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  1. Short video then, I'm guessing. Also guessing he's gonna monetize it so doesn't it have to be like 20 min, miniumum? That's a lot of time saying nothing before getting to the "Oh, so no one actually cares. Nevermind!" part.
  2. Whitney and Ed. Talk about two TLC people who 100% deserve one another. I haven't watched Whit since her season 1, and haven't watched 90DF since a season or two ago. But I think that's such a perfect match. I would stream that show all day long lol
  3. Okay I haven't watched this season yet, but just want to throw out there a probable unpopular opinion... Why do we as 90DF fans dog on Dan-yell for looking dumpy when she goes to meet up with Mo, but can't give Ari a pass to get her fucking nails done? If she's trying to make anyone jealous or make the ex want her back... okay? And? Sometimes it's nice to see that you're wanted or desired. If this is her normal behavior and we see it with every dude, then okay, that's weird, but why do we shit all over Dan-yell for not even doing the absolute minimum in putting herself together to see
  4. Speaking for probably everyone in PA.... We don't want her. Or Ashley. (And honestly, I'd forgotten all about BGL... THANKS, GUYS!)
  5. My brain read that as "embracing her dildo" and was like dang how many seasons have I missed now? Reading is not a strong point after a certain hour. lol
  6. I just turned 50 and I still have mine. Not trying to be cool, not trying to impress anyone, I just still like it. I took all my tv reminders off about 90DF shows, but forgot Pillow Talk (SO MANY SHOWS). I watched about 5 min of an episode, don't know if it was the most recent, but .... I think everyone is trying too hard to be witty, or they aren't trying at all and they're boring. Remember how fun the first season was? *sigh* Memories....
  7. I bet Debbie passed on her beef stew recipe to Betty. "It kept my son at home until he was... well, he's still here, so it must be magical!"
  8. Okay I actually like this show. I don't have expectations of any kind --ANY KIND-- of any resemblance of reality in tv shows, so maybe that's why. I also don't watch a lot of television at all. Some embarrassing reality shows and a couple of other Netflix shows but that's it. That said, I have no idea whatsoever what Lizzie and Ricky bring to the table here. So many plotlines that don't relate to one another at ALL. I also like Hope because she reminds me of one of my best friends, in such a wonderful way. Really, my friend is quite delightful and funny and witty and the tw
  9. I went to her instagram to see this pic and the 3rd slide photo.... her head looks 1000% 'shopped. Face filtered beyond belief (or, I guess, "normally filtered" for Whit) and is so out of proportion to the rest of her body parts. It looks like she found a good pic of her face and put it on an entirely different pic of her body and didn't bother sizing it to proportion. But we already knew she wasn't the smartest tool in the box.
  10. I watched last night, like actually watched, for the first time all season. I've had it on almost every Sunday but haven't paid attention. This deep into the season and nothing seemed like (cue Phoebe Bouffay voice) "Brand New Information!" at all to me. It's all so... drawn out. The ad for the new season of the Silva twins sent me over the edge. I turned the tv off and went to bed. Uncle! I can't take them, either.
  11. Wait, she has an ex from Morocco? Why hasn't she ever mentioned that? Has she told Zied?!!
  12. I've held mostly true to my word and not watched any HEA or PT this time around. I will have it on in the background and generally forget the tv is even on lol. But I can see how I would probably also like Rebecca on PT. She's closer in age to Trish and has likely seen it all or done it all herself so she can recognize a bs artist a mile away. Not saying she isn't problematic in her own ways, but also with grown kids she has definitely seen this kind of behavior before (whether from her own kids or their friends, even). Or kids of friends. Or just friends. So while she may not rec
  13. Laura before she went to embarrass herself to Alla-din. That line is classic. One of my favorite tv lines I can remember.
  14. Stay away from the 90 Day franchise, Whitney. It's full to capacity with messy wackadoos. Keep your brand of crazy to your own show pls/thx.
  15. Or peasant food, as Father Libby would say.
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