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  1. ALittleShelfish

    S01.E06: Another World

    I can't believe no one commented on this until page 2. This is by far my favorite line of the entire franchise lolololol Thank you, @islandgal140!
  2. ALittleShelfish

    Deavan & Jihoon: We SuperLike! Ranch Dressing

    So far, I think I like these two. I really really like Jihoon's puppy. Like @Hannah94 said, her look changes so much! Her "modeling" pics and some of the THs, she has the really heavy but well done makeup. But when she's just chillin in her house with her family, it's a hot mess. It's still a lot of makeup, but she missed the lip liner step and thus it looks like her kid put her lipstick and eyeliner on for her.
  3. Coworker (not the one who knows Ashley, ironically) asked me "Isn't 90DF that show you watch?" WHY? WHO WANTS TO KNOW? She said her friend got a tattoo at Jay's shop, not located in a barber shop, as she has before, but this time Jay did it and he has been blowing up her phone ever since. So this morning I text and ask "Can you ask your friend if she's ever been in a barber shop? Asking for a friend. Or a message board."
  4. I didn't watch any of the 90DF: HAE because I just can't give any more screen time to those idiots, but I followed in the forums (and watched Pillow Talk). Thought I'd give The Other Way a whirl and oh how somewhat refreshing (except for Pol and Kreenee) to have new faces and new challenges. I'm fascinated by Jenny/Sumit more than the others. But like some others have said, Sumit's friends need to be on Pillow Talk. They know what's up. We need more of them.
  5. ALittleShelfish

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    I watched this and I think my eyeballs almost detatched from my head from rolling so hard. She is the QUEEN of non-answers. Did you catch when she said she was "never" doing another season and then snuck in a "probably not anyway"? I wanted to reach thru the screen and throttle her. I'll admit, she seemed much more normal and calm during this live, but the fact that she was still defending Azan as a good boyfriend is mindblowing.
  6. I have a former coworker who went to high school with her. He's 32! He told me he actually doesn't hate her (bc I asked him exactly how MUCH he hated her) and I'm all "DID YOU EVEN WATCH THIS SHOW?????" But anyway, yep, she's her declared age lol though I agree with you, she's, um, aging!
  7. ALittleShelfish

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    I haven't watched any of the HAE and don't plan to, I'll just snark thru y'alls comments lol. But that clip, omg. I'd forgotten how bad her grammar is. Stay in school, May. Someday you can teach your mom proper English.
  8. So you know how some of us were talking about this show being our personal "dirty little secret"? One of my coworkers mentioned one of the Bachelorette contestants from Harrisburg and how he and his gf know him, and I said "There's also a few 90DF lunatics too, I've heard... one from Mechanicsburg" (He's from there) and he said "What's their name? Maybe we went to school together" and he looks her up on Facebook and has three mutual friends. ONE OF THEM IS ANOTHER COWORKER OF MINE. After many questions (SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.), I learned Coworker went to HS and college with her, knows all of the friends in her episodes (he said Natalie is "meh" and everyone else at the "Welcome Jay to The White Shore" party was probably only there because television) and said he didn't think she was a bad person but she just wasn't good at decision-making at all/ever. He said he'd see what he can dig up for me.
  9. ALittleShelfish

    Chantel & Pedro: FatherChantel Knows Best

    Yep, that's what I was going for. A user is a user. And I LIKE Pedro, I probably like Chantel, but her family just grates.
  10. ALittleShelfish

    Chantel & Pedro: FatherChantel Knows Best

    This is a giant bucket of nope for me. Their storyline has gone too far away from Pedro/Chantel to Family Chantel and I don't like any of them enough to give them 30 min of my time any longer. Sorry, Mother Chantel, Pedro using your daughter for a green card is no different than you using TLC for a paycheck and tiny hats.
  11. Random, but I was at the post office today in Lemoyne (the one these clowns use to collect donations from their legions of adoring fans?) and across the street is the tattoo shop Jay works at. I always glance at it when I drive by, and today I saw him at the door talking to someone Not Ashley. I really wanted it to be Natalie, but it wasn't. His hair has gotten larger, but otherwise, it's definitely still him, he's definitely still here. Friggin' grifters, the both of 'em.
  12. ALittleShelfish

    How to Know You're a GG Devotee

    I bought a house last fall and at closing, the seller's agent was a ringer for Jason Stiles. When we were all making small talk while something was getting copied/faxed/signed/whatever, he joked that it was all my fault and now the house costs more. I said "Okay, look here, Digger..." without being aware of my audience. Then I had to explain. Fast forward two months, our town has a Halloween parade, and his real estate office was lined up in front of my office's float. Of course, right? So I walked up and said "Oh hey, Digger." He got very animated and told me that he briefly mentioned it to his wife that night, and she said "OMG YES YOU DO LOOK LIKE HIM! Oh, I like that person. I'm glad she bought that house." hahahahahaha He does not have a dog named Cyrus, which was simultaneously a total bummer and a total "whew!" moment.
  13. ALittleShelfish

    S16.E12: Kentucky Farewell

    I kept stopping the show and looking at him to make sure it was him. I got all ragey again when I realized it was him. I couldn't even focus on Adrienne's dish because of it. I had Eric, Kelsey, and Adrienne picked for my final three. I made a final three because I can never remember how many are in the "final" group of the last episode or two. You'd think by now I'd remember that, but here we are. Sara's dishes were both gorgeous on this epi. That won't make me like her anymore, but her food always seems to look delicious and inviting.
  14. ALittleShelfish


    Ahhhhh so all the while we were supposed to be shipping L&L's relationship, and it's their BATHROOMS that wind up running away together! Helluva plot twist, Amy & Dan. Well done.
  15. ALittleShelfish


    Excuse me if this has been mentioned already... I noticed this last week and got angry (irrationally so) about it. The epi where Rachel is in Luke's apartment and Lorelai comes up for the first time, you can see the bathroom in the back part of the apartment. Presumably Rachel is developing film in there, I think. Episodes later, that bathroom disappears. Seasons later that same wall gets smashed by Luke when he wants to build out a bedroom for Jess. Case of the Missing Bathroom!