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  1. Listening to the voice mails tom left his clients was interesting. He sounded like a total con artist with his pleas for them to not be mad at him, that he's a good guy and waiting for the money is a strain on him too, blaming the allocation of funds on the judge (who had nothing to do with it after the case closed). It all sounded like a well practiced bit of smoke and mirrors. I hope they put him in prison and make him drink tainted water that gives him explosive shits until his dying day.
  2. Racism is real, but I don't want to hear about it on a show that I watch to escape the real world. The same storyline is happening on BH, which makes it feel like bravo is very intentionally trying use racism for a controversial plot. Leah is such a punk ass 14 year old. Go to your room and don't come out until you can behave, Hannah Montana. Again with the education comparison that gets howives of any franchises panties in a knot. How about the ladies do an IQ test? I know a lot of people of average intelligence with degrees, but Mensa membership is exclusive. Overall, I'm p
  3. Agree. Kathy's old dingbat blond character comes off like The Lil Kathy Show. I keep waiting for Desi Arnaz to slide in with an, "aaahhh, Lil Kathy, you so crazy" followed by a fake sounding laugh track, then Lil Kathy trying to purse her overfilled lips into a pout.
  4. Cheat. Deny. Keep them away from people who might expose you. Admit a little. Admit a little more. Apologize. Feel sorry for yourself. Claim you've grown and changed. Repeat. No matter what he says or what delusions he lives in about his life, Mike's pattern is exactly the same. When you need a constant ego boost via female attention, you either find a steady thats down with it or you stay single. Simple ya dumb ass.
  5. Kathy's lisp is common for people who wear full dentures. Botox and fillers make it more prominent. Kyle might be laughing at Kathy's big sister teasing now, but I suspect there will come a point when she gets butthurt. Yeah Rinna, you be you...a big, stinking pile of dung. Erika is such a poser. If "worked for the mob" means sucked a made guys dick, then maybe I believe it. Am I surprised that Sutton isn't woke? As shocked as I was that the sun rose this morning. Dorito calling all the ladies "baaaby" in her best PK mimic is annoying and condescending. So far, the m
  6. This season on the howives of BH... See frozen faces void of all expression Meet the new noses and see how big the lips are getting Play "Is it just filler and botox or did she go under the knife?" Cheer on the breasts that survive hours suffocating in too small dresses. Don't miss the footage of how Erika helps victims spend thier money!
  7. Tre's hammocks looked deep fried. Luis watched every episode so he knows exactly how to fill Tre's love tank. Bet he's a real man who eats her ass (NYs Leah approves). Jack's face is so sour I think she must was still sucking on the lemon wedge she had for lunch. David isn't into Delo's fresh puss...or any puss imo. Fondling Frank's fuzzies is his real end game. JoeB continues to keep his fuzzies firmly tucked away so Marge doesn't use her giant new mouth to take them clean off in a single bite. JoeGo and his giant ego are oblivious to the true disdain Mel feels for them.
  8. A man just ain't a man if his tongue don't taste like your poop shoot. Sound advice handed down through the generations. Watching Sonja is like watching the same rerun over and over. The only question is...will she shit, shart, piss, puke or all of the above by the end of the episode. Lu is staying away from booze and drugs, but she can't give up all her vices, so cigs and men are a full on go. Ramona hogging the expensive shots to herself cracked me up. In the morning, she's going to put Dom in her mimosa and make a pitcher with Andre's Cold Duck for the ladies. Heather
  9. Jen's zinger after-smirk syndrome is a dead give away for what she's thinking in her head....fuck yeah! I totally cut that bitch at the ankles with my superior wit and formidable take-down tactics. I'm going to be the queen of this show and the world. I'd pat my own back right now if I wasn't still sore from my armpit lipo. Slutty is an opinion. Some would say a bride that isn't a virgin is slutty. I had a roomate back in the day that got wasted and picked up guys at the club almost every night. She didn't care to know thier name or ever see them again, and she NEVER used protection. Imo
  10. Luis won JoeGo over the second he said, "you're buffness makes you seem taller". Mel was in when he told her nose is perfect. Referring to her as a business mogul cemented her like of him. As long as he continues to be nice and keep Tre happy, they want to take it at face value. His overcomplimenting may be less obvious in a group setting where he doesn't have to keep up 50% of the conversation. When Tre and her big Tomato bought a building together so quickly, the JoeGos either chose to ignore the red flag or believed it was a great business opportunity (cuz they know one whe
  11. Leave Lu alone little miss Mocktail without a lot of calories. I saw no empathy for Lu's struggle. Only a one upmanship of how Leah is soooo perfectly sober she can council others, and soooo self-aware that her wanna be cocktail is more like having a ginger ale. Poor Lu is hanging on to her sobriety one minute at a time, and she don't give a shit how easy it is for you bitch! Sonja...I'm over watching you get spring break wasted on every episode. Your only storyline is your same old house/money issues and making a fool of yourself...and a decade of that is enough for me. Ramona is su
  12. Marge sucking Joe's face off with her big puffer fish lips was a gagger! Thier new kitchen is too pattern busy. Just because the colors blend, doesn't mean it works together. Did Luis just have a chemical peel or laser treatment or does he have rosacia? His face is like an over-botoxed tomato. He's been watching the show and knows that tre is hungry for a guy who constantly flatters her. He'll get as deep into her life and her wallet as he can before he starts telling her she's bitch and no one else will want her and her baggage. Jacks looks pale, boney and dead in her costume. Cher
  13. Porsha is a go-getter. Why just have 1 rich baby daddy paying child support when you could have 2? Double your income with the spread of a leg.
  14. Marlos strippers-r-us dress was as thirsty her premenopausal super-plus tampons. I don't need another season of this sour lemon amongst the peaches. Porsha isn't my favorite person, but there is no denying she's a beautiful woman with great body confidence. Marlo is so jelly I'm going to have to start calling her Smuckers. Kenya is more a fart in the wind than gone with wind fabulous these days. She reeks of bitterness, resentment and constipation from the zero shits she gives about others. Kandi has the worst poker face ever!! Her expressions may have been the best part of the
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