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  1. This was really well done! Given that my own father died six months ago, I felt the show was ripping the tears directly from my own heart. Even though I'd like to re-watch to better appreciate the whole American Pie finale, I don't think i can do that to myself again. I agree with the earlier poster that some of the performers seemed to get a level of autotune assist that we aren't used to hearing.
  2. It is now. Don't be so disingenuine!
  3. Sad to see Elaine go. We have several things in common and I was rooting for her and her redneck pocket.
  4. There must be a few pilots here, what was that adorable little plane he was flying on the date? I don't enjoy flying in small fixed wing aircraft so the whole time I was cringing at Hannah to stop grabbing at him and Peter to keep his eyes, hands and feet busy controlling that plane!
  5. Well, you're doing better than me because I thought I heard her say she had sex WITH a windmill which started me pondering how that would even work and what is that thing called where people fall in love with inanimate objects and for just a few moments before I hit rewind Hannah B was the most interesting Bachelorette ever.
  6. I want to know more about these goodbye letters. Is this a thing that happens? "Dear fellas, by the time you read this I will be gone. Think of me with laughter in your hearts and nuggets in your mouth!" Mike's story about losing the baby left me with questions. He said it was his fault because he wasn't there for her (his ex) at the time and it's one way he could be a better man. I'm going to need a list of the ways in which he wasn't there for her to make more sense of his statements. I absolutely loved Luke's reasoning after Hannah told him he was being irritating and she wanted
  7. Back in the year 2014 when my grandmother's puppy was amputated...
  8. ...and then deploying The Bachelor Handshake. I wish the Jury would pipe down, already. Maybe there are too many of them and they've gotten too bold (and that's just talking about the ones hiding in Joe's hair). They make me want to throw my tv in the sea, KimberStormer-style.
  9. I thought I noticed late in that segment that the chocolate shoe straps were thinner than the real ones but I didn't back up to double check.
  10. A friend and I were joking the other day that next season might be Menopause Island. All rage and tears, but nobody will fight over the blankets. *we are mostly poking fun at ourselves
  11. Agreed. I was surprised to find myself rooting for her to win that challenge. There was definitely a whiff of Captain Joe Spareribs about him.
  12. It's nothing against her but I not-so-secretly hope she's a Bad Hider as I'd like to watch that play out.
  13. Here's hoping (my earlier question was rhetorical)! My dog was confused by my sudden outburst of "Really? IN THE WET SAND???"
  14. I was wondering the same. Hmmm, I wonder what made that sand wet...and whether it might return, maybe even on a regular schedule.
  15. Colton working on his bucket list while about to jump out of a plane: "I still need to lose my virginity!"
  16. I found it relaxing to watch Colton splash, cannonball and tip women with full hair and makeup right into the drink!
  17. I can't be the only one to notice the tattoo of what looked like a cat wearing a green members only jacket, visible on someone's arm (Lyrsa?) in every shot of Christian during the reunion show?
  18. This is the first time I can recall seeing tribemates roll their eyes through the traditional Family Visit Tears. Speaking of which, Nick flapping his hands in an effort to release some of that emotion was adorable.
  19. I'm twice Gabby's age but if you put me into a situation where I'm sleep and food deprived and by definition have to question the loyalty and motivation of every person around me who may be trying to betray me at any moment, my coping skills are going to tank and I'll probably not deal with frustration and anxiety well at all. Reason #467 why I won't ever be on Survivor. I don't love seeing Gabby break into tears on the regular, but I can understand it a little.
  20. Several other egg savvy posters beat me to the bloom and the lack of heat and that the eggs would have kept longer uncooked, so I'll just second, third and fourth them and add: Can I have your jacket, Brochacho?
  21. I love the camp life scenes. Hermit crab races and Slamtonian Tales! Natalie is a senior citizen at 57?
  22. Come on now, be fair. That's "Ex Social Media Loser".
  23. Hm, I sat down to watch last night and BiP wasn't on - maybe pre-empted for sportsball? It finally recorded a 1am showing.
  24. I'm going to miss Angela, she has some of the prettiest, bounciest hair in all of BachelorLand.
  25. How has nobody made a gif of her new intro yet (stamps foot impatiently)?
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