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  1. How can Jill support herself as a lay midwife? Doesn't the "lay" imply that she isn't paid?
  2. We are going to need a lot of ice water to put on all these burns everyone is throwing out! <3
  3. John is Sandra Diaz-Twine-ing his way to the finals (except he's good at comps). I can just hear Austin/Liz telling him they want to take him to the finals because they know they can beat him and then cut to him in the diary room saying "They don't think I'll get a single vote....but I don't know about that!" <3
  4. Tim walking in with that lantern to wake up the designers was everything <3 And we never got an adequate explanation for this. They just dismissed her from the runway and made her stay in New York to design for the next challenge. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like, "If you don't outright win the next challenge you will be sent home even if someone designs something worse than you."
  5. Thank you LeighDear. Completely agree. As soon as she got picked last she took it personally rather than just setting her mind to the challenge. I also have a hard time arguing she was bullied as I the PR standard I use is the Team Luxe fiasco.
  6. They have done several "Real Woman" challenges in the past where some of the women they have designed for are plus size. It never makes much of an impression though because the thinnest of the real women win every single time.
  7. No, I think she could have done WAY better than Ben. I said it at the beginning of this courtship nonsense that she would have been better suited to an older, wealthier man (not like Hugh Hefner old, but a late 20s, early 30s doctor) and I stick by that.
  8. This is my hope as well. I should have phrased myself better. I personally don't feel sorry for her either, but I can see a great majority of the audience feeling that way at first and then turning on her the first time she shows any sense of selfishness or entitlement because it goes against her initial narrative. That's the danger of the "sympathetic" edit and it's been the downfall of many a reality show contestant. I'm definitely rooting for her, though. As a plus-size woman myself I love it when we are given a versatile designer that has the ability to make women of all sizes look good. :-)
  9. Ashley reminds me of Shay from The Biggest Loser in terms of editing. Many sympathized with her at the beginning and then as the competition went on a great majority grew to dislike her when she started showing any sense of entitlement or selfishness because it went against her original narrative. I really hope that's not the case with Ashley because I really liked her outfit and I am all for any designer that designs outside the size 0 spectrum. Hopefully this competition boosts her confidence. Edited for clarity.
  10. This episode has moved up to my third favorite episode of BB ever coming in behind Jessie's BB11 eviction and the Sovereign Six Chess Veto episode where they backdoored Eric. Amazing. <3
  11. I'm probably in the minority, but get rid of the mustache and his face looks more attractive than it was previously. I still don't find Derrick that attractive (for many reasons other than his appearance), but he looks a lot better.
  12. All the lip stains/gloss these girls wear are AWFUL. That is all.
  13. SHELLI'S TEARS <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Steve's random Becky hatred <3 Jackie, Meg, and James cackling away in the HoH room <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I love this season so much. This makes up for the abomination that was season 16. These feeds are giving me LIFE.
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