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  1. Tough to call out my favorite. I love-hate Leeanne. She makes me laugh and she brings the drama, but she's beat the childhood story to death. Brandi and Stephanie bring fun to the show. They're down to earth and not afraid to be silly. I love thier real friendship. Original Kary had great TH's. She could throw snark without going too low.
  2. I love that Brandi is silly, shameless and immature. Her inner 13 year old is on full display with the poop hat and the prank call to prune face. I laughed as Randy Brandi chased Kam with Mr. Chocolate. Does anything cause the Pearl clutchers to choke themselves quicker than a great big dildo? The stage show with the stripper was a total go girl moment. I mean, ginger spice was ALL up on that man like a pro. I appreciate that Brandi adds humor to a show that can often be overrun with drama
  3. I felt terrible for D'Andra when mama Mee accused her of being jealous of her. it was a backhanded way of saying that Mama dee considers herself more beautiful, successful, etc than her daughter. Mama Mee finally turns over the company when it is on the verge of bankruptcy. This competitive frozen-faced old bag can't wait to see her daughter fail so she can Lord it over her for the rest of her life. D'Andra was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but mama will melt it down for more Botox in the blink of an eye.
  4. I love Steph! She has such a warm heart and radiates inner beauty.
  5. If I had a dollar for every time Leeanne mentions being a Carny kid and her mom leaving her at 3 I'd be rich! Somehow she always manages to gloss over the fact that for nine months out of the year she lived a normal life with her grandparents. She also seems to forget that she spent every summer with her mother, and wasn't truly abandoned. She felt like nothing, but had the confidence to enter multiple beauty pageants. I believe some of her story but I think it is greatly embellished to make it sound much worse than it was and to give her an excuse to be a terrible person today. Would love to hear what others think about the Carny kid
  6. There won't be any toxicity in Sophie's dorm room as long as Shannon's not visiting. What mother talks to her teenage daughters about her death from covid when she doesn't even have any symptoms? So it's hard for brown wind that Sean is jealous of her girlfriends. Poor thing. Not getting enough attention again. How do you know that a 4-year-old is dyslexic? I guess Lizzie's brother was a reader at a very young age. I've got to give him kudos for dealing with his childhood issues and moving on. Love Gina and Emily seeing Brown wind for what she is. Poor big dick Rick diggler. I'm glad for Jolie that he is such a great mediator between her and her mom, but that is a lot of responsibility to put on a new husband and stepdad. I'll work on it or I'm working on it seems to be the go-to cop out excuse these days. Jolie is so much more mature than Kelly is. Yeah John changed his tune Shannon. He might need a few hours to himself here and there to recover from the soul sucking experience that is you Just realized how tall and good looking Gina's man is. Love that he's whipping up some coffee and breakfast for them. So far I really like him. glad to see that Gina has come around to the thought that Matt deserves whatever he gets I am in love with Lizzie's husky. Gorgeous dog. Unfortunately the more I see baby face boyfriend the more I realize how incredibly homely he is. That was a quick, oh by the way I grew up in a cult, now let's move on do some fluffier conversation. Once again Em has Brown winds number Brown wind you do realize that being like your friend and standing on your own two feet means that you no longer expect Sean to pay for and do everything right? No Shannon Sophie doesn't want your old lady coat, And hell yes she's trying to cut that cord. As far as I can tell she is nothing like you and is anxious to start a life where she can actually be herself The final divorce payment check on the counter didn't come off staged at all. Shannon's face is so overloaded with fresh fillers it looks like a puffy sponge ball with crooked duck lips I'll finish the season, but I better get more Gina and Emily and some new housewives next year
  7. Thanks for posting this! Elizabeth said she is 45 almost 46, that she's been with the husband 20 years, and that she started seeing him when she was around 20 and still in college. She said she met him while she was doing her Vargas girls act, but then later she says he put up the 13k so she could start the Vargas girls act. She talks about growing up on the ranch and being isolated from the outside world, even going to school there, which sounds pretty typical cult. Then later she says that her whole family hopped on the train and went to California to visit her grandparents for a couple of weeks, where her strict Pentecostal parents allowed her to wear a little red swimsuit on the beach and took the kids to Disneyland. Seems odd to me that when her mother married into such a horrific cult she didn't have to cut her parents off. Most cults don't like outside influences getting in their members heads. Is her only reference to being so destitute and poor as a child that they lived in a trailer? Was it a ramshackle trailer or a nice double-wide? Did you have plenty of food and clothes to wear and life's basic necessities? Her rambles about Grandma taking all the money and living in a mansion were disguised as disgust, but it reeked of envy. I suspect this is where her focus on wealth and having fancy homes etc to show off started. I can't really draw up any sympathy for her situation with the ex-hubs. I don't believe for a second that the people in a club that he went to regularly for 4 years didn't know that he's married with children and a total womanizer on top of it. Lizzie wants to make it out like she was an innocent ingenue but her eyes were wide open and she was more than willing to be one of many kept women. He chose her to marry because he needed a wife for business purposes and she had proved for a decade that she was willing to do anything and everything he wanted to keep the lifestyle, including keeping their marriage a secret. Last thing and I will let this rant go. Elizabeth went to college for singing and sang for a living, but Heather sounded significantly better than she did...and she hadn't sung the tune since she was 16. Hmmmm...gotta wonder if Lizzy's past career was more burlesque than cabernet.
  8. Call me cynical, but the only time I made an effort to let people know how well endowed my man was I was with a guy who had an unfortunate 3 inches. I don't know what drove me say things like "he's hung like a bear" over happy hour drinks with the girls. I could said nothing and no one would have thought anything about his dick size one way or the other. Kelly's constant reference to rick diggler's big slab of salami makes me think he's actually serving up shrimp.
  9. Lizzy's biggest fashion faux paux is that she stuffs her XL body into a medium. Everything looks painted on and about to burst at the seams. I picture her laying on the bed, sucking it in for all she's worth, using the pliers to pull up her pants zipper 80s style.
  10. This!! She said they lived on a compound and were isolated from others and she didn't know things weren't normal, yet in the next breath she's saying there was a neighbor boy. At some point I believe she said her family broke away from the church and moved when she was 13. If the incident with this neighbor boy occurred shortly before that, either we're talking about horny preteens or the boy was significantly younger than her. Did elizabeth go to a public school? If so, I doubt she could be as naive to the outside world as she's making out. Her grandma was the church leader...was she incarcerated when the fbi supposedly raided? No consequences for her father the minister? No mention of other families or children that lived on the compound? No story ever starts with, when I was 5, or, when I was in 5th grade. No mention of fearing her parents...this is a big one...when you're beaten on a regular basis you live in terror that you'll breathe wrong and catch one across the face. All that said, there is likely some grain of truth to elizabeth's story. But much like her great wealth, it feels highly embellished. Brown wind did a great job helping elizabeth manage her panic attack. She should try that with her daughter instead of telling her to just get over it. I don't think it's cute at all that brown winds kid is calling the girlfriend her other mom so quickly. I feel bad for Sean, but I also think he's a wimp ass and needs to man up and provide a healthier environment for those poor kids. Brownie is welcome to her muff-in, but it's too soon to be eating it in front of the children. Shannon was just dying for John to make some valiant gesture where he begged her to stay, told her he couldn't go 2 weeks without seeing her and said damn the consequences of catching covid. I can only imagine the sigh of relief and impromptu happy dance the ever calm john performed the second he heard her pull out of the driveway and saw the sun again. The storms cloud rained on its home location immediately upon arrival. I foresee the obligatory call on the holidays as more contact than those girls will want when they're adults. Rick seems like a good guy and Jolie deserves him as her stepdad. Neither of them deserve Kelli Emily and Gina continue to be the two ladies on the show that I like this season. I'd really enjoy them with a fun new group of cast members. It would be a huge bonus to have a new hubby that could guy snark with Shane at gatherings.
  11. I think E was happy to have someone else dusting that old dick in the last many years of her marriage. Hell, she probably ordered the viagra for Tom's "work weekends". Kitty cat will land on her feet. Even jail time could be turned into a book...From poor to rich to someone's prison bitch, from stripper pole to riding wrinkled pole to parole, orange is the new latex...
  12. Mo has a mess with the best, die like the rest mentality. It's not enough to just beat a bitch down, she wants to completely destroy her nemesis' life. Candy ass constantly drowning in a puddle of her own tears brings delight to Mo and makes her feel powerful. Empathy, sympathy, remorse...no way...Mo is proud of everything she did and said, revels in the fact that she can dissolve candy ass to quivering mush in 5 seconds or less, and sees being feared as winning (I've got a binder of dirt on everyone so who wants to cross me and suffer the ruthless wrath of the ultimate player?). I think she may have confused "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" with "do unto others 10 times worse than they do to you".
  13. Elizabeth said she grew up in the Pentecostal church. I've had many friends from this religion and attended one of their churches for about a year when I was young adult. Women are expected to dress and act modestly, be subservient to the husband (usually marry young), produce children and take on all of the child rearing activities, generally including homeschooling them. Spare the rod, spoil the child was promoted (as it was in the Catholic Church I grew up in - yep, I'm old and it used to be perfectly acceptable to whip a kid with a belt, big spoon, branch.. whatever was handy). While the Pentecostal Church does hang on to many outdated concepts, and I can't say what happened to elizabeth, her vague references sound like she watched an expose on the children of god and decided being raised in a cult would be a great storyline. If Brown wind spent half the time working on her mental state that she spends working on her hard body, she might be able to progress past the age of 12. We get it Kelli. You and frosty bang like wild banshees on a hot spring night. He's worn off 2 layers of skin in that acid filled vajayjay, revealing a less wrinkled, youthful 50 year old dick that's the envy of all the old men in the steam room. Matt deserves to go down hard, but a felony on his record means no good job to help support the kids. While this seems like some type of tough decision for Gina, it was out of her hands the minute that she called the police and gave her statement. The only way she could help Matt now is to say that she doesn't feel he is a current or future threat. that might give some weight to pleeing it down to a misdemeanor or the ability to expunge from his record after a few years of probation, anger management classes, etc. Shannon is a loathsome human being. She finally managed to get a positive test so now what? Every booger is justification for panic? I can hear her sobbing now..."I felt something in my nose, and then oh my God I couldn't get it, so John had to help me by reaching really deep up in my sinuses with his pinky finger, and when he pulled it out there was a booger the size of a grape, a GRAAAPE, (sob, sob, shake), and it looked kind of yellow and yellow means infection so oh my God I just don't know, this could be really really serious. What if it would have went down the back of my throat and got caught in one of my damaged luuuuungs?"
  14. Last time Erika was innocent, Madonna was married to Sean. Coniving, Underhanded, Narcissistic, Tramp. C-U-N-T indeed.
  15. Glad shane recovered! He's my golden hope for some humor at the next couples gathering.
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