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  1. Here you go. Love to have you whenever you want to play.
  2. I will not be playing this round but I will be helping with the game setup.
  3. Good game, everybody! Silver, thanks for a fun game.
  4. I'm a fly by the seat of my pants, go with what feels right at the moment, kinda player. So... 1 to DL saoirse (CP) 5 to see what happens.
  5. Now Deadpool is missing. lol 1 to DL Saoirse (deaja) and 7 to kick names and take ass. 7 to DL festivus (Drogo, HM, trouble, CP, a1, saoirse, Deadpool) 1 to move forward
  6. Brought @deaja's vote forward. 1 to DL Saoirse (deaja) and 7 to kick names and take ass. 4 to DL festivus (Drogo, HM, trouble, CP) 4 to whoop some ass. I'm not thrilled with my vote, it feels off to me. I guess we'll see.
  7. I took that as another clue drop. The question is - can we believe what she's putting out there? Also, re: profiles, it should be easier to spot clues for people that don;t have profiles because the only thing to use is a Username and/or Avatar. @Drogo have you be any chance been laying down clues to your identity? I'm not ready to join a DL yet, wanna check back on some stuff.
  8. Well, my idea for a DL is out the window. I was going to suggest picking anyone that didn't show up yesterday. Everybody showed. I have no idea who to DL now. I am Curious.
  9. @deaja & @Giant Misfit So, I went back to my homepage and saw 15 notifications and thought: 15 notifications, what has happened? <clicks> Oh. lol (They were all from this thread)
  10. Thanks for the help and the early morning laughs.
  11. Synchronized catting WE MADE IT! Our work here is done.
  12. I loved Rowdy Roddy Piper. lolz It made me laugh. Esp the "dumbass".
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