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  1. Due to unforeseen circumstances, this game is now over.
  2. Just starting CA v Broderick on Court TV's website. This is the case covered by the 1992 TV movies A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story and Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick, the Last Chapter. Prosecution Opening Statements (2hrs): The judge instructed that nothing mentioned in the opening statements is to be considered as evidence. There is a video, taken by an investigator, showing the path traveled by Betty during the commission of the murders. I found this to be a very affecting use by the prosecutor. It was useful to see the path taken and put things in context in my mind and also brought me into the home and made it easier to connect to the situation. She also used floor plans but that was only to show where the 5 shots were taken from and where they landed. Dan was still alive after he was shot and tried to use the phone to call for help. Betty ripped the phone from the wall and left him for dead. It took him 2 min - 2 hours to die by drowning in his own blood. Motive is a scored woman. There is the standard stuff about how Dan and Linda were the best people ever and Betty is the worst person ever. I get why this is done and yet it always leaves me cold. Betty did not "put" Dan through medical school nor law school as she claimed. His parents paid for medical school and Dan got student loans for law school and he paid those loans back with the money he made after graduation. This was new information for me. I had always believed Betty had put him through school while raising their children. Betty was abusive, petty, malicious, and manipulative long before Linda even knew Dan. Betty made a suicide attempt after she became suspicious of Dan having an affair. This caused Dan to recommit to the marriage promising he wouldn't leave her. The prosecutor points out that the cuts made to Betty's wrists were so shallow they did not require stitches or any other medical treatment. The poor children. The voice messages. The judge may or may not be sleeping with his eyes open. Betty never mentioned abuse by Dan until after she was charged with murder. Dan and others believed that Betty would never be happy no matter how much money he gave her. She would only be happy if she was still Mrs. Broderick. I don't think so. She was never going to be happy without absolute and utter control over the people surrounding her. Not only did they need to be under her control, they needed to be happy about it. If either of those 2 things were untrue, then punishment was required and pleasurable. A kinder view (which I don't hold) is that Betty wanted Dan to hurt as badly has she did. Dan allowed his children to continue to see Betty because the boys wanted to see their mother. I don't think I would've allowed that but I'm not a parent. Turns out the courts required visitation with Betty. Betty was dating someone else from the time of separation up until the murders. New info for me. Who are the people on the back row in the gallery? Betty's children? Dan's and\or Linda's family? The camera pans to them occasionally. Not much of Betty is shown; so, I don't have any thoughts on her reactions to the accusations. Next up: Defense Opening Statements.
  3. Please remember that discussion of the hosts' children are off limits.
  4. Here you go. Love to have you whenever you want to play.
  5. I will not be playing this round but I will be helping with the game setup.
  6. Good game, everybody! Silver, thanks for a fun game.
  7. I'm a fly by the seat of my pants, go with what feels right at the moment, kinda player. So... 1 to DL saoirse (CP) 5 to see what happens.
  8. Now Deadpool is missing. lol 1 to DL Saoirse (deaja) and 7 to kick names and take ass. 7 to DL festivus (Drogo, HM, trouble, CP, a1, saoirse, Deadpool) 1 to move forward
  9. Brought @deaja's vote forward. 1 to DL Saoirse (deaja) and 7 to kick names and take ass. 4 to DL festivus (Drogo, HM, trouble, CP) 4 to whoop some ass. I'm not thrilled with my vote, it feels off to me. I guess we'll see.
  10. I took that as another clue drop. The question is - can we believe what she's putting out there? Also, re: profiles, it should be easier to spot clues for people that don;t have profiles because the only thing to use is a Username and/or Avatar. @Drogo have you be any chance been laying down clues to your identity? I'm not ready to join a DL yet, wanna check back on some stuff.
  11. Well, my idea for a DL is out the window. I was going to suggest picking anyone that didn't show up yesterday. Everybody showed. I have no idea who to DL now. I am Curious.
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