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  1. How can Jill support herself as a lay midwife? Doesn't the "lay" imply that she isn't paid?
  2. We are going to need a lot of ice water to put on all these burns everyone is throwing out! <3
  3. No, I think she could have done WAY better than Ben. I said it at the beginning of this courtship nonsense that she would have been better suited to an older, wealthier man (not like Hugh Hefner old, but a late 20s, early 30s doctor) and I stick by that.
  4. Will Josiah lose his instagram/Twitter privileges now?
  5. I think that's a separate fan page not affiliated with them.
  6. I'm probably in the minority, but get rid of the mustache and his face looks more attractive than it was previously. I still don't find Derrick that attractive (for many reasons other than his appearance), but he looks a lot better.
  7. I could have sworn someone posted one of their blog posts and it stated they were 2 and a half weeks into their one month stay. If I can find it I'll put it up.
  8. I also have to say it makes me tilt my head to the side when I'm told how to pray for someone. I find prayer to be a very personal matter. When friends have asked for prayers I don't always take the same approach. Sometimes I take time to meditate before I offer my prayer, fast for a few days, or read my scriptures and then offer a prayer. It all depends on the guidance from the Spirit for me. Also, are the Dills really only staying in El Salvador for a month? Why on earth would Derrick quit his job over a one-month exploit?!
  9. LDS missionaries that are assigned foreign language missions in the US or abroad spend an additional few weeks (depends on difficulty of the language) at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) to be taught the language of the people they will serve. They also learn about the customs and culture of the people. Most missionaries through study and prayer become very adept at the languages they need to learn. Many family members and friends of mine have come back from foreign language missions speaking, reading, and writing their respective languages as well as or better than people who have s
  10. Meredith seems like a good name for her to grow into. My parents chose names for my siblings and I that are more "adult" and seemed old for little kids, but they had the foresight to realize we'd be adults longer than toddlers. Meredith is a very sound, professional, adult name and should she ever pursue a career she will have better luck than if she was named Makinleeanuh or something.
  11. He was referring to other people's decisions not to have kids when he talked about financial pressures. For them, it's that due to their ages and length of time between kids that they won't have twenty kids, not that they aren't open to it.
  12. He should really interview one of our missionaries. Though that may not be fair. Perhaps a recent seminary grad would be better. ;-)
  13. I think they could bring a good perspective, if, like I said in the Benessa thread, they take the right approach. Focus on how their faith in God was a vital part of their recovery and forgiveness brought them peace. Don't bring up any other victims, certainly don't speak for them, don't imply your coping mechanism is the only correct one, and for heaven's sake don't defend Josh/bring him up at all. If homeboy has something to say let him say it and own it. Is there going to be a moderator for this special?
  14. Part of Ben's problem is his approach. He'd attract a lot more positive attention if he said something like: "I've really developed a fond appreciation for the time I get to spend with my wife. She is incredible and I love her dearly. I hope that all the young men and women out there still looking for the "one" choose wisely and create beautiful lives together." Or something equally as schmaltzy. Same goes for his religious "comparisons". You won't be as apt to tick off millions of devout members of a religion if you stick to theological differences and not openly declaring who is and who
  15. They don't follow basic tenets of the Christian faith like baptism or taking sacrament/communion and they explicitly follow Old Testament laws. Maybe all Christian religions are wrong expects theirs because in actuality they are Jewish? Plot twist! ETA: Saw further down that they got baptized in Israel. My bad!
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