is risking upset to call them out a life-ruining decision. It also means that once you bring attention to it, if they still decide to proceed, you suck it up and accept their stupidity. At least until they see the light for themselves. That should happen for Jorge at about the 2 year mark, when Anfisa ditches him for someone who doesn't make her skin crawl. Narkiya, I get it girl. You're dick-whipped. Lowo goes all out to provide a mind blowing ride...because pussy carnie is his profession. Any woman with the money for a ticket can hop on. He's happy to supply cupcakes, but a wedding cake is just bait dangled too high for his many catfish to catch. I so hope this guy uses condoms. Blech!! So Chantel is offended by Pedro's mom? Good. She needs a taste of her own medicine.
  3. J80134

    S04.E10: Confessions of a Foreign Fiance

    That's what I thought too. He went without her, so he may try to pass it off as a more expensive ring. I can hear the "it's smaller, but better quality of diamond" BS coming while he's still on his knee. I suspect he's broke & had to make his 15K deal before he could go get a ring (which is why 15K was his max). I don't know how big his grow business is, but I suspect it's not big enough to turn out a ready crop on a weekly basis, so it could be a month or more before he has a new batch to sell. He doesn't seem to budget his money, so he's either flush or broke. Those flush times are what led Anfisa to believe he's much wealthier than he is. If he'd been honest with her, I don't think she would have come here for him. She would have looked for a wealthier bootlicker.
  4. J80134

    Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    So I just watched Bad Santa and couldn't help but notice that Thurman Merman looks suspiciously like Nicole with a perm.
  5. J80134

    Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    Early on when Azan took her out to eat, she whined that she didn't eat vegetables and she didn't like the spices in the food. After 5 weeks of tiny portions of food she doesn't even like, you'd think she would have dropped some significant weight. The candy bars must be abundant in Morocco. lol A whopper on the way home is just a snack. It's not like it was a double whopper meal with a milk shake & chicken sandwich appetizer. Plenty of room in a 300lb gut for a heapin' helpin' of taters and corn (as close to a veggie as Nic's gonna get!). I have no doubt it's followed up by a cheesecake and 2-liter of soda. I'm not sure where the line we saw in the preview about Nicole eating less will occur, but I will laugh my ass off if it's during this porn (potatos & corn) pig-out.
  6. Wasn't considering personality, which is a -0. My old eyes missed the cold sores. Maybe that's why he likes the cougars. Bad eyes. also didn't know he's a shorty. That explains a lot about the respect demands. short man's disease.
  7. LOL. I'm from a small town, so can see how this is true. too bad for Mo he is only a Miami 6.
  8. I would venture to guess that TLC paid for the 2nd wedding. Too bad they didn't pay for a professional to do Mel's make-up. Between the rosacea and the sunburn, she looks like a tomato with bad hair.
  9. Couldn't agree more! Note to all insecure people - If someone is looking to cheat on you, location isn't the issue.
  10. Yes, that was a very revealing moment for me too. Even if he only saw her from the shoulders up, Nicole carries a lot of weight in her face and you could look at any headshot and know that she's heavy. If she had tried to disguise her size, she would have been nervous to finally have him see the "real" her and prepared for the 1st time he'd realize she's a member of the 250+ club. I must say though, sometimes people only see what they want to see, until it is right in front of them. In my single days I always posted full body shots on my dating profiles. My face doesn't reveal my BBW status and I wanted to ensure there would be none of those awkward "oh, crap, she's fat" moments. Yet, it still happened a couple of times. I would never consider a man that doesn't want me just the way I am. If he doesn't love you thick, thin or in anywhere in between - how's he going to react if you need chemo or lose a leg?
  11. OMG! Best laugh I've had in awhile!
  12. I'd like to think that Azan has good intentions, but that apology on the way to the airport reeked of last minute assurance that pathetic Nicole was still on the hook. No worries there! In the preview for next week, she's trying to lose some weight because Azan isn't attracted to her. He seems to not be very into large women, but surely he could tell on skype that she was overweight. I think he's more turned off by her clingy, needy, poor me, no will power personality than her dumpalump bod. I can see her just laying there saying, "tell me you like making love to me, tell me this is the only hooha for you, tell me you want me to have your baby". Meantime Azan is thinking, "Once I get to America I can afford all the ball-gags, black-out curtains and birth control I need to get through the next 2 years". Oh Jorge - you sick little bootlicker. Anfisa will make a lousy wife, but she will be an incredible dominatrix. For the right price she will deny you affection and beat that ass into submission. She will make you beg for every crumb, then slap your hand away. You want to be her worm, so stop trying to make it out like 50 Shades of Anfisa includes a love story. Matt's bachelor party was just sad and trashy. Maybe they got their shows mixed up and his buddies thought they were on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. The suit coat with the bills pinned to it was Matt's bling. All they were missing was a drunken brawl. This group of schlubs throwing down with security would have been hilarious!
  13. Dani's final look in the mirror before she went to Florida must have something like this: Garish hair color that brings out the ruddiness of my cheeks - check, yellow t-shirt that brings out the dead fish tone of my skin - check, skort that shows off my tree trunk legs - check, tennis shoes & crew socks that highlight my cankles - check. Lookin' good! Mo can't so no to this. But just in case, I'll have my new tankini to wear to the beach and once he's sees how hot I am in that, he'll be putty in my hands. Dani, honey, c'mon. The only way you're going to get Mo back is to buy that ass. You need to show up in an outfit made of $100 dollar bills with a check from your lottery winnings in hand. Then you need to get Mo some prescription nausea meds and hard liquor (beer or wine ain't gonna cut it) so he can go to the scary place between your old oak trees and earn his allowance. Loren & Alex care way to much about what everyone else thinks. They've been married a year, but THIS wedding proves they're right and good for each other. If I'd only known that the perfect dress, location, food and attendees were what made a marriage last, I could have avoided a divorce. Damn you Vegas quicky wedding!!
  14. J80134

    No Tomorrow

    I can't decide if I like this show or if Xavier is just so sexy that I watch it anyway. I think it would play better as a 30 minute sitcom. They really struggle to fill an hour with substance or humor. I don't see this show making it past the 1st season.