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  1. Let me preemptively say that I think Erika is creating a 20 layer dip of lies....but I've had people think I'm lying or embellishing about my crazy father. Example: after my parents separated when I was a teenager, I called the cops because daddy dearest rammed his giant self into the front door, the whole thing came down, off the hinges (he gave 0 shits about the restraining order). The cop comes, and dads no where to be found. Cop loads us in his car to take us to a safe house. As we pull out, dad follows us in his big cowboy truck. Cop tries to outrun him, dad chases. Finally, cop is so sc
  2. Did I read Chris said to Mia he likes his women natural? I guess he was referring to plastic surgery and not makeup, cuz his wife could be candy fay baker. Dot, Dot. Stirring the pot. Always looking to take her own daughter down a peg and convince her men only want to use her for money. Gotta keep that self-esteem low to stay in control. Smarmy crocodile Mike wants to throw away money making movies...and maybe Ash could star in it...you know, once her uterus is back on the inside of her body and she's ready to take on Ron Jeremy's. Heck, it could be an opportunity for the whole famil
  3. That bitch ain't no trailer park girl. She'd get her snooty ass beat down with a single "or what?".
  4. Erika's pony tail on a ring looks like she stole the extension sample holder from Sally's. Erika is terrible at lying on the fly. She's like the person calling in sick to work that feels they need to make it extreme...I caught a cold, tripped down the stairs in a nyquil haze, broke my arm, then got hit by a bus crossing the street to the clinic....but I'll be all healed and back to work tomorrow. A smart liar would keep it simple...I don't feel well today. PK baybeee and stoner mo had me rolling. Save the ankle! So what if tom is brain damaged. He can still fucking WALK!! And dodde
  5. Grand Am needs to invest in some damn shape wear stat! Those skin tights clothes show every bump and bulge, and her too small bra and no muffin top granny panties make her okay for an old lady body look extra dumpy.
  6. Yes, yes! Harry is a master of the meat AND the pie...with his special sauce delivered piping hot. Okay, this is a gross comment. Fuck it! Its Fat blunt friday and all the other dirty minds out there might get a laugh.
  7. I'm a self-proclaimed slob, and Sonja makes me feel like a neat freak. Shitting in a non-working toilet is beyond disgusting. If she can't afford a plumber, certainly she can afford a $5 snake or even a brand new toilet for $99 which can be installed by anyone in less than a half hour. Sonja just doesn't care, which is indicative of her state of mind. Her self-worth is so low that she doesn't allow herself better than living in a shitty, moldy cesspool. Avery is an entitled brat. I'm sure Moaney drives her nuts, but a free place to live is a privilege that should be appreciated as an adu
  8. Lips acts like Harry's sauce comes with a diamond at the bottom of the bottle. Gar said thank you in person. Its not an "OMG, i can't believe you did this and I'm going to gush on and on about it" kinda gift. Its tomatoes and herbs stewed in a pot. Thoughtful, but not worthy of the bow down gratefulness Lips wants. Its pathetic that the best she can come up with for how Gar wronged her is this. Harry Hamlin is in Bulgaria (or wherever) pounding it out with a local and not giving 2 shits about Lips or her howife drama.
  9. Erika Disdain- thigh high boots aren't pants ya skank. Lips TH - bright orange dress, bright orange eyeshadow...and right in the middle a clashing bubble gum pink baboon ass. The camera folks must have been struggling to hold in thier laughter. Vyles advice to Sutton was to go head to head with disdain, because anything less is weak...and vyle wants to be the only weak bitch in the bunch. I don't think we'll be seeing Lil Kathy next season. She's had enough of these souffle wasters. Rinna understands conveniently timed memory loss...making it easy to support the hustler
  10. Candyass is trying to make the headdress her thing...cuz Blair Waldorf already did the bow. Chris wants to work a few hours a month just to say he has a job. He's not oblivious to how he could make more money, its just more fun to play golf and husbandger (although the latter is currently requiring too much time, cutting into his playtime). Vow renewal. Zzzzzzzz I don't think marrying someone your family doesn't like has any correlation to being faithful. Or your love being upper echelon special. In fact, I know many people who have been in this situation, most of whom are now
  11. Hey Moaney...I know that thumb sized dick dude...easiest blow job ever, right girl? Leah crying over Rob is about as real as a Kardashian ass. You can't buy class....but you can buy pasties, and jiggle your tits for your friends. I'm not sure who forgot to bring the merkins, but it was truly a missed bonding opportunity. Kadooz to Eboni for the spot on countess impression!!
  12. Karen thinks she's emulating wonder woman in her cheap thigh high boots and crotch high slit dress? I see more of an "entertainer", in a 1 star restaurant, that serves hot dogs and bologna sandwiches. Zenwen shifted to asswhippinwen right quick. She huffed and she puffed, and she stomped around. She threw out the old your jealous and wish you had my man. What a basic bitch. Robyn is afraid to be successful because she might lose it all. Better to have less money to mismanage, I suppose. Giz is rubber and your glue. Everything you say bounces off of her and sticks to you.
  13. Pauliners is a damn fool. I'm glad Mike is nice to her kids, but the whole having the son propose thing screamed user to me. Its much harder to leave him if her kids love him...and he knows it and is using that to his smarmy advantage. He'll cheat again, and by the time she catches him, he'll have those kids manipulated into thinking its all mommy's fault. No prenup means he can also hold that over her head. He's got her exactly where he wants her, and eventually her children will suffer for her bad decisions. Destiny is a shit friend to constantly threaten to reveal things Pauliners told
  14. Dorito backpedaled so fast she must have whiplash. Lips is like a little troll living in the cave of Erika Disdains ass. Sutton recovered nicely from being thrown under the bus. Gar & Crys were there to help her wipe the tire marks off her dress. Lil Kathy gives zero fucks about any of it. Kyle's going to ride the neutral train all the way home. Erika is trying every tactic. If financial woes, tears, denial, deflection, ridiculous stories and your baby voice don't work...shift to stone-faced, low-pitched and emotionally void. Why in the hell was Ted on my sc
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